Friday, April 30, 2010

S-league Preview

Last week Preview - That better as 3 right with 1 perfect score and 2 wrong

Albirex Niigata (S) vs Geylang United
The Eagles is on a run in the S-league and they may snatch this one as they have 1 factor the White Swans lacked crucially. That is a good centre forward like Peter Tomko. He can bang the goals and with Masrezwan Masturi, the Eagles top scorer for last 2 seasons, returning, the Eagles should get the goals to win this one. 2-1 to the Eagles

SAFFC vs Woodlands Wellington
One winner and that has to be SAFFC. The Rams have a good centre forward - the Abdelhadi Laakkad factor as I called it - and he has delivered last week when I back the Rams but clearly, I have forgotten the poor team factor as he is override those around him. One good player cannot rescue a poor side which is Woodlands Wellington. 3-0 to the Warriors

Etoile FC vs Beijing Gouan (S)
The French side should continue their winning run and be the first S-league side this season to win 3 games in a row. The Chinese may be physical but the French have the skill and abilities to override that. 2-0 to Etoile

Tampines Rovers vs Balestier Khalsa
In past, I will have gone straight for a Stags win without thinking about it but this year, the Tigers are indeed much stronger as promised by their chairman. Their backline may welcome a physical battle with Duric and Qiu Li. Upfront, Rivaldo will be a tricky customer for the mean defence of Tampines. The crucial factor therefore could be Khariul as his pace and skill may tip the factor in the Stags way. 2-1 to the Stags

Woodlands Wellington vs Young Lions
The Rams may need a win or even any point by now but considering the fact it will, once again, be their second match in 4 days, they may not hold out as their key members need those extra rest to be at peak condition. Abdelhadi Laakkad can get the goals but he need his teammate to buck up and at this point, they are not doing that. 2-1 to the Cubs

Home United vs SAFFC
Home is a disaster under their Korean coach and I cannot defend the Protectors under him. He is looking every bit like an assistant coach who cannot handle the pressure of a head coach. The only thing in his factor is this is the Warriors second match in 4 days so they may tire out in the second period. But can Lee take advantage. Not if his side performance is any judge. 2-1 to the Warriors

Geylang United vs Gombak United
The Bulls will be favourite in this one so they will fall. That what always happen when the pressure is on the Bulls as they cannot handle it. They should be top and clear from the field yet defeats to the likes of Sengkang etc show their inabilities to snatch the Bulls by it horn. 2-1 to the Eagles

Beijing Gouan (S) vs Sengkang Punggol
The Dolphins need points on the board and the game against the Chinese is good place to start. They should have been 'soften' by their encounter against the French while the Dolphins are well rested. It is such matches the Dolphins need to collect their points if they wished to climb out of the bottom 3. It should be scrappy affair as much is at stake but it will be test of the Doplhins character as they need those points. 2-2 draw

Baihakki Khaizan and Ridhuan Muhammad fined for their petulant act

Baihakki Khaizan and Ridhuan Muhammad who are both plying their trade in the Indonesian Super Liga have been fined $750 by FASDC (FAS Disciplinary committee) for their petulant act at Amman.

They were both late in gathering for the bus to take the team to the Stadium for the Asian Cup match-up against Jordan.

It create an uproar after the incident was reported as this was an important qualifier that decided the Lions fate for the 2011 Asian Cup Finals and yet it seem both were not disciplined enough to get up from their bed.

Hariss Harun going to Shanghai for trial

Singapore international and Young Lions midfielder Hariss Harun is going to Shanghai Shenhua for trial according to TODAY.

This was possible due to Raddy connection as Shanghai head coach Miroslav Blazevic is a personal friend of the Lions' boss and Avramovic's strong recommendation helped pave the way for the midfielder to secure the trial.

The 19-year-old will now head to China for the two-week trial in June from 14th to 27th.

Singapore Cup draw to be held at Bukit Panjang Plaza

According to the S-league twitter, the draw for the 2010 RHB Singapore Cup will be on Sat 1 May at Bukit Panjang Plaza, Level 2 Garden Plaza from 2pm.

Fans can go down there to watch the Draw or stay tuned for the
S-league twitter who will no doubt tell us, as soon as possible, who are drawn to meet who.

ACL: Suwon destroy Warriors

Korean FA Cup champions Suwon Bluewings destroyed SAFFC 6-2 at the Suwon World Cup Stadium.
The Warriors had taken the lead through Federico Martinez but were down 1-4 at half-time.

Ivan Lovric scored the second goal for the Warriors but the Korean were just too strong as they triumph 6-2.

Group G
Suwon Bluewings 6-2 SAFFC

Federico Martinez 5', Ivan Lovric 69'
14 Shahril Jantan (GK) (C)
3 Razaleigh Khalik
6 Ivan Lovric
7 Ahmad Latiff Khamarudin (4 Hafiz Osman 33')
8 Daniel Bennett
10 John Wilkinson
11 Rhysh Roshan Rai
13 Federico Martinez (9 Erwan Gunawan 85')
16 Noh Rahman
17 Indra Sahdan Daud
21 Taisuke Akiyoshi

AFC Cup: Eagles make history by going winless

Geylang United have make history after yet another draw in the AFC Cup.

It was their fourth in their AFC Cup campaign and along with two defeats, it mean they are the first ever Singapore side not to have won a single game in the AFC Cup group phrase.

It can only be described as a disaster as they have won as many points as SAFFC, who are in the ACL, and the rivals in the AFC Cup are nothing compared to the sides from North Asia - who were facing the Warriors.

The Eagles were just too negative in Asia despite history showing S-league can match rivals from the second-tier leagues and where points have to be won at 'home' to be successful.

This did not happen throughout their campaign and even against V-league champions in their SHB Da Nang in their last game, with nothing to lose, they choose to be 'safe'.

No wonder, it end up as a draw again even as they discovered a gem in Peter Tomko; who scored his fifth goal in last 5 games.

Geylang United 1-1 SHB Da Nang

Scorer: Peter Tomko

Geylang United
20 Siddiq Durimi (GK)
2 Salim Abdul Rahim (11 Syed Thaha 79')
3 Rastislav Belicak (C)
5 Walid Lounis
10 Peter Tomko
13 Jonathan Xu
14 Itimi Dickson (16 Yasir Hanapi 34')
15 Shah Hirul
17 Hafiz Rahim
18 Syed Fadhil (8 Fazly Hasan 85')
21 Hassan Aziz

Lucky Home win it

A lucky Home United side won the encounter with Albirex Niigata (S) after referee Zaid Hussein gave a non-existent penalty to the Protectors in the 10th minute.

Midfielder Shi JiaYi converted it and from that point onward the games lost it shape as the Protectors were happy to sit on the lead and the White Swans could not break them down.

It was a terrible performance by both sides and best forgotten as nothing of note, other than the
penalty, happen in the 90 minutes of (non-)action.

Home United
Lionel Lewis, Juma’at Jantan, Shariff Samat, Valery Hiek, (Sherif El-Masri) Ismail Yunos
, Shahril Alias, (Firdaus Kasman) Shi Jia Yi, Shahril Ishak(C), Isa Halim,
(Zulfadli Zainal Abidin) Naufal Omar Ashiblie, Choi Chul Woo

Foreign teams for RHB Singapore Cup

Here are the 4 Foreign sides for the 2010 RHB Singapore Cup
  • South Melbourne (Australia)
  • Kitchee SC (Hong Kong)
  • Bangkok Glass (Thailand)
  • Phnom Penh Crown (Cambodia)

Old horse Duric set up Stags win

Leaders Tampines Rovers crushed Sengkang Punggol 3-0 to get their season back on track.

After the Eastern Derby defeat, there was only going to be one outcome at Hougang as the Dolphins feel the full force of the anger of the Stags with one from Khariul Amri along with a brace from Qiu Li.

But the hero has to be Duric, who despite not scoring, was the main conductor of the three goals as he tormented the Dolphins defence time and time again as they could not keep up with the 'pace' and strength of the 40-year-old.

The old horse have show there is still life in him and could go yet again for another year even as he claimed he is into his last season.

That was what Woodlands Wellington needed, two days earlier, as their own old warhorses, other than Abdelhadi Laakkad, was showing their age as they were outgun (Or out of breath) 1-2 in the end despite playing brilliantly.

Abdelhadi Laakkad had given Rams the lead but the White Swans refuse to give up as the Rams gave them the chance by 'refusing' the chances that came their way.

In the end, they were punished as Shota Matsuoka and Tatsuro Inui score for the White Swans.

Sengkang Punggol
Fadhil Salim (GK), (Faizal Amir) Shahir Hamzah, Sim Li Ming, (Israel Tan) Jasper Seet, Jordan Webb, Nor Azli Yusoff (C), (Sobrie Mazelan) Jala, Abdoulaye Diallo, Duncan Elias, (Farizal Basri) Mamadou Diallo, Murphy Wiredu

Tampines Rovers
Ridhuan Barudin (GK), (Jamil Ali) Edward Tan, Seiji Kaneko, Zulkarnaen Zainal (C), Benoit Croissant, Akihiro Nakamura, Imran Sahib, (Khairul Amri) Aliff Shafaein, Shukor Zailan, Aleksandar Duric, (Jufri Taha) Qiu Li


Woodlands Wellington

Fajar Sarib, Anaz Hadee, Kazuki Yoshino, (Rachid Lajane) Sahairi Ramri, Luis Eduardo Hicks, Syed Karim, (Asraf Rashid) Shahri Musa, Noor Ali (C), Sazali Salleh, Abdelhadi Laakkad, Rizawan Abdullah

Foreign club day as Beijing and Etoile triumph

Beijing Gouan (S) and Etoile FC triumph against their rivals to make it great day for the Foreign clubs.

With those wins, Etoile FC were able to continue to put pressure on leaders Tampines Rovers while Beijing were able to pull themselves to mid-table.

Etoile FC victory came as a result of a brace from Frederic Mendy as they defeated the Young Lions at the Queenstown Stadium.

For Beijing Gouan (S), they defeated Woodlands Wellington 2-1 who once again show their age, as it was their second match in 4 days, by running out of steam in the second period yet again.

Goal machine Abdelhadi Laakkad score his 6th goal of the season but it was not enough as the Rams gave it up to go down.

Tan Tiancheng and Ma Chongchong
were the goal scorers for the Chinese side.

Young Lions
Jasper Chan (GK), Afiq Yunos, (Madhu Mohana) Safuwan Baharudin, Shakir Hamzah, (Hafiz Abu Sujad) Gabriel Quak, Luka Savic, Hariss Harun (C), Abdil Qaiyyim, Nazrul Ahmad Nazari, Seo Su Jong, (Fairoz Hasan) Shahfiq Ghani,


Woodlands Wellington

Fajar Sarib (GK), Anaz Hadee, Kazuki Yoshino, Sahairi Ramri, Luis Eduardo Hicks, Syed Karim, (Nigel Vanu) Shahri Musa, Noor Ali (C), (Guntur Djafril) Azlan Alipah, Abdelhadi Laakkad, (Rachid Lajane) Rizawan Abdullah

Sunday, April 25, 2010

S-league Preview

Last week Preview - Third week in a row it can be consider a slaughter (This is becoming a habit) with 2 right, along with a perfect score, and the rest (6 of them) wrong

Woodlands Wellington vs Albirex Niigata (S)
This is a tough one as both are evenly matched and one is tempted to go with the easy option of draw as both are not renown for their attack. However, in the end, with a forward like Abdelhadi Laakkad, I believe the Rams can get that win especially as his partner have arrived (Although I do not know if that partner is good yet). 1-0 to the Rams

Sengkang Punggol vs Tampines Rovers
The Stags need an easy game after their defeat in the Eastern Derby. The Dolphins can be consider in that category as they do not have the strength to match the Stags on the field. That why it will be a bigger shock if the Stags do not leave Hougang with the 3 points especially as they will be fired up after the Eastern Derby defeat and will want to be back on the winning path as soon as possible. 3-0 to the Stags

Etoile FC vs Young Lions
The French will be favourite and surely, after their SAFFC crushing victory, they will gather pace to catch up with the Stags. That will spell trouble for the Cubs who are inconsistent as they consistently changed their team, even when on a winning run, as they are meant for training youths so have to give everybody as many chances as possible. This mean the French should have this match in the bag. 3-0 to Etoile FC

Beijing Gouan (S) vs Woodlands Wellington
Against their second youth team in a row, I have to, once again, go with Woodlands Wellington due to the Abdelhadi Laakkad factor. With a forward like him, the Rams will score if they provide him with the chances - however rare. With the Rams keeping it tight at the back, they will get that win. That why, it may be a 1 goal game again. 1-0 to the Rams

Home United vs Albirex Niigata (S)
Do anybody have to faith in a side like Home United. It is tough as they are falling apart in front of everybody eye and appear to have no idea how to get back on track. But they are up against 1 of the weakest team in the S-league this season and if they do not win then what everybody say will not matter as the faith will be drain out totally. 3-1 to the Protectors

Dejan Gluscevic installed as NFA U-14 coach

The Football Association of Singapore have announced that they have appointed Dejan Gluscevic as its new National Football Academy U-14 coach.

He will also be assisting Technical Director Slobodan Pavkovic in the implementation of the National Football Syllabus and in Coach Education.

The 42-year-old was formerly coaching in his native Serbia with the youth teams of Rad FC and Red Star Belgrade as well as the National U-19 Women’s Team of Serbia & Montenegro. Prior to that, he was coaching in Canada with the senior team of New York Astros SC, the club where he finished his playing career.

Home sign Korean star Ahn Hyo Yeon

Ahn Hyo Yeon, the former international attacker - who earned 14 caps and scored six goals for his country - has signed for Home United.

He will sign his contract at the end of the month but Ahn will only be able to turn out for the Protectors when the S-League registration window reopens in June..

Ahn will take the spot of Brazilian Peres De Oliveira.

AFC Cup: Geylang out

It finally end although the Eagles were out of it already after the defeat to Thai Port two week earlier.

With the 1-1 draw against Tai Po at Hong Kong, there is no way the Eagles can catch up with Thai Port now.

But the Eagles is still on track to make an unwanted history as they are still winless in the AFC Cup and if they do not defeat Vietnamese Champions Da Nang next week then they will be the first S-league team to go through the entire AFC Cup campaign without a win.

It is surely a part of history they do not want.


Tai Po 1-1 Geylang United

Scorer: Hafiz Rahim 14'

Geylang United
1 Toh Guo'an (GK)
2 Salim Abdul Rahim
3 Rastislav Belicak (C)
10 Peter Tomko
11 Syed Thaha (8 Fazly Hasan 85')
14 Itimi Dickson
15 Shah Hirul (9 Miroslav Latiak 84')
17 Hafiz Rahim
18 Syed Fadhil
21 Hassan Aziz
23 Fabian Kwok (16 Yasir Hanapi 61')

Stags lose Eastern Derby

S-league Leaders Tampines Rovers went down to a shock defeat at the Eastern Derby in which they have won 16 of the last 17 encounters.

It was especially shocking as they also lost on their home turf where they have a good record with defeats rarer than recent Eastern Derby wins for the Eagles.

In addition, the Eagles were without several of their regulars like Vasile Ghindaru and Yazid Yasin etc.

In the end, such stats did not matter to the Eagles who won 1-0 on the night.

That was the only stat that matter which is a Masrezwan Masturi goal, 12 minutes from time, was enough against a 10-men Tampines Rovers.

The Stags had saw Zahid Ahmad send off and his coach, Vorawan Chitavanich, was not pleased with the defender performance as he had a go at the player on the S-league site stating he was ‘disappointed’ with Zahid for some poor decision-making thus leading to the dismissal.
Tampines Rovers
(Ridhuan Barudin) Hassan Sunny (GK), Zahid Ahmad, Seiji Kaneko, Zulkarnaen Zainal (C), Benoit Croissant, Akihiro Nakamura, Imran Sahib, ( Aliff Shafaein) Shukor Zailan, (Ismadi Mukhtar) Khairul Amri, Aleksandar Duric, Qiu Li

Geylang United
Siddiq Durimi (GK), Salim Rahim, Jonathan Xu, Rastislav Belicak, (Masrezwan Masturi) Miroslav Latiak (C), Walid Lounis, Hafiz Rahim, Syed Fadhil, Shah Hirul, (Yasir Hanapi) Itimi Dickson,

(Syed Thaha) Peter Tomko

Champions fall 0-3 to Etoile

French side Etoile FC destroy Champions SAFFC 3-0 at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

The French side took advantage of the 'tiredness' of the Champions, who had played 4 days earlier, and totally outplay SAFFC throughout the game.

Therefore, it was no surprise when Etoile took the lead through Cyril Bagnost although Shahril Jantan have to take his share of the blame for letting a long range shot go past him.

After that, the Warriors were further push back and they barely had a chance as the French tormented the Warriors backline time and time again until Hafiz Osman lost his head and lashed out at Frederic Mendy.

He left the referee with no choice and deservedly send him off.

From that point, Etoile could only be the victor as they go onto score two more goals through Kevin Yann and Frederic Mendy.
Shahril Jantan (GK) (C), Noh Rahman, Hafiz Osman, Ivan Lovric, Niklas Sandberg, Daniel Bennett, Ahmad Latiff, (Rhysh Roshan Rai) John Wilkinson , (Mustaqim Manzur) Park Tae Won, (Erwan Gunawan) Indra Sahdan, Taisuke Akiyoshi

Home fall further behind in title race

Home United lost 0-1 to Gombak United to fall further behind in the title race.

The killer blow was deliver by international Fazrul Nawaz in the second half.

The next night, the Young Lions and Beijing Gouan (S) play to a 0-0 draw while Balestier Khalsa won 1-0 against Sengkang Punggol with a K. Vikraman goal.

Gombak United
Zaiful Nizam, Jaslee Hatta (C), Bah Mamadou, Obadin Aikhena, (Zulkiffli Hassim) Ruhaizad Ismail, Jeremy Chiang, (Fazli Jaffar) Ridhwan Jamaludin, Goran Subara, (Shafuan Sutohmoh) Fazrul Nawaz, Park Kang Jin, Chang Jo Yoon

Home United

Lionel Lewis, Juma’at Jantan, Shariff Samat, Valery Hiek, (Zulfadli Zainal Abidin) Rosman Sulaiman, Nelson San Martin, Shahdan Sulaiman, Shi Jia Yi (C), Naufal Omar Ashiblie, (Sherif El-Masri) Choi Chul Woo, (Shahril Ishak) Azhar Sairudin


Young Lions
Izwan Mahbud (GK), Safuwan Baharudin, Shakir Hamzah, Hafiz Abu Sujad, Faritz Abdul Hameed, (Abdil Qaiyyim) Luka Savic, Izzdin Shafiq, Hariss Harun (C), Seo Su Jong, (Zulfahmi Arifin) Shahfiq Ghani,( Madhu Mohana) Eugene Luo


Balestier Khalsa
Joey Sim (GK), Paul Cunningham, Daniel Hammond (C), K Sathiaraj, Ishak Zainol, Kamal Nasir, K Vikraman, (Sofiyan Abdul Hamid) Poh Yi Feng, (Goh Swee Swee) Nurhilmi Jasni, Vitor Borges, (Anantha Rajan) Rivaldo Costa

Sengkang Punggol
Fadhil Salim, Shahir Hamzah, Sim Li Ming, (Israel Tan) Jasper Seet, Jordan Webb, (Jala) Faizal Amir, Abdoulaye Diallo, Duncan Elias, (Farizal Basri) Mamadou Diallo, Sobrie Mazelan, Murphy Wiredu (C)

Champions destroy Beijing

S-league Champions SAFFC destroyed Chinese side Beijing Gouan (S) 3-0 at the Choa Chu Kang Stadium.

Former Croatian U18 international Ivan Lovric open the scoring with ex-international Indra Sahdan then adding to the scoreline with his 6th goal of the season. Daniel Bennett rounded off the scoring in the second half.

On the same night, Sengkang Punggol defeated Young Lions 1-0 at the Jalan Besar Stadium with a Murphy Wiredu goal.

The next night, Albirex Niigata (S) and Etoile FC play to a 0-0 draw at the Jurong East Stadium.

Shahril Jantan (GK) (C), Razaleigh Khalik, Hafiz Osman, Ivan Lovric, Niklas Sandberg, Daniel Bennett, Ahmad Latiff, John Wilkinson (Rhysh Roshan Rai), Park Tae Won, Indra Sahdan (Syaiful Iskandar), Taisuke Akiyoshi


Young Lions

Izwan Mahbud (GK), Afiq Yunos, (Hafiz Abu Sujad) Gabriel Quak, Luka Savic, Izzdin Shafiq, Hariss Harun (C), Faritz Abdul Hameed, Seo Su Jong, Abdil Qaiyyim, (Fazli Ayob) Nazrul Ahmad Nazari, (Shahfiq Ghani) Khairul Nizam

Sengkang Punggol
Fadhil Salim, Shahir Hamzah, Jasper Seet, Jordan Webb, (Abdoulaye Diallo) Nor Azli Yusoff (C), Sim Li Ming, Duncan Elias, Mamadou Diallo, Sobrie Mazelan, (Farizal Basri) Jala, Murphy Wiredu

Monday, April 19, 2010

S-league Preview

Last week Preview - Another slaughter as once again only 1 right and 4 wrong (The Eagles are rescuing me so maybe they are my lucky charm)

Young Lions vs Sengkang Punggol
Back on their own pitch at Jalan Besar, the Cubs must be favourite especially when they are up against the free-falling Dolphins. The Dolphins have suffer 3 defeats on the trot now so the Cubs must be feeling confident they can win this one and one believed they should as they are scoring while the Dolphins are having a tough keeping them out. 3-1 to the Cubs

SAFFC vs Beijing Gouan (S)
The Champions are focusing much of their energy on ACL judging how well they are doing there but, by now, Richard Bok must have told them the League is equally important if they want to play in ACL next year. Another defeat like the Young Lions game and they will be handing the crown to Tampines Rovers. Games against the likes of Beijing must be won. 3-0 to SAFFC.

Albirex Niigata (S) vs Etoile FC
The White Swans are starting to get the results and their players must be feeling good now. With their morale high, they may shock an Etoile FC side who have won only once in 5 matches. It may happen with a good crowd behind the Japanese at Jurong East. 2-1 to the White Swans.

Gombak United vs Home United
Two sides who one cannot trust and that why they are falling behind in the title race. They are just too inconsistent to mount any title challenge. The Bulls fall apart when the pressure is them while Home is just falling apart. However, Home will still be favour as Shahril Ishak should be back and he should inject the needed strength to their attack against a Bulls side who cannot score regularly. 2-1 to the Protectors

Young Lions vs Beijing Gouan (S)
Their second match in 4 days. Both sides will be 'forced' to relied on their squad strength and the Cubs are basically the Under 23 National team so should be 'stronger' in that department. That why I see the Cubs winning their fourth match in 5 matches. 2-1 to the Cubs

Balestier Khalsa vs Sengkang Punggol
If the Dolphins do not get anything against the Cubs then I fear this match, against the Tigers, have come too soon for them. It will not be good for them to be playing against a Tigers side who are well-rested and, if, at full strength with the likes of Rivaldo etc, the Tigers will be too strong. 3-1 to Balestier Khalsa.

Etoile FC vs SAFFC
The French team up against the Champions and it will be test of their title ambitions to see if they can take on the best of the best. It may be another draw for both appear, at this point, to be evenly matched in their strength. 2-2 draw.

Tampines Rovers vs Geylang United
The Stags are back in action after a long break and they get the Eastern Derby. However, one should back the Stags as they are too strong for the Eagles and it should be no surprise as the Stags have won 16 of their previous 17 Derby matches. That tell us everything we need to know. 3-1 to the Stags.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Obadin Aikhena set to get Singapore citizenship

Gombak United defender Obadin Aikhena is set to get his Singapore citizenship 2 years after being put under the Foreign Talent Scheme (FTS) according to The Newpaper

He has fulfilled FIFA requirement of 5 years residence as he arrived in Singapore shore in 2006 when he signed for Gombak United.

The 23-year-old played a combined 67 times in all competition for the Bulls before he was recruited for the Young Lions by FAS under FTS.

He then return to the Bulls this season with FAS satisfied he will improved the Lions backline as he impressed in his 2 years with the Cubs.

The paperwork have already been hand in to the relevant ministry and he could be expected to feature in the Europe trip FAS is planning for August.

SAFFC make history in ACL

SAFFC once again make history as they become the first Singapore side to win in the ACL group stage after defeating Henan JianYe 2-1 at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

They climbed above the Chinese side with that and if SAFFC matches what Henan JianYe get from their last match, the Warriors can finished in third position in the group and that a creditable result considering how ASEAN teams are suffering since the reform of 2004.

Other than that, the Warriors have also become the first side ever to defeat a Chinese counterpart and that not all for a Singapore side is now undefeated against a Chinese side for 3 straight ties.

It is an amazing piece of history and it showed S-league Big 3 can match the middle-tiers (As that what Henan JianYe is) from the Chinese Super League even with their superior spending power.

And, it started when Daniel Bennett scored a scorcher after the Chinese defence failed to head the ball clear and it ran to the defender feet.

The Chinese equalised soon after that but the Warriors will go onto score a second as Erwan Gunawan, who found himself totally unmarked, headed the ball into the net with a corner swing in from the right.

Group G
SAFFC 2-1 Henan Jian Ye

Scorer: Daniel Bennett 65', Erwan Gunawan 77'
14 Shahril Jantan (GK) (C)
3 Razaleigh Khalik
4 Hafiz Osman
5 Niklas Sandberg
6 Ivan Lovric
7 Ahmad Latiff Khamarudin
8 Daniel Bennett
10 John Wilkinson (12 Syaiful Iskandar 79')
11 Rhysh Roshan Rai
17 Indra Sahdan Daud (9 Erwan Gunawan 46')
21 Taisuke Akiyoshi

Bulls fail mentality test

Gombak United once again show they are weak in the head as they capitulated even after taking the lead through Fazli Jaffar.

One should say they lacked the winning mentality but let be brutal and say they are born losers for that what they are as their squad is strong enough to be top but they will never be there.

Woodlands Wellington must know that and that why they went for the Bulls throat after equalising with an
Abdelhadi Laakkad free-kick.

It was a brilliant shot into the top corner with the Bulls wall totally collapsed and it showcased the Bulls lacked the focus at crucial junction.

That what happen again for the Rams second goal as
custodian Zaiful Nizam just needed to catch the ball after coming for it but in choosing to punch it, he totally messed it up as he punch it high and straight to Noor Ali to fire into an empty net.

The decision making of the Bulls was a shocker to anybody watching them play and even as they recovered in the second period, they failed to put the type of pressure expected of a title challenger (Maybe that why they are
born losers) with the Rams threathing to score a third goal for the first time this season.

Woodlands Wellington
Fajar Sarib, (Shahri Musa) Winston Yap, Kazuki Yoshino, Sahairi Ramri, Luis Eduardo Hicks, Syed Karim, Azlan Alipah
, Noor Ali (C), Sazali Salleh, (Nigel Vanu) Abdelhadi Laakkad, (Rizawan Abdullah) Rachid Lajane

Gombak United
Zaiful Nizam, Jaslee Hatta (C), Bah Mamadou, Obadin Aikhena, (Hamqaamal Shah) Fazli Jaffar, Jeremy Chiang, (Zulkiffli Hassim) Ridhwan Jamaludin, Goran Subara, Fazrul Nawaz, Park Kang Jin, (Agu Casmir) Chang Jo Yoon

Eagles fly high with Tomko hat-trick

Slovak forward Peter Tomko hit his first S-league hat-trick to give the Eagles their second straight win in the league as they defeated Sengkang Punggol 3-2 at the Bedok Stadium.

Sengkang Punggol had taken the lead twice through Sobrie Mazelan and Murphy Wiredu but in the end, they were no match for the on-form Slovak who now climb up to second in the top scorer list with 6 goals.

In another match, Albirex Niigata (S) defeated Beijing Gouan (S) 2-0 with goals from Fumiya Kobayashi and Satoshi Hida

Geylang United
Siddiq Durimi (GK), Salim Rahim, Jonathan Xu, Rastislav Belicak (C), Walid Lounis, (Syed Thaha) Hafiz Rahim, Syed Fadhil, Shah Hirul, (Yasir Hanapi) Itimi Dickson,

Vasile Ghindaru, Peter Tomko

Sengkang Punggol

Fadhil Salim, Jasper Seet, Jordan Webb, Nor Azli Yusoff (C), (Sim Li Ming) Farizal Basri, Faizal Amir, (Israel Tan) Abdoulaye Diallo, Duncan Elias, (Mamadou Diallo) Sobrie Mazelan, Jala, Murphy Wiredu

Home falter again

Home United falter again as they drew 2-2 with Balestier Khalsa at Clementi Stadium.

It was despite the Protectors taking the lead twice through Shi Jiayi and Azhar Sairudin for the Tigers refused to back down as they reply back with goals from Vitor Borges and Rivaldo Costa.

Adding to that, the Tigers outplayed the Protectors for long period of time and one wonder if the Protectors are responding to their new coach tactics and formation as they continue to under-perform.

Home United
Lionel Lewis, Juma’at Jantan, Shariff Samat, Valery Hiek, Rosman Sulaiman, (Zulfadli Zainal Abidin) Nelson San Martin, (Tengku Mushadad) Shahdan Sulaiman, Shi Jia Yi (C), Naufal Omar Ashiblie, Choi Chul Woo, (Firdaus Indros) Azhar Sairudin

Balestier Khalsa
Ahmadulhaq Che Omar, Paul Cunningham, Daniel Hammond (C), K Sathiaraj, (Anantha Rajan) Ishak Zainol, Kamal Nasir, K Vikraman, Poh Yi Feng, (Goh Swee Swee) Nurhilmi Jasni, Vitor Borges, (Syaqir Sulaiman) Rivaldo Costa

Cubs in another comeback win

The Young Lions staged another comeback win as they defeated Albirex Niigata (S) 2-1 at the Jurong East Stadium.

It was a significant win as it was their first away win from Jalan Besar with goals from Fazli Ayob and Khairul Nizam in the second period.

Atsushi Shimono had given the Japanese White Swans the lead in the first half.

In an earlier match two days ago, Geylang United defeated Woodlands Wellington 1-0 with a Hafiz Rahim goal.

Young Lions
 Izwan Mahbud (GK), (Afiq Yunos) Shakir Hamzah, Safuwan Baharudin, (Eugene Luo) Gabriel Quak, Luka Savic, Izzdin Shafiq, Hariss Harun (C), Raihan Abdul Rahman, Seo Su Jong, (Fazli Ayob) Nazrul Ahmad Nazari, Khairul Nizam


Geylang United

Siddiq Durimi (GK), Salim Rahim, Jonathan Xu, (Yasir Hanapi) Adrian Dhanaraj, Rastislav Belicak, Walid Lounis, Shah Hirul, Syed Fadhil, Itimi Dickson, (Hafiz Rahim) Mirsolav Latiak (C), (Aliff Azmi) Syed Thaha

Woodlands Wellington
Fajar Sarib, Winston Yap, Kazuki Yoshino, (Nigel Vanu) Sahairi Ramri, Luis Eduardo Hicks, (Guntur Djafril) Syed Karim, Anaz Hadee, Noor Ali (C), Sazali Salleh, Abdelhadi Laakkad, (Rachid Lajane) Rizawan Abdullah

Monday, April 12, 2010

S-league Preview

Last week Preview - A slaughter as 1 right and 5 wrong

Albirex Niigata (S) vs Young Lions
While both teams got victory in their last game, I can see this game as a draw as scoring is still a problem and one cannot blame them as their forwards are still developing their game and the midfield can hardly be described as creating chance after chance for them. 1-1 draw

Home United vs Balestier Khalsa
The Protectors still have some problem with their attack but their defence have tighten so this match should belong to them. The Tigers have already performed brilliantly to get 9 points from a possible 24 as we must remember their squad is not even the best of the average so this match will be 1 match too much. 3-1 to the protectors.

Geylang United vs Sengkang Punggol
The Eagles are back to being Mr Hyde and the performance are slipping again. However, they will be delighted to know they are meeting a Dolphins side who are not at their best after a bright start. It seem the Dolphins opponents now know the limits of the Dolphins armory which is they only have Jordan Webb as a dangerous weapon. If the Eagles stop him, victory is as good as their at Bedok. 2-0 to the Eagles

Beijing Gouan (S) vs Albirex Niigata (S)
The two foreign youth development teams meet and as both are struggling for consistent form, I will go with the safe option and say it will be a draw. 2-2 draw.

Woodlands Wellington vs Gombak United
After last week result against Etoile FC, I am more convinced the Bulls have a mental blockage as why is it always when the pressure is on them, they cannot perform. Luckily they are up against the Rams who have a scoring problem and so long as the Bulls can snatch a goal or two, they will have the victory they desired. 2-0 to the Bulls

Waste of time FAM-FAS Series announced

Today has reported FAS have confirmed the teams for the newly created waste of time FAM-FAS Series (Or it is old as it has the same name as the one back in 2005)

Singapore's representatives are SAFFC, Tampines Rovers and Geylang United, while from the Malaysia side it will be Selangor, Perlis and Negri Sembilan.

The FAS-FAM series is scheduled to take place between June and July when domestic leagues take a break for the World Cup in South Africa.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

South Melbourne apply for Singapore Cup spot

Four Four Two Australia have reported Victorian Premier League (An Aussie State League) side South Melbourne has apply for a Singapore Cup slot.

South Melbourne was a member of the, now defunct, National Soccer League (The previous Aussie professional league that precede A-league) and had won 4 championships - 1984, 1990/91, 1997/98, 1998/99 - as well as 5 regular season championships - 1984, 1985, 1992/93, 1997/98, 2000/01.

Along with that, they had reach another 7 National Soccer League Grand Final.

The club had try to enter the 2010/11 A-league but was, reportedly shockingly, rejected despite having a better professional setup and plan than their rival Melbourne Heart.

10-men Home hold out against leader Tampines

Home United held leader Tampines Rovers to a 0-0 draw despite playing with 10 men for the last half an hour.

It was an impressive defensive performance by the Home rearguards led by former Cameroon international Valery Hiek but their attack continue to lack the spark since the departure of Peres.

For much of the period before the red card to Isa Halim, the Stags were the more impressive team and could have taken the lead with the main 'culprit' being
Aleksandar Duric.

The scorer of 289 goals in the domestic game and when presented with a 1 on 1 situation with the keeper, in first stoppage time, after a cross from the right he blasted it wide.

But this was overshadow by the red card given to Singapore midfielder
Isa Halim after referee Abdul Malik ruled the player 'elbow' Khairul Amri in the face.

Fellow Protectors flew into a rage as they protested to the referee, as well as Khairul Amri, and Shariff Samat was give a yellow card when he 'questioned' the referee for far too long.

Still, the Protectors rally themselves to deny the Stags the winner even with a man advantage.

Tampines Rovers
Hassan Sunny, (
Ismadi Mukhtar) Zahid Ahmad, Seiji Kaneko, Zulkarnaen Zainal (C), Benoit Croissant, Akihiro Nakamura, Imran Sahib, (Jamil Ali) Shukor Zailan, (Khairul Amri) Aliff Shafaein, Aleksandar Duric, Qiu Li

Home United
Lionel Lewis, Juma’at Jantan, Shariff Samat, Valery Hiek, (Firdaus Indros) Shi Jia Yi, Rosman Sulaiman, Shahdan Sulaiman, Isa Halim, (Sherif El-Masri) Sharil Ishak (C), (Firdaus Kasman) Naufal Omar Ashiblie, Choi Chul Woo

Thursday, April 8, 2010

FAS Strategic Plan need stakeholders support first

FAS have finally launched their Strategic Plan for 2010-2015 and much of the debate since have focus on the topic of money as FAS will need to double their budget to make this plan work.
However, this may be the least of their concern as one wonder if they have the support of the stakeholders’ involved for the main jewel of their Strategic Plan is the National Training Centre (NTC) and yet, we do not even know when it will be build as FAS do not have the land.

For me, that tell the story with the stakeholder, in this case, the government, not won over yet and looking through history on projects of similar magnitude, we could be looking at a long draw-out process.

The Sport School and Esplanade took over a decade to be completed from the point of concept as they await the funding and, more importantly, the allocated land.

If FAS is indeed looking at Farrer Park site – as speculated by a SPH newspaper – then they are asking for the sky and I will rather they settle for land in the HDB heartlands for one cannot see how the government will be willing to give away a plot worth over hundred of millions for nothing.

Afterall, having the land first to build NTC is the important point, not the location, especially when the stakeholder, the government, has not been won over yet by your plan. 

Hong Kong is a good example as they are also land-scare and the plot of land (picture below) their government allocated to them for their football academy is in a far-flung estate.

Continuing on, let looked at another stakeholder in the plan and that will be the schools as FAS seek to double their number so more children are participating in football thus fall in love with it on the field and not just from the screen.

It is a good point but it is the other point that may fall short of the target.

From the enlarge pool of children, FAS hope to see schools helping to develop them with accredited coaches teaching them the National Football Syllabus developed by the Technical Director of Football.

That the problem as the schools main focuses is education, not sport, and they are unlikely to spend the effort to fully implement the National Football Syllabus for we must remember back in 2003, FAS had won the approval of MOE to implement a school league based on the Denmark system - it will expand the number of games they played as well as the lengthen the school football season.

However, schools fear it will overload their administration as they have other sport discipline as well so the plan died in it fancy.

FAS should therefore not hold out too hope on this front but it is good enough already if we do see more children playing the game.

After that, we have the plans to revive the Merlion Cup and the stakeholders will be the administrators of other Football Association.

It is clear FAS is disappointed by the level of teams they are playing in other nations Friendly Cup competition so decided they could maintain quality control if they hosted their own one but the era of Friendly Cup is over and the only Friendly Cup that have any success in term of maintaining quality is Japan Kirin Cup and it cost a bomb and even then, it may not always be the case as last year Scotland game showcase.

Other Football Associations have different goals from FAS and one cannot see how FAS will win over this stakeholder.

This will extend to the ASEAN Super League (ASL) that FAS keep trying to sell to the rest of the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) members.

This plan was formed as far back as 2006 and in the four years that have gone, they do not even have concept on which model to base this competition on.

That tell us a lot on how far it has progress with opposition from the individual ASEAN Football Association well-noted for AFF have not even been able to co-ordinate a ASEAN Club Competition since the last one 5 years ago.

That why, FAS claimed it can only start from 2014 for nobody wants to join and FAS, clearly, want to use that time to sell them the ASL concept again.
One can wish them good luck especially as their model of a stand alone ASL, without domestic league, is unpopular even among S-league members so let not start with other ASEAN Football Association.

With so much on the plate and so many of the stakeholders not on the same wavelength, money should indeed be the last thing on their mind as they need to get the stakeholders (like the government) working together first and that mean, let see the allocated land.

Young Lions destroy Champions 4-3 in second half rally

Down 1-3 at half time, the Young Lions rally back in the second half to destroy the Champions, SAFFC, 4-3.

The Cubs had taken the lead through
Nazrul Ahmad Nazari with Warriors replying with 3 goals Ahmad Latiff, Ivan Lovric and Park Tae Won.

However the Warriors were a shadow of themselves in the second period as they conceded 3 goals without reply.
Seo Su Jon, Luka Savic and Khairul Nizam scored in a 12 minute period for the Young Lions and one wonder if the Warriors are getting their focus and priorities right and that the league must be number 1.

Young Lions 
Jasper Chan (GK), Afiq Yunos, (Hafiz Abu Sujad) Fazli Ayob, Safuwan Baharudin, Shakir Hamzah, (Luka Savic) Izzdin Shafiq, Hariss Harun (C), Raihan Abdul Rahman, Seo Su Jong, Nazrul Ahmad Nazari, (Madhu Mohana) Khairul Nizam

Shahril Jantan (GK) (C), Hafiz Osman, Niklas Sandberg, (Daniel Bennett) Ivan Lovric, Syaiful Iskandar, Ahmad Latiff, Rhysh Roshan Rai, Park Tae Won, Indra Sahdan, (Razaleigh Khalik) Ruzaini Zainal, Taisuke Akiyoshi

Gombak send Etoile to it first defeat

Gombak United have send French side Etoile Fc to it first defeat in the S-league as an Obadin Aikhena goal was enough to secure a 1-0 win at the Jurong West Stadium.

The night before, Woodlands Wellington secured their first win of the season in the league with a
Abdelhadi Laakkad winner.

Like the Gombak vs Etoile game, a sole goal was enough for the Balestier Khalsa vs Woodlands Wellington game at the Toa Poyah Stadium.

It move the Rams off the foot of the table with Albirex Niigata (S) dropping to last place again.

Gombak United
Zaiful Nizam, Jaslee Hatta (C), Bah Mamadou, Obadin Aikhena, (Fazli Jaffar) Hamqaamal Shah, Jeremy Chiang, (Zulkiffli Hassim) Ridhwan Jamaludin, Goran Subara, (Shafuan Sutohmoh) Fazrul Nawaz, Park Kang Jin, Chang Jo Yoon


Balestier Khalsa

Joey Sim, Daniel Hammond (C), K Sathiaraj,
(Sofiyan Abdul Hamid) Syafiq Zainal, Nurhilmi Jasni, Syaqir Sulaiman, (Anantha Rajan) Han Yiguang, Goh Swee Swee, Kamal Nasir, Vitor Borges, Rivaldo Costa

Woodlands Wellington

Fajar Sarib, Winston Yap, Kazuki Yoshino, Sahairi Ramri, Luis Eduardo Hicks, Syed Karim, Azlan Alipah, (Nigel Vanu) Noor Ali (C), Sazali Salleh, (Guntur Djafril) Abdelhadi Laakkad, (Rachid Lajane) Rizawan Abdullah

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cubs looked set to go to Asian Games

It is increasing likely the Singapore U23 will be going to the Asian Games in Guangzhou.

While SNOC have not announced the size of participants going or even the sports that will be chosen, SSC have given it backing to Singapore football by naming it as 1 of 2 team sport chosen to receive extra financial backing for the foreseeable future.

1 of the reason is the 6-year plan by FAS and it include sending Singapore U23 team to the Asian Games where they can gained the needed experience to catch up with both West and North Asia as, surely, everybody know the SEA Games cannot cut it if our goal is indeed be among Asia top teams.

That why, if SSC is indeed backing Singapore football to the till, then the Cubs need to be at the Asian Games.

Waste of time FAM-FAS Cup revealed

The TODAY Paper have revealed FAM and FAS are working on a Cup involving Malaysian Super League and S-League teams.

This remind me of the FAM-FAS Series back in 05 and just as it lasted only 1 year as it was of no relevant in the current environment, one cannot see how this Cup - which I will name FAM-FAS Cup - can be any better.

Over the years, from Europe to Asia, one see many such Cups from Anglo-Italian Cup, British Cup, A3 and Pacific Championship etc and they do not last.

That why, I would rather the Young Lions replaced 1 of the 4 teams - expected to be SAFFC, Tampines Rovers, Home United and Gombak United.

This way, the Cubs can gain experience for the Asian Games and then this Cup can at least serve a purpose this year.

AFC Cup: Eagles busted

Singapore run in the AFC Cup which has saw as least a representative in the knockout stage every year looked to be ending.

Geylang United lost a vital decider against Thai side Thai Port, who occupied second spot in the group, 1-0 and this mean the Thai team has virtually qualified as they need only 1 point from their remaining 2 games.

Vietnam champions Da Nang have already qualified as group winner with their 2-1 win against Hong Kong side Tai Po.

Geylang United 0-1 Thai Port

Geylang United
20 Siddiq Durimi (GK)
2 Salim Abdul Rahim
3 Rastislav Belicak
5 Walid Lounis
9 Miroslav Latiak (C)
10 Peter Tomko
11 Syed Thaha (15 Shah Hirul 67')
13 Jonathan Xu
14 Itimi Dickson (17 Hafiz Rahim 55')
16 Yasir Hanapi (23 Fabian Kwok 69')
18 Syed Fadhil

Singapore U23 1-0 Malaysia U23

The Singapore U23 with 3 overage players - Qiu Li, Khairul Amri and Daniel Bennett - defeated Malaysia U23 1-0 in a friendly played at the Bishan Stadium.

Qiu Li was the goalscorer and the Stags forward looked to have make a big stride to be one of of the trio of overage players to be selected for the Asian Games squad.

Monday, April 5, 2010

S-league Preview

Last week Preview - Got 3 right with 1 prefect score and 3 wrong

Balestier Khalsa vs Woodlands Wellington
This looked a like a draw right from the start with both equally matched and it should be the case. Goals are still a rare commodity for both sides even with a top striker for both as their midfield lacked the stark to create chances on a plate on a regular basis. One goal may decide it but most likely it will be 1-1.

Gombak United vs Etoile FC
One thing is wrong with Gombak and I think it their head (or mental strength). They seem to lack it. When the chip are down, thus the pressure are off, they have shown they can get the results but once the pressure is back on they go missing. Just like the beginning of the season, when they were tout as a team to look out for (and no doubt due to unforeseen changes) they started poorly before coming back when the pressure were off. Now they are underdog, that mean they can get a result which mean another draw for Etoile. 1-1

Young Lions vs SAFFC
Anybody believe there is any other result other than a Warriors win. The Champions will be just too good and the Cubs will be delighted to get the experience against such a good side as they continue to develop. 3-0 to the Champions.

Tampines Rovers vs Home United
The Stags will be looking to build on their brilliant start to the season and look to kill off 1 of their main contender chances for good. A win for the Stags will mean a 8 point gap between them and even at this early stage, it is a massive advantage to gain. The Stags can certainly achieve that based on their form and they should do that. 3-2 to the Stags.

Geylang United vs Woodlands Wellington
Geylang United will be looking to get back on track in the league and Woodlands Wellington is a good team to start as no disrespect but the Rams is 1 of the weaker team in the league at this point. Peter Tomko is getting the goals for the Eagles and they must continue to build on that as they look to achieve their target of 50 points with only 6 points from 6 games now. 2-0 to Geylang United

Etoile win to cut lead to 4-point

Etoile FC defeated Balestier Khalsa 1-0 to win to regain second spot and cut the lead at the top to four-point.

Despite Balestier Khalsa status as underdog, the Toa Poyah club gave the French side a tough time with a brilliant defensive performance while offering little in attack before crumbling 10 minutes from time as Frederic Mendy score after being put through.

The night before, Albirex Niigata (S) won their first game of the season defeating Sengkang Punggol 1-0 at the Hougang Stadium with a Fumiya Kobayashi goal.

Home United also won their game against Geylang United 3-0 at Clementi Stadium with goals from Shi Jiayi, Choi Chul Woo and Shahril Ishak.

Balestier Khalsa
Joey Sim, Sofiyan Abdul Hamid, Daniel Hammond (C), K Sathiaraj, Ishak Zainol, (Syafiq Zainal) Nurhilmi Jasni, (Syaqir Sulaiman) Anantha Rajan, Poh Yi Feng, (Goh Swee Swee) Kamal Nasir, Vitor Borges, Rivaldo Costa


Sengkang Punggol
Fadhil Salim, Shahir Hamzah, Duncan Elias, (Fadzly Jahan) Lau Meng Meng, Nor Azli Yusoff (C), Faizal Amir, Jordan Webb, (Sobrie Mazelan) Jala, Abdoulaye Diallo, (Farizal Basri) Ryan Fante, Murphy Wiredu


Home United
Lionel Lewis, Rosman Sulaiman, Shariff Samat, Valery Hiek, ( Sherif El-Masri) Firdaus Idros, Isa Halim, Sharil Ishak (C), Shi Jia Yi, (Firdaus Kasman) Naufal Omar Ashiblie, Zulfadli Zainal Abidin, (Juma’at Jantan) Choi Chul Woo

Geylang United
Siddiq Durimi (GK), (Hafiz Rahim) Syed Fadhil, (Jonathan Xu) Adrian Dhanaraj, Rastislav Belicak, Walid Lounis, Shah Hirul, (Yasir Hanapi) Itimi Dickson,

Vasile Ghindaru, Mirsolav Latiak (C), Syed Thaha, Peter Tomko