Wednesday, April 22, 2015

S-League in revolt (Even CEO)

According to Straits Times, S-league clubs has revolted as they want Football of Singapore (FAS) to make a decision on Singapore football future.

They accused FAS in a meeting, on Monday, that included the, gutless one, Winstin Lee and, worthless one, Zainudin Nordin of running S-league as a sideshow and focusing all their attentions on the LionsXII.

In their arguments, FAS is damaging our long-term future for short-term gains.

They have given FAS three choices

1) Scrap LionsXII and Courts Young Lions and distribute all their players back to the S-league
2) Scrap S-league and just focused on FAS teams
3) Continue with current arrangement

It is believed the third choice is favoured by nobody as even S-league CEO Lim Chin, has grown a pair of wing, told the Straits Times he will resign if FAS continue with current arrangment.

A club chairman was quoted they are revolting now as other leagues in ASEAN are pulling away and minnows are catching up with us and doing nothing is not a choice thus change is needed.

However the gutless one and worthless one, true to their name, have refused to make a decision.

It is clear with 5 months to go until his departure, the worthless one does not want to do anything while the gutless one do not want to move until his boss open his mouth.

This is the kind of leadership we have now and no wonder Singapore football is in revolt.

All I can say is thanks People Action Party (PAP) for appointing such leaders and forcing them down our throats.

The worthless one is a disgrace to the late Lee Kuan Yew as the founding leader will have make a decision and not leave a mess for the next generation