Saturday, March 31, 2012

Development of youths not worth the money

For me this few sentences below make my headline and tell the story.
Yahoo interview

Lee admitted that having more financial muscle is helpful but is adamant that Singapore will look at ways to overcome the lack of it.

"Unlike other FAs, we have a limited budget and must always exercise financial prudence in everything we do. For example, instead of sending our youth teams for overseas training stints, we will arrange for them to play against older teams here first," he said.
It come from our regular 'no money guy' Winston Lee but as I note before this is hallow now as FAS is pumping millions into FAM through a Levy, foreign club subsidies and the footing of all the bills of the Malaysian teams traveling to Singapore.

It is NOT A SMALL BILL, Mr Winston Lee so how can you tell me FAS has no money when it is FAM 'BIGGEST SPONSOR'.

You can defend yourself only after releasing figures on how it cost just like you are willing to release the subsidy figure for local clubs.

Why is it you are willing to tell us how much money you 'pump into local football' (If they get the money as half of it is not guarantee unlike your money to FAM) but never how much you give to FAM.

What is there to hide!!!!!

Also if you or that man think playing older players is all there is to develop players then all the youths team can play your Malaysia team (Since it is costing a hand and a leg already)

But you guys must be the only guys in the world that think so as European clubs (since you mention Manchester United) DO SPEND REAL MONEY FOR THEIR YOUTHS TO TRAVEL AND DEVELOP THEIR TALENTS.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

16th Great Eastern – YEO’S S.League Awards Night 2011

GREAT EASTERN Player of the Year
Mislav Karoglan (Singapore Armed Forces FC)

YEO’S Young Player of the Year
Tatsuro Inui (Albirex Niigata (Singapore))

MIKASA Coach of the Year
Koichi Sugiyama (Albirex Niigata (Singapore))

RHB Top Scorer Award
Mislav Karoglan (Singapore Armed Forces FC)

Albirex Niigata (Singapore)

GREAT EASTERN Referee of the Year
Leow Thiam Hoe

WAGA Assistant Referee of the Year
Edwin Lee

TIGER BEER Goal of the Year
K. Vikraman (Balestier Khalsa - vs Gombak United on 25 March)

POLAR Fan Club of the Year
Singapore Armed Forces FC

RHB Story of the Year
“A conductor, a cheerleader” by Terrence Voon (The Straits Times)

SINGAPORE POOLS Picture of the Year
“Tampines trip up” by Benjamin Seetor (The New Paper)

YEO’S People’s Choice Award
Safuwan Baharudin (Courts Young Lions)

200 S.League Goals Award
Indra Sahdan Daud (Singapore Armed Forces FC)

Home fall to old boy Ludovick

One-time Protector Kengne Ludovick score the winning goal to send Chonburi top of the table.

The Thai club defeated Home United 1-0 and the Protectors will be disappointed as they had held out until the last quarter of the game.

But the Protectors will still be confident of getting of the group into the knockout stage.

In the other match in the group, Citizen defeated Yangon 2-1.

Home United
Lionel Lewis (GK), Arai Kenji, Shi Jia Yi (C), John Wilkinson, Shotaro Ihata, Frederic Mendy, Franklin Anzite, Qiu Li, Masrezwan Masturi (Jeremy Chiang (Hafiz Nor)), Indra Sahdan (Firdaus Idros), Nor Azli Yusof

Home stage comeback against Citizen

Home United stage a comeback against Citizen to win their first AFC Cup tie back at Bishan since 2006.

The Hong Kong FA champions had taken the lead in the first half and taken it into the break but it was just what the Protectors needed as they came out all guns firing.

Japanese forward Ihata Shotaro fire in the equaliser.

After that, further goals from Frederic Mendy and the Qiu Li gave the Protectors the lead and all the 3 points on offer.

In the other game in the group, Yangon held Chonburi to a 1-1 draw.

Home United
Lionel Lewis (GK), Jeremy Chiang (Firdaus Idros), Arai Kenji, Shi Jia Yi (C), John Wilkinson, Shotaro Ihata, Frederic Mendy, Franklin Anzite, Qiu Li (Masrezwan Masturi), Indra Sahdan, Nor Azli Yusof

Tampines pay for their misses

The headline say it all.

If you do not score, you do not win as Tampines Rovers showcase their biggest weakness against the V-league champion Song Lam; How do score when Duric is off form.

The evergreen forward cannot be expected to carry the load of the 2012 S-league champions goalscoring alone and he need help but it appear none will be forthcoming.

Despite creating a number of chances and having hit the bar twice, the Stags just could not find the net especially with Duric tightly marked after the half-time break.

In the match in the group, Kitchee appear to be on their way to winning the group as they defeated Terengganu 2-0

Tampines Rovers
Sasa Dreven (GK), Ismadi Mukhtar, Jufri Taha, Mustafic Fahrudin, Sazali Salleh (Muhannad Zailani), Ahmad Latiff, Aleksandar Duric, Anaz Hadee, Benoit, Ali Hudaifi (Davor Piskor), Jamil Ali

Tampines fall to Kitchee

Hong Kong champions Kitchee defeated Tampines Rovers 2-1 at the Tseung Kwan O Sports Ground.

Jamil Ali had score the goal for the Stags.

In the other match in the group, Terengganu defeated Song Lam Nghe An 1-0.

Tampines Rovers
Sasa Dreven (GK), Ismadi Mukhtar (Sazali Salleh), Jufri Taha, Mustafic Fahrudin, Ahmad Fahmie (Irman Sahib),  Ahmad Latiff, Aleksandar Duric (C), Anaz Hadee, Benoit Croissant, Ali Hudaifi, Jamil Ali (Muhammad Zailani)

AFC approve Bishan for AFC Cup

After an absence of 6 years, Bishan Stadium will once again see Asian football as AFC approve Home United application to use their home ground for the AFC Cup.

This is due to the upgrade Bishan have enjoyed for the YOG back in 2010 which make the stadium an all-seater stadium and having the necessary lighting for night matches.

Unfortunately for Singapore other representative in Asia, Tampines Rovers, the Clementi Stadium is not deemed good enough to hold matches so they have to continue to use the Jalan Besar Stadium.

Tanjong Pagar and Tampines move home

Tanjong Pagar United have move back to the Queenstown Stadium after Etoile FC departure from the S-league.

The Queenstown stadium was Tanjong Pagar United home stadium since the start of the S-league until their departure in 2004 due to financial problems.

While the Jaguars were able to clear up their problems and re-join the S-league last season, they were not able to get the Queenstown Stadium as it was occupied by Etoile FC already.

They were then allocated Clementi Stadium.

But with Queenstown Stadium vacant now, Tanjong Pagar have moved back to their original den .

While one club return home, another depart as Tampines Rovers moved to the now vacant Clementi Stadium.

This is due to the fact their stadium has been picked as the location for People Association (PA) pet project of a LIFEHUB (Again, do not asked what this is other than it is a shopping centre)

There is still no news if a stadium will be part of the LIFEHUB project

Tampines Win Great Eastern Charity Shield

2012 - In Aid of S-league adopted Charity
2011 - In Aid of S-league adopted Charity
2010 - In Aid of Dollah Kassim
2009 - In Aid of S. Anthonysamy
2008 - In Aid of S-league adopted Charity

Tampines Rovers 2-0 Home United

Scorer:  Davor Piskor 5', Gligor Gligorov 60'

Tampines Rovers
  • Sasa Dreven (GK)
  • Jufri Taha
  • Fahrudin Mustafic (C)
  • Ahmed Fahmie (Ali Hudzaifi)
  • Sazali Salleh (Ismadi Mukhtar)
  • Davor Piskor
  • Imran Sahib
  • Anaz Hadee
  • Gilgor Gligorov (Aleksandar Duric)
  • Benoit Croissant,Jamil Ali
Home United
  • Lionel Lewis
  • Kenji Arai
  • Zahid Ahmad (Sofiyan Abdul Hamid)
  • Jeremy Chiang
  • Firdaus Idros
  • Rosman Sulaiman (Hafiz Nor (Shaheer Afiq))
  •  Roshan Rai
  • Shi Jiayi (C)
  • Masrezwan Masturi
  • Shotaro Ihata
  • Frederic Mendy

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Robert Alberts to FAS: Develop your league

A man who never know when to shut up

In yesterday Straits Times, the 59-year-old Dutchman told FAS to develop their own league if they want to develop their football.

So snatching players to play in the Malaysia team is not helping your league and your football as explain.

Indeed he noted as well not only FAS had not help itself but FAM too as there is still little interest in the Malaysia Super League with or without FAS and the crowds are dwindling in much of the league.

Too much turth

No wonder Straits Times put it with the rest on that man Malaysia team and in a small corner where one hand can cover it up.

You must learn FAS and that man is telling another story to the whole world where millions are squeezing into stadiums in Malaysia thanks to FAS.

'Serve' You right.

Levy look set to raise (Edited to add in links)

It will like the levy will raise. That is my feeling on news by TODAY that FAM want to restrict that man team to Under23.

Indeed I talk about such a situation in Kallangroar forum but it was to be expected since news of the levy leak.

Let not kid ourselves, FAM only raise the age-limit because of the levy payment which was never mention back last July.

Below is the statement I make (I can be fortunate-teller) 

Patrick Ang retire

Patrick Ang who has been with Geylang United for nearly 28 years has announced his retirement from football.

The veteran, who in his time had led Geylang International (Geylang United former name) to great height in the the now defunct Singapore Premier League, noted it was time for a change.

Ang's departure followed closely the exit of Robert Lim and former international Seak Poh Leong from the club.

Together the tiro had seem the Bedok club conquered all in Singapore in the SPL era with 6 League titles in 6 years as well as 3 President Cup.

Before that, Geylang had also won 3 league titles in the National Football league era as well as 2 President Cup.

In the S-league era, they have 2 league titles and 1 Singapore Cup as well as 2 FA Cup (1 of them by the Prime League team)

This meant Geylang United is still Singapore most successful team in term of League titles with 11  while SAFFC is struck on 10.

Mr Leong Kok Fann will be taking over Patrick Ang as Geylang United chairman.

Mike Wong depart Geylang United

Head coach Mike Wong has depart Geylang United after the club management replace him with Prime League coach V Kanan.

In return, Mike Wong was to have coach the Prime League team but Wong refused to accept this arrangement stating it was not part of his contract.

Left with  no choice, Wong decided to leave the Bedok club.

Mike Wong had been with Geylang United for 4 years and led them to the Singapore Cup in 2009.

It has been Geylang United only success in the last decade

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Harimau Muda should have FAS or that man on their shirt

After the revelation that FAS is paying FAM a levy (Not putting the percentage as who know if it will rise again in future) as well as generously picking up the tabs on their clubs sides trip to Singapore, I wonder why our FAS or even FAS President is not on the Harimau Muda shirts when they played in the S-league.

It is the least FAM should do as FAS is surely now their second-biggest 'sponsors' on youth development after their government and not a word for the 'sponsors'.

After all, youth development is among the hardest to get sponsorship in the world as they do not received as much mileage when compared to senior sides.

We should know that for FAS constantly remind us by 'claiming' they do not have the cash for this and that sponsors are tough to get.

And the results is seem for our youth teams are relegated to playing each others on a constant base due to such cost-cutting for let remember last year when several youth teams got poor results at the international arena (Take note FAS now only send age-group teams to play only when it is compulsory like the ASEAN age-group competition), the coaches asked FAS how they intend to improve teams like the U18, who suffered some terrible results, if they have to play only fellow youth sides like the U17 and U19 to prepare only and have no other experience.

After that, the response was the usual in which FAS defended itself by crying no money. (what else)

But it sound hallow after the March 1 report by TODAY because one wonder how they can agree to the levy and all those costs when they know they have no money and our youth teams stay in Spore because of that.

Can one image just training one whole year and playing no game in between of any meaning at all.

Even the famous Youth Olympic Games (YOG) team and Lion City Cup (LCC) U15 get that kind of treatment with the media gone. (It is not difficult to know they do not assemble much at all now)

Worse is once they are past the age-group for LCC, they have even less to aim for just like what I pointed out about our U18 last year when they are just assembled together to play their juniors and yet is expected to do well.

So with our youths crying for cash to help them, one see FAS spending cash elsewhere how does one believed in them especially on the issue on levy.

This is a bad deal as the money to FAM is guarantee no matter the heath of FAS finances and it take an incompetent man to sign such a contract.

This come from one-time MM Lee for back in early part of last decade, Disneyland was interested in opening a theme park in Asia outside Japan and the interested site are Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.

In the end, Hong Kong got it and Singapore government received criticisms for not working hard enough to get it but MM Lee disagreed as he noted it will be difficult to sign a deal that was so lopsided.

While due to confidential reasons, he never gave up the full details, details did came later which saw the Hong Kong government gave away the land for free with them bearing the entire reclamation cost.

Everybody should know reclamation is expensive and if that was not bad enough, Hong Kong government also have to bear much of the construction cost of around HK$22.45 billion and from it, Hong Kong was given a near-equal share with Disneyland who pumped in far less.

The Hong Kong public, upon hearing such details, were hardly thrilled especially after it opening where it is plagued by crowds problem and poor pay issues.

Worse was Disney parent company was still able to receive all sorts of fees, which run into hundred of millions of HK dollars for their 'work', even as the new theme Park bleed. (See the similarity to FAS where we pay and pay even if we have our own financial issues) 

After all that it was no wonder, Hong Kong next Chief Executive took longer to agree to an expansion which Disney must pump in the cash with Hong Kong the land (Although it still cause unhappiness when hidden cost about the land were revealed)

Indeed it took a bad leader to sign such a deal and Tung Chee Hwa, Hong Kong first Chief Executive, was considered that as his misrule meant he never finish his second term of office in 2005.

Is our FAS President near that?

You can decide on your own but one thing is we have pumped so much with no recognition thus the least for FAM to 'reward' their big 'sponsor' is a logo on their Muda shirt; especially the man who sign that contract.

For we are bleeding thus no longer able to send our youths on regular assignments and yet we can still 'sponsor' FAM youth development.

10% levy and hidden cost shock

TODAY has reported FAS is paying FAM a 10% Levy as well as the cost of their teams trip to Singapore.

This is a shock and reveal the turth on our FAS President once again which is he is a liar.

That man had claimed last July 2011 to a SPH reporter which was quoted  that FAS was not paying FAM anything other than the subsidies.

 Extra information as in today world we need to back it up.

That article which he was quoted was the first SPH Straits Times article back in July, 2011 which reported on his (Not mine) Malaysia team return to the Malaysian League and it was on the front page. (Yes, I remember and noted it down)

On the third page which the article extend to and toward the last few paragraph; a reporter from SPH had asked the FAS president if any levy was involved as this was part of the problem in the 90s.

That man reply there was no levy at all and FAS do not have to pay FAM anything other than the foreign club subsides.

People can check the National Library for old news to see if it is true.

Now there is the levy and take note we are also paying for their teams trip to Spore as well so it was a lie he told back in July or will our FAS president defend himself by claiming he was speaking a language nobody understood.

No wonder in news reports after the announcement FAM treated FAS well, especially this president, as we are pumping so much into them.

Their youth development will be getting RM$2million over the next 4 years for coming to S-league and in addition we are paying another 10% levy to them.

They have hit the jackpot for our youths have been reported that we can only afford to play one another (like how the U18 or even the U21 who compete in the recently concluded BHT train before going for international competition) and adding to that our internationals in the past 2 years are the likes of Chinese Taipei, Maldives and Selangor (Yes FAS even claimed Selangor is good enough to be an international before meeting a team like Jordan in the WCQ last year) etc

We now know where the money that have been saved is now as sponsors have not appear as claimed for SlikPro is sponsoring under their community programme and that mean they will move off after the contract is up and Starhub and Shop & Save (A Malaysia GLC) do not pat much in cash at all. 

Long Live FAS President who give millions to FAM but scrape to Singapore football.

Afterall, let be honest, if FAS is not paying anything as they claim they will be telling us now and rebuking the story.

PAP, for which our FAS president is from, like to note they put their figures upfront because they have nothing to hide like their Minister pay.

So why is it not so for our FAS president who is from PAP.

Why so much covering up the numbers and we only know now we are paying the levy plus their teams trip and the equally secretive figure of foreign club subsidies - which may come up to millions to Malaysia U23 in the S-league.

And it often after months after it happen - when most people forgot what they claimed and the difference in the story - that we see news get 'leaked out'.

Etoile FC pull out

Etoile FC have pulled out of the 2011 S-league season.

This is due to a growing financial problem at the club as reports emerged players are owed by their salaries by the club management.

Several of the players have also been left stranded by the late pullout as they found themselves without a club with the season due to kickoff.

While local clubs have expressed interest in Etoile players, the clubs noted they have filled up the club quota on foreign players.

Etoile FC was been in the S-league for two years during which they won the 2010 S-league title as well as the 2010 League Cup