Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Whose pocket will it end up in

With Tanjong Pagar not participating next year and Hougang merging with Woodlands, FAS has seek to defend the changes by claiming it will strengthen the S-league.

They claim there will be more resources for the remaining clubs but to be honest, I have my suspicion for among the changes announced there was no indication of increases in subsidies or salary cap.

After all, two clubs can potentially fetched around $2 million in subsidies so that money should have been shared by the 6 clubs in the S-league, which is an extra $330k, and allow an increase in the $85k salary cap.

Yet this important detail is missing from announcement by the S-league CEO MR Lim Chin.

So is the money really going back to S-league or has it sucked away elsewhere?

For history have indicated after an FAS revamp, the sums do not add up.

When FAS revamped their COEs which saw 8 reduced to only 3, there was a saving of over 1/2 a million yet the funding to the 3 remaining ones did not increased by that.

So have the money been diverted to LionsXII or even the ASEAN super League (ASL) project?

For LionsXII have clearly lost big with SilkPro contract ended and no other sponsorship bringing in as much cash. (Take note the worthless one FAS President Zainduin Nordin tell us STARHUB contract should not be viewed in monetary figures; which usually mean no cash despite the big figures)

And with poor attendances bleeding their paymasters FAS even more, who will pay for the black hole!

As for the ASL, to get it off the ground FAS need to spend big first as they have volunteered to operate the office for AFF and the so-called backers WSG or AFF have not come forward with cash so how much of the upfront payment have come from FAS!

Do not blamed me for asking such questions especially when one see FAS come out with nearly $180k for the 6 months loan of Baihakki in weeks while always crying poor to the public.

It even worse as FAS Budget on LionsXII is a mystery for they refused to open the book about their funding on this team.

Indeed it was initially claimed only $2million but in an interview a year later, the budget was revealed by the worthless one to be $3 million.

So tell me what the figures is now 2 years down the road!

Thus is the folding of 2 clubs really to strengthen S-league or because FAS is looking for cash for their black hole of LionsXII and ASL.

Whose pocket will the money go to, Mr Lim (the puppet) for you have not tell us what is the new subsidies figures or even the new salary cap.

For without it, we know where the cash is really going to.