Sunday, October 4, 2015

A number game to make themselves look good

Have not written for a while due not only to the bad state of local football but also a lame duck president, the worthless one Zainduin Nordin, who is pushing the blame on everybody else; as shown by the SEA GAMES saga.

With no sunlight in sight, just writing how terrible the situation is is depressing.

Now I decided to pen one more article that show why I think FAS is all wrong at the moment.

The recent announcement of a new plan for a better S-league is not even worth debating if it is a good plan because it is bad to start with.

The S-league plan will not be the first to force clubs (and not the last as others will attempt or re-attempt it) to start under-23 or under-21 in their line-up with history showing it always flopped.

Why? Simple as the leagues starting such plans all have similar weakness; that is a youth development not worth it weight in gold so nobody want to play their youngsters thus their Football Associations have to force the issue.

If the players are good to start, do you think clubs are that stupid not to play them no matter their age!

And that is the main point, as the players being churned out are not good enough to play even at ASEAN level.

The revamp of the National football Academy (NFA) and the COEs (centre of Excellences) of the past few years are a failure thus far while the new youth development plan put forth by the new technical Director Michel Sablon are still a concept on the drawing board (Looking at FAS track record on youth development it may died a still-born like so many others such as the infamous FAS Strategic Plan etc)

In that case, is this not putting the cart before the horse as what kind of players can one expect now.

Indeed it will only look good on datasheets and this may be why FAS is pushing for it as they want things to look good on papers; seeing how they always take out datasheets showing their plans are working when nobody else acknowledged it

That is why Singapore football is a failure now for their leaders are more interested to keep their Key Performance indicators (KPIs) looking good even when the situation at the ground are in bad shape.

In 6 months time, the new FAS president can take out a datasheet that show more youngsters are playing the game professionally but the real question of rather they are worth the place is not answered and we know the answer to that.

Then how does it help Singapore football?It does not but that is not the main concern for the main concern is it help the FAS President.

Everything's that wrong in Singapore football in that sentence for if they were really concern they should gone about it this way in my eye

1) Solve NFA and COEs bad track of churning out players nobody want first
2) Expand COEs as now only 3 clubs involved
3) Solve the clubs conflict with FAS on youngsters at the same time as nobody want to develop players for others (ok FAS) just when they demand it
4) Involved more teams outside professional arena in youth development

Then we have a large enough supply to talk about whether enough youngsters are playing the game professionally because now it is just to make people at FAS look good without any solving of the real problem at hand.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

FAS face FIFA ban

According to Yahoo, the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) face a ban by FIFA.
FIFA spokesman said the organisation wants to end third-party influence in the FAS, even if that third party is a government ministry.
FIFA was responding to a Yahoo query regarding the its views on Singapore's Minister for Culture, Community and Youth (formerly Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports) appointing the FAS president and other members of the FAS Council, which governs Singapore's biggest sport. 
Hope it true as let not kid ourselves, PAP will continue to appoint the FAS President as long as they can under the reason of it is 'for our own good'.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Worthless one will still be acclaim as great leader

After the disastrous SEA Games, where Singapore Under-23 was not only knocked out at the group stage but humiliated as many of the opponents had brought their second team yet outplayed us, we are seeing blames being passed on to each other and no faults attached to themselves.

Frankly if you asked me, which nobody does, nobody should escaped the blame but the leader should always bear the most.

Yet we know the worthless one, Zainudin Nordin, is untouchable as we see blame passed onto everybody other than the Bishan-Toa Poyah Member of Parliament (MP).

Afterall he has to approve the decisions make and he cannot tell he has no knowledge of the implications of his decisions.

Remember, almost two years ago when he had given another term as Football Association of Singapore (FAS) President, the government-backed Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) media told us it was because of his 'extraordinary leadership skill' which he wanted to pass down as well as the fact we needed it for the SEA Games preparation.

Unshockingly the following two years, we have not seem any 'extraordinary leadership skill', only a half-naked body.

It was no secret he was a disaster for singapore football during the first two terms as FAS president so why did the ministry of culture, community and Youth (MCCY) give him another term!

The SPH media can publish all these stories now but come September when it time for the FAS annual general meeting (AGM) will they stand in line and tell us, his '7 years of leadership was a success' like they are expected to do.

Indeed if he was really a leader then our Prime Minister (PM) would given him more roles in the government where many of the ministers have to take on multiple roles as their 'talents' are stretched thin for he is a four-term MP and 'have all the experience, knowledge and skills'.

But he is nowhere near any leadership roles in the Singapore government and that tell us, how qualified our PM Lee really judged him.

He is bottom-of-the-barrel MP wilkleak tell us of.

Now Singapore football are suffering thanks to the fact MCCY would rather appoint a bottom-of-the-barrel MP than have an outsider control an organization prized by the government for it propaganda purposes.

Tell me how this is our own good and do not tell us this 7 years, Singapore football have 'progressed under his extraordinary leadership' when he has shown us none.

That why come September, do not acclaim 'he is a great leader like two years back'.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

S-League in revolt (Even CEO)

According to Straits Times, S-league clubs has revolted as they want Football of Singapore (FAS) to make a decision on Singapore football future.

They accused FAS in a meeting, on Monday, that included the, gutless one, Winstin Lee and, worthless one, Zainudin Nordin of running S-league as a sideshow and focusing all their attentions on the LionsXII.

In their arguments, FAS is damaging our long-term future for short-term gains.

They have given FAS three choices

1) Scrap LionsXII and Courts Young Lions and distribute all their players back to the S-league
2) Scrap S-league and just focused on FAS teams
3) Continue with current arrangement

It is believed the third choice is favoured by nobody as even S-league CEO Lim Chin, has grown a pair of wing, told the Straits Times he will resign if FAS continue with current arrangment.

A club chairman was quoted they are revolting now as other leagues in ASEAN are pulling away and minnows are catching up with us and doing nothing is not a choice thus change is needed.

However the gutless one and worthless one, true to their name, have refused to make a decision.

It is clear with 5 months to go until his departure, the worthless one does not want to do anything while the gutless one do not want to move until his boss open his mouth.

This is the kind of leadership we have now and no wonder Singapore football is in revolt.

All I can say is thanks People Action Party (PAP) for appointing such leaders and forcing them down our throats.

The worthless one is a disgrace to the late Lee Kuan Yew as the founding leader will have make a decision and not leave a mess for the next generation

Monday, March 30, 2015

Job of FAS, not coach

It seem national coach Bernard Stange is being blamed for everything in Singapore football now, including not arranging top-notch opposition for the national team.

For me, this point is totally off-target as one can claimed the German is a big mouth but which Football Associations in the world ask their national coaches to arrange matches for the national team.

It is the job scope of FAS management and that mean the president, the worthless one Zainduin Nordin, and the Secretary-General Winston Lee.

Afterall, the media reminded us Winston Lee is on the verge of being appointed to a big post in AFC thanks to his network in Asia.

Yet, he cannot arrange for us a decent team from Asia so what's the use of that!

But of course, one know the worthless one is untouchable (Stange also know to point finger at somebody else) and since he cannot do without his fall guy Winston Lee (The worthless one may need him for June as things look bad) so TODAY point their finger at Stange.

However I must say, Coaches coach, not arrange matches. That is the job of FA.