Saturday, January 7, 2017

One scourge left (Edited)

With the departure of the 'worthless one' Zainduin Nordin and 'puppy' Lim Chin, everybody have forgotten there is still one scourge left.

Before commenting on the last scourge, a brief sidetrack to talk about the two scourge who had left.

First is the main villain, the worthless one, Zainduin Nordin, who is doing exactly what I have long derided about the previous system of appointment by Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth (MCCY).

The former Bishan- Toa Poyah MP is suffering no consequences for his string of bad leadership and decisions during his 8 year reign of Singapore football and can joke about being struck in a plane as the worst that can happen to him in a time when many players to staffs have to suffer paycut or the prospect of jobless.

All of these is the result of his pursuit of vain project like the LionsXII etc which even the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) media are now admitting have caused Singapore football much harm as they finally detailed the opposition to his LionsXII project, after Suzuki Cup debacle, but he ignored them.

However he is the only person who is able to walk Scot free and that is why to label him as a scourge is the least he deserves.

After that come the 'puppy' Lim Chin for I wanted to comment him as a puppet or dog but he is worse than that.

A dog will even challenge his owner if it is forced to act continually against it will at times but Lim never did that even once. As for puppet, it has no mind of it own so one cannot blamed it but Lim, as a human, do have a mind but he chose to be a puppet so he deserves no sympathy.

The best defense his 'supporters' can give is he is hardworking but for his salary, six-digits sum, most will be hardworking and it is not enough as he was appointed to be a CEO; not a bull on a field.

His failure was he had chances to voice his opposition to the top and defend the S-league but he never did and he just stood by to protect his rice bowl while not caring others were losing their or suffering as a result.

So why pity him as he is a scourge for his action (or more appropriate non-action)

Now back to the main topic and anybody who follow Singapore football must know who the third scourge is and yes, it is FAS general-secretary Winston Lee.

Of the three scourge, he is as culpable, if not more, for the state of Singapore football as he has been S-league CEO (2006-2011) and is currently FAS general-secretary (2008-) but asked for any of his contribution, most will be at a loss to remark what he  has done.

He should be the highest paid member of FAS but Singapore football is in such state due to him indulging his boss Zainduin Nordin vain projects and projecting into an elitism squad system, from seniors to age-groups, all available cash and benefiting only a small group of chosen ones while ignoring the masses.

Indeed his only merit is his ability to bootlick his boss and be a willing scapegoat for their errors.

Afterall every time FAS faced a crisis he will be the one to face the public and media and tell us it was all his fault and nothing to do with his boss and yet the more 'mistakes' he admit to over the years, the longer his contract is extended.

What kind of logic is that!

Even now, the best his 'supporters' can tell us is he is doing a remarkable job at his side job as one of AFC vice-president and AFC staffs commended his work.

All this time at home, in Singapore, our house is on fire with our youth development is the dump, we cannot organised an election, our players and staffs faced mass pay cut while we cannot arrange a friendly for our lions outside Cambodia (how many times have we played them in the last couple of years) and lot more to list so who is really paying him nearly half a million a year!

As FAS general-secretary he is in charge of day-to-day operation yet everything is falling apart under his charge so he cannot escape the consequences.

He must be the next to go whoever is the next FAS president and must not be handed anymore extension to his contract.

He deserves nothing more and his end will hopefully bring an end to the era of the three scourge of Singapore football for they are the trio to have benefit so financially from it despair.