Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The reason FAS persist with ASL revealed

TODAY paper has reported the ASEAN SUPER LEAGUE (ASL) is back on the road.

I cannot understand why the FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION OF SINGAPORE (FAS) persist with this project when it has no support or else it will not have to keep sending teams overseas to sell the idea even now as reported in the report.

Worse was it has no sponsorship of any kind so the money has to come from FAS pocket.

That is until now when one sentence from that report tell me everything, it reported FAS former president Zainduin Nordin, he stepped down a few days ago, was appointed ASL chief executive officer (CEO).

This is in my eyes the worst form of self-interest as that former Bishan_Toa Poyah MP has sacrificed Singapore football to secure his own future.

A CEO like the selfish asshole he is will not pay himself 'badly'.

The S-league CEO Lim Chin got himself a six-figures sum yearly excluding bonuses so his asshole will be much higher.

Not bad in the current economic climate where jobs are being lost and an average citizen (he will claim he is one of us now) can only hope to find a new job including a high paying salary that soon.

The best part is ASL is a private company and not under FAS so they do not have to reveal their salaries scale which caused problems for that asshole in September  FAS AGM.

He has planned his future pathway well and is this what PEOPLE ACTION PARTY (PAP) meant when they keep pushing him upon on Singapore football for our own good.

The government has failed Singapore football by allowing their own personal self-interest to triumph over the common good.

A million dollars salary for that asshole ending in the destruction of much of Singapore football is what we got for nearly a decade of his leadership.