Thursday, July 29, 2010

Home defeat Cubs to stay in championship race

With their main rivals winning, Home United had to defeat the Young Lions by hook or by crock.

That was what they achieve but they were given a massive scare as the Cubs - even when they named a few greenhorn to their first team - held the Bishan side scoreless up to half-time and then early in the second period, the Jalan Besar side took the lead through Faris Ramli.

The championship hopes of the Protectors looked gone for good before a surprise hero emerged from the bench.

Prime League forward Sufian Anuar is hardly someone who will ring a bell when the Protectors were looking for a goal source but the Prime League second top scorer and Home United Prime League top scorer was that man.

He scored after 10 minutes on the pitch before adding his second a minute later.

The Protectors were now 2-1 ahead and their championship hopes were back on the burner thanks to their Prime League main man.

Home United
Lionel Lewis (GK), Shahril Alias, Valery Hiek, (Sufian Anuar) Zulfadli Zainal Abidin, Shi Jiayi, Tengku Mushadad, Chun Jae Woon, Shahril Ishak(C), Isa Halim, 9Firdaus Kasman) Shahdan Sulaiman, Jun Woo Keun

Young Lions
Izwan Mahbud (GK),
Irwan Shah, Safuwan Baharudin, Shakir Hamzah, Faritz Abdul Hameed, (Khairul Nizam) Izzdin Shafiq, (Nazrul Ahmad Nazari) Zulfahmi Arifin, Hariss Harun (C), Seo Su Jong, (Fairoz Hasan) Faris Ramli, Khalili D'cruz

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stags defeat Bulls 2-0 to stay top

With Etoile FC 1-0 win over Sengkang Punggol 24 hours earlier, it was up to Tampines Rovers to match them to regain top spot.

That was what the Stags did as they defeated Gombak United 2-0 at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

Still, it was a tough encounter for the Stags as even with 10 men - after the Bulls lost defender Jeremy Chiang - the Bulls had gave the Tampines side a few scare before a second goal from Frenchman Benoit Croissant finally kill off the stubborn side.

Imran Sahib had given the Stags the lead in the first period.

The Stags will now have the chance to further cement their place at the spot during the weekend when they face soon-to-be-former champions, SAFFC at the Tampines Stadium.

Gombak United
Zakariah Nerani (GK), Jaslee Hatta (C), Bah Mamadou, Jeremy Chiang, Obadin Aikhena, Hamqaamal Shah, Goran Subara, (Fabian Tan) Ridhwan Jamaludin, (Ruhaizad Ismail) Agu Casmir, (Shafuan Sutohmoh) Park Kang Jin, (Eddoh Pascal) Fazrul Nawaz

Tampines Rovers
Hassan Sunny (GK), Benoit Croissant, Seiji Kaneko, Akihiro Nakamura, (Zahid Ahmad) Imran Sahib, Park Yo Seb, (Fathi Yunus) Aliff Shafaein (C), Shukor Zailan, Ismadi Mukhtar, (Jamil Ali) Khairul Amri, Aleksandar Duric

Etoile return to top with win over Dolphins

In the end, the result was no surprise with Etoile FC getting all 3 points in their encounter with Sengkang Punggol.

The Dolphins had a problem scoring goals even during their recent 2-match winning run with both of them 1-0 winner.

That why, once S-league top scorer Frederic Mendy hit his 16th goal of the league campaign there was no coming back for the Hougang side.

With this result, Etoile FC return to the top of the table for the next 24 hours until Tampines Rovers play Gombak United at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

Sengkang Punggol
Fadhil Salim (GK), Ratna Suffian, Lau Meng Meng, (Shahir Hamzah) Kenji Arai (C), (Jasper Seet) Azfar Zainal Abidin, Farizal Basri, Faizal Amir,

Duncan Elias, (Jordan Webb) Sobrie Mazelan, Mojtaba Tehranizadeh, Mamadou Diallo

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Noh Alam Shah is saying goodbye to Indonesian Super Liga champions

Singapore forward Noh Alam Shah has been reported in Indonesian media that he has played his last game with the newly-crowned Indonesian Super Liga Champions.

He is already linked with a move out of Indonesian Super Liga with Thai Premier League club Chonburi interested in the 29-year-old.

One can only hope the former Stags forward do not let emotion get the better of him in his next move thus he should choose a financial-stable club like Baihakki Khaizan and Fahrudin Mustafic etc as it could be his last financially-secured move.

The move to Arema Malang must have been an eye-opener for him - in term of experience - but the price he paid - in term of financial - is too high considering his age.

Let look at what he might have paid
  • Reportedly on 8k-9k per month at Tampines Rovers but took a paycut of around 1k-2k as Arema Malang could not match it. Based on lower figure, he lost $12K
  • However, up to 1/3 of his salary was reportedly paid in IOU which I can say is unrecoverable as Arema Malang is believed to be sitting on a pile of unpaid salaries. Based on the lower $6k monthly salary, he could have lost around $24K
  • In addition, unpaid bonuses, which I will put at $10k min for accounting purpose (which is not high considering S-league Champions pay first team regulars up to $20k-$30k)
  • There is also CPF which Noh miss out on. Based on the employer 15% levy - It mean he is out of pocket another $8100 and taking into account the 2.5% interest on ordinary account only, he could have lost a five-figure sum when he withdraw the sum in 25 years time. This will be put at $14k
  • After the employer levy come the employee amount with it being 20%, it amount to $10800 and taking into account the 2.5% interest on ordinary account as well, the amount will be around $17k 
  • In all, Noh could have lost $77 k min in extra earning.
Is it any wonder then that Noh is linked with a move elsewhere especially outside of Indonesia for the number of ISL financial-stable clubs are not that numerous.

Tigers and Rams continued their winless streak

Both Balestier Khalsa and Woodlands Wellington have failed to break their winless streak in the S-league.

The Tigers were given two chances in 4 days with them up against Sengkang Punggol and then Albirex Niigata (S)

The Toa Poyah side only emerged with one point and one goal from that two games to extend their winless streak to five games.

Sengkang Punggol defeated the Tigers 1-0, despite playing with 10 men for more than 50 minutes, while Albirex Niigata (S) drew 1-1.

Kenji Arai got the winner for the Dolphins with the White Swans goal coming from Bruno Castanheira. Vitor Borges scored for the Tigers.

It was equally bad for bottom-dweller Woodlands Wellington as they fall 0-1 to Beijing Gouan (S) with them missing a penalty and playing with a man advantage for the entire second half.

It is now nine matches since the Rams last won and during that period, they only score a single goal.

Japanese defender Kazuki Yoshino may have change the storyline if he had converted his spotkick with 16 minutes to play but the Chinese keeper was equal to the defender.

Sengkang Punggol
Fadhil Salim (GK), Ratna Suffian, Kenji Arai, Azfar Zainal Abidin, Nor Azli Yusoff (C), (Ashley Ow)

Farizal Basri, Faizal Amir, (Jordan Webb) Jalal, (Lau Meng Meng) Sobrie Mazelan, Mojtaba Tehranizadeh, Mamadou Diallo

Balestier Khalsa

Ahmadulhaq Che Omar (GK), (Syafiq Zainal) Sofiyan Abdul Hamid, Paul Cunningham, Daniel Hammond (C), K Sathiaraj, Ishak Zainol, (Nurhilmi Jasni) Han Yiguang, Anantha Rajan, Poh Yi Feng, (Andrew Tan) Vitor Borges, Rivaldo Costa


Woodlands Wellington
Fajar Sarib (GK), Winston Yap, Kazuki Yoshino, Anaz Hadee, (Azli Mahmud) Luis Eduardo Hicks, Nardi Asani, (Guntur Djafri) Nigel Vanu, Noor Ali (C), Sazali Salleh, (Rizawan Abdullah) Asraf Rashid,

Abdelhadi Laakkad


Balestier Khalsa 
Ahmadulhaq Che Omar (GK), Sofiyan Abdul Hamid, Paul Cunningham, Daniel Hammond (C), Mushthafa Kamal, (Ishak Zainol) Syaqir Sulaiman, Kamal Nasir, Nurhilmi Jasni, Andrew Tan, Vitor Borges, (Syafiq Zainal) Rivaldo Costa

End of the road for Shariff Abdul Samat at Protectors?

Former Stallions and Stags defender Shariff Abdul Samat could be a former Protectors come next season.

SPH Straits Times reported the 26-year-old have clashed with his fellow national mate Lionel Lewis and, more importantly, the coach of Home United, Paul Lee.

If the Korean coach short history
(with clashes with Peres and Nelson) with the Protectors is any guide, Shariff Abdul Samat should be looking for a new club now as it is unlikely the Korean will be gone next season; which of course mean he might be.

But with a history of trouble at a number of former clubs, he will not be an attractive option for those with cash as once again he was reported to have been given time off to deal with personal issues.

The time have surely come for the (not so young) defender to make a decision on the direction of his football career.

After all, he has been touted as a future Lions since his S-league debut but he has not gain a single international cap despite nearly 9 years of football (Interrupted several times due to his many personal problems)

It is really over for Qiu Li

The S-league website have confirmed it.

Singapore forward Qi Li season is over as he has been deem to have damage his knee ligaments against Balestier Khalsa.

The Stags will now depend on Khariul Amri and
Aleksandar Duric to lead their attack for the remainder of the season.

It also mean Coach Raddy, if he has any plan for Qiu Li, will have to go back to the drawing board as the Lions will not be including Qiu Li in the August trip to Serbia and possibility the AFF Cup Campaign in December as well.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

S-league Preview

last week Preview - Got 2 right and 3 wrong with 1 result not yet out

Balestier Khalsa vs Albirex Niigata (S)
The Tigers are in a rut and they have no way of getting out of it. Rivaldo whose goals have proved decisive in the Tigers season thus far have dry up and the Toa Poyah side have nobody to replace it. Not helping is the direct style of the Tigers (as their two central defenders had learn their trade from that region) which opponents know how to counter. Without an alternative as they have no midfielders who can play the short passes, they are now virtually toothless. It looked like a bad time to play 1 of the in-form team of the moment, Albirex Niigata (S). 2-0 to the White Swans

Etoile FC vs Sengkang Punggol
An in-form team against an out-of-sort team and that out-of-sort team is not Sengkang Punggol. It is Etoile FC with only 2 wins from their last 5 matches - that also saw 2 defeats. It has seem the French lost top spot and they cannot afford anymore slip. But it is asking too much for the Dolphins to take all 3 points from the French as even with 2 win on the trot (thus counting Hougang side as on-form as how often do they do that in their history) they still have problems with putting ball into the net. Their only saving grace is, since the inclusion of Kenji Arai, they have tighten up at the back. A draw will be like a win for the Dolphins. o-o draw

Gombak United vs Tampines Rovers
The Stags face 1 of the toughest assignment as they looked to finish off their season on a high now with a championship crown at the end of it. The Bulls are beatable when matched man to man with the Stags but their strength lie in the fact they do not concede many (as well as scored as few). So the Stags have to score the first goal or find it impossible to break down a Bulls side that will not come out to attack as the match drag on. The Stags need no reminding that the last time they play such a side was the Eastern Derby - where the Eagles is near-replica of the Bulls - and what happen in that match. 1-0 to the Stags (as they need the win and they find a way to score as Khariul and Duric will have to make up for Qiu Li loss.)

Home United vs Young Lions
Nothing have changed for the Protectors. It is still win or bust for while former leaders Etoile FC have slip up, they are still in a better position than the Protectors and the team that took full advantage was the Stags. The Cubs are beatable with the squad the Protectors have. No excuse, they must win. 3-2 win for Home United

Geylang United vs Albirex Niigata (S)
The Eagles found the net twice against soon-to-be-former champions SAFFC and that was a miracle. I am not talking about the win but the fact the Eagles scored twice. Nothing have changed though in my eye about the Eagles that they are a team that valued safety first. The White Swans lacked the experience to break down such a side thus the question is if the Eagles will get a goal. They might as the White Swans do give opponents their chances as they are still learning the trade. The Japanese side could pay the price. 1-0 to the Eagles

Balestier Khalsa vs Gombak United
The Bulls are inconsistent and I do wish to not back them due to that factor. But even they cannot mess up against the free-falling Tigers. Lacked of goals with only 5 goals in their last 12 matches, the Tigers are finding it hard to dug themselves a rescue route from their hole. In the meantime, the Bulls have national forwards Agu and Farzul as well as new-found Nigerian striker Eddoh so they are worth a goal. Surely, they cannot mess this up. 1-0 to the Bulls

Tampines Rovers vs SAFFC
SAFFC could be facing the side that is taking away their crown. They could derail the championship march of the Stags as they do have the strength. However they are not playing anymore near that potential even when they were defeating sides like Albirex Niigata (S) or Beijing Gouan (S) let alone now when they are crashing to defeat after defeat. It is the second tough match up for the Stags this week but if they want to be champions, these are the matches they must (and not will) win. Same answer - Khariul and Duric will have to make up for Qiu Li loss. 3-1 to the Stags.

Burnley Singapore tour Results

Here are Championship side Burnley results during the tour of Singapore where they played 3 matches.

Friendly 1
Burnley FC 5-0 Gombak United

Friendly 2
Burnley FC 5-0 Home United

FIS Asian Challenge Cup
Burnley FC 1-0 Singapore Selection Side (Consist of U23 and Lions players)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

2010 Asia Games Football Draw set for September

About 35 Men's team and 12 Women's team have confirmed their participation in the 2010 Asian Games Football tournament.

The application deadline is set for the end of July.

For the men's tournament, 16 teams (as ranked by the teams performances in Doha 2006) will enter the Group Stage automatically, they are China, Qatar, Iraq, Iran, Korea Republic, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Korea DPR, Bahrain, Kuwait, Japan, Hong Kong, Syria, India, Vietnam, Oman

The remaining 19 teams will play in the qualification round and they will be drawn into 6 groups with the winners of each group along with two of the best runner-up teams entering the Group Stage.

In the Group Stage, the 24 teams will be drawn into 6 groups and the winners of each group and two of the best runner-up teams qualified for the Quarter Finals,

Draw of the Qualification Round will be held in September.

November 7 to November 11 - Qualification Round
Group Stage Starts at November 14
Final to be played at November 25

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Etoile fall to Beijing

Beijing Gouan (S) show they are not here to make the numbers even as they have make 6 changes to the squad in the transfer window.

The Chinese side destroy former leader Etoile FC 3-1 at the Yishun Stadium and Beijing is now edging closer to the top half of the table.

While the Chinese side no longer have top scorer Tan Tiancheng, they have shown they are still a mean side to play against with 4 win from their last 6 matches now.

Goals from Zhang Ye, Jiang Tao and Liu Teng secured the victory for the Yishun-based side with the French only reply coming from Anthony Moulin.

With this defeat, Etoile FC have lost top spot to the Stags with less than under 1/3 of the season to go and every point will count from now onwards for the 3 contenders for the 2010 title.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Duric a hat-trick away from 300 domestic goals as Stags go top

No Qiu Li. No problem for there is still S-league record goal scorer Aleksandar Duric for Tampines Rovers.

The 39-year-old show his value to the club with his 11th goal this campaign and now, he is only a hat-trick away from reaching 300 domestic goals.

At this rate, he could even be able to reach that target before Indra, who need only 1 more to reach 200 domestic goals, as the ex-Lions skipper is out injury after the Eagles match last night.

After all, Qiu Li will be out for a while, no matter what thus
Duric will be the Stags main goal source during this time and the club will be seeking to maximize it to aid their championship hopes.

The Stags next game is against Gombak United next Wednesday which will be telecast LIVE and it will be a good opportunity to get the hat-trick he need to reach 300 domestic goals.

Tampines Rovers
Hassan Sunny (GK), Benoit Croissant, Seiji Kaneko, Akihiro Nakamura, Imran Sahib, Park Yo Seb, (Edward Tan) Aliff Shafaein (C), Shukor Zailan, (Zulkarnaen Zainal) Ismadi Mukhtar, (Jamil Ali) Khairul Amri, Aleksandar Duric

Hope for Tampines and Lions with Qiu Li injury likely to be less serious

There may be good news for both Tampines Rovers and Lions with Qiu Li damage to his knee believed to be less serious than first thought.

Doctors have not been able to confirm from his MRI scans if Qiu Li has ruptured his knee ligaments - a injury which will take 6 months and more to recover as it required surgery.

If he has not, then his recovery will only take between two weeks to two months to heal as he has only torn his meniscus.

By that time line, he can make it for the last stage of the S-league campaign for Tampines Rovers and be able to aid his club and after that, his nation to glory.

The full extent of his injury will be revealed when he goes for an operation tomorrow to repair the torn meniscus.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eagles score their second win in 8 matches

Geylang United took advantage of an underweight Warriors, who were missing 4 regulars - Noh Rahman, John Wilkinson, Ahmad Latiff, Hafiz Osman, to achieve a 2-0 win at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

Korean midfielder Kim Jae Hong and Slovak forward Peter Tomko got the goals for the Eagles.

In the previous two nights, both Young Lions and Sengkang Punggol achieved victory defeating Woodlands Wellington and Beijing by the same scoreline of 1-0 respectively.

Shahfiq Ghani score for the Cubs while Mamadou Diallo score for the Dolphins.

Sengkang Punggol
Fadhil Salim (GK), Ratna Suffian, Kenji Arai, Nor Azli Yusoff (C), Farizal Basri, (Sim Li Ming) Faizal Amir, (An Jae Cheul) Jalal, Duncan Elias, (Ashley Ow) Sobrie Mazelan, Mojtaba Tehranizadeh, Mamadou Diallo


Young Lions
Izwan Mahbud (GK), Irwan Shah, Madhu Mohana, Safuwan Baharudin, (Afiq Yunos) Hafiz Abu Sujad, Luka Savic, Izzdin Shafiq, Hariss Harun (C), Seo Su Jong, (Faris Ramli) Shahfiq Ghani, (Khalili D'cruz) Khairul Nizam

Woodlands Wellington
Fajar Sarib (GK), Winston Yap, Anaz Hadee, Luis Eduardo Hicks, (Azlan Alipah) Nardi Asani, Nigel Vanu, Noor Ali (C), Sazali Salleh, Rachid Lajane, (Guntur Djafri) Azli Mahmud, (Abdelhadi Laakkad) Rizawan Abdullah


Shahril Jantan (GK) (C), Razaleigh Khalik, Syaiful Iskandar, Ivan Lovric, (Zulfiqar Rosli) Hanafi Salleh, Ivan Jerkovic, Rhysh Roshan Rai, (Nurhisham Suhaimi) Mustaqim Manzur, Federico Martinez, (Ruzaini Zainal) Indra Sahdan Daud, Taisuke Akiyoshi

Geylang United
Siddiq Durimi (GK), Walid Lounis, Rastislav Belicak (C), Vasile Ghindaru, Kim Jae Hong, Syed Thaha, Adrian Dhanaraj, (Yasir Hanap) Syed Fadhil, Shah Hirul, (Hafiz Rahim) Masrezwan Masturi, (Hassan Aziz) Peter Tomko

Indonesia set to give Dutchman Indonesian citizenship

After years of accusing Singapore of giving citizenship to footballers, PSSI is now set to give Netherlands-born Sergio van Dijk an Indonesian citizenship in the coming days.

This is no doubt aim at strengthening their squad for the upcoming AFF Cup after their Asian Cup qualifiers humiliation with the Indonesians set to miss the Finals for the first time since 1992.

In addition, Indonesia main striker Bambung is ageing and the Indonesia National team have been looking for his successor for a while now without any success.

With this move, it will give the Indonesian team a good striker, if not a good strike force, as the Indonesian Super Liga is still not producing the next generation of good forwards thus their attack will now fall on the new Indonesian forward shoulder after Bambung is gone.

Serginho van Dijk play for Adelaide United in the A-league.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Qiu Li, a Lion whose injury should concern fans

There are now three Lions who are out injury but none concern me as much as Qiu Li.

Even if the person was Noh Alam Shah, the current favourite of the fans, it will not have worried me as much as Qiu Li and it is not because I do not support Noh who is playing in Indonesia now.

As good as Noh is, he cannot play in the 4-5-1 system I hoped Raddy will return to.

Noh cannot be the pivotal man in the system like Qiu Li thanks to his weakness in term of his (lacked of) touches and (lacked of) passing abilities.

He will be a liability in the 4-5-1 system as he need a partner who can fetch and carry the ball for him.

That is why he has flourished in the Lions team as they have been mainly playing the 4-4-2 system.

But the Lions have struggled in the 4-4-2 system as I have noted back in 2009 after the Bangkok victory.

However, I knew the Lions lacked a pivotal man as Qiu Li cannot represent the Lions until after the ACQ and Duric is nearly 40 now thus he lacked the stamina for such a system.

That why, since then, I have waited anxiously for Qiu Li to return to the Lions fold.

I was expecting to see him make his AFF Cup debut in December and with it, the return of the 4-5-1 system.

Now I am not sure if Raddy will be willing to give 4-5-1 it chance as the rest of the Lions main forward line – Agu, Noh, Frazul and Khariul – consists of players who are more comfortable playing with two forwards.

Looking at the positive on this matter, this expose the weakness of the Lions in term of squad strength and now is the time for FAS to start thinking how we can export the 4-5-1 to our clubs as many of them are still playing with a two forwards line. (Gombak and Tampines etc)

For those who do play with one forward, it is either overly negative (like our ‘attacking’ Geylang United) or the sole forward is a foreigner (SAFFC Uruguayan flop)

So in a way, the Young Lions programme can now be credited as Khariul Nizam is exposed to playing as a sole forward with the Jalan Besar team; which may not happen elsewhere.

Another is Khalili D’cruz, who may have to build up more muscles, and I hope he will be given his chance as the sole forward in future.

They may not be ready for the AFF Cup in December but they can give us the squad strength (2013 is my target for them) if their developments work up well.

Still, the long term plan should be ensuring all S-league clubs adopt the nation style of play like Home United; who has given Raddy another choice with Shahril Ishak as the pivotal man at the Protectors and both club and player are excelling in it. 

So the 4-5-1 may still see it day at AFF Cup thanks to the Bishan club.

Qiu Li could be out for the season

Both Tampines Rovers and the Lions have suffered a terrible blow as forward Qiu Li could be out for the rest of the season.

According to SPH Straits Times, the 29-year-old is believed to have suffered ACL and LCL injuries and such injuries take up to 6 months to recover although it is not surprising if it take as long as 1 year.

It has not only hurt Tampines Rovers championship hopes this season but the Lions hopes in the AFF Cup in December.

The Lions, who have been struggling in the 4-4-2 system, could have played the 4-5-1 system again with Qiu Li as the pivotal man.

Duric, whose age count against him, is the only Lions capable of playing in this system and the Lions coach Raddy could face a tough decision when picking his squad on whether to ask Duric to extend his career by another month.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

S-league Preview

Last week Preview - 3 right and 4 wrong

Young Lions vs Woodlands Wellington
Young Lions captain Hariss Harun is back and well-rested and he could be the key to whether the Cubs go back to their winning ways. Sundram have to show more courage and play the established international in midfield where he can drive the Cubs like last week; when two goals down, he went back to his midfielder role late in the game and nearly inspired an incredible comeback. Hariss Harun is that good and should be given his role at the heart of midfield now when the Cubs need it. If Sundram do that, then picking off the Rams will not be a problem as nobody in the Rams engine room can match Hariss Harun. 3-1 to Cubs (If their skipper play in midfield)

SAFFC vs Geylang United
The Warriors will be shorthanded in attack as both Latiff and Wilkinson had collected their seventh yellow. So the rest of the team will have to step up and be counted. One player looking to do that will be Indra as he must be looking to atone for his penalty miss last week. Is that good enough? I think so as the Warriors still have the likes of Jerkovic, Park, Mustaqim and Taisuke etc and they looked good enough to overpower an Eagles side known more for their defending than attacking. Score first and the Eagles will be beaten. 1-0 to SAFFC

Albirex Niigata (S) vs Tampines Rovers
The Stags will be missing their topscorer Qiu Li but there is still no excuse they cannot win this game. Their squad is still superior to their opponent even without the Lions forward. If they cannot defeat the White Swans, just because Qiu Li is not playing, then they should give up their championship hopes. They are that good even without 1 or 2 of their established players and they need to prove it. 3-1 to Tampines Rovers

Beijing Gouan (S) vs Etoile FC
The Stags should have taken top spot already but no fear for Etoile FC. They can win it back with a win over Beijing and one cannot see them failing. The Chinese side are outmatched for this encounter and the French will get their 3 points. 3-0 to Etoile FC

Sengkang Punggol vs Balestier Khalsa
The Tiger are going through a rut at the moment and need an easy team. Then, the Dolphins game have come in time as like the Rams game, almost, 3 weeks ago, they are beatable and the Tigers have the strength to achieve that outcome. Rivaldo is the key while the Dolphins have none of that. 2-0 to Balestier Khalsa

Woodlands Wellington vs Beijing Gouan (S)
During the last encounter, I had went for Woodlands Wellington due to Abdelhadi Laakkad factor and although it did not work out as the Rams defence generously gave the Chinese side two goals in return, I am willing to pump for the Rams again. First, this is not the same Chinese side as their best players were recruited for their Olympic team. Second, the Rams have shown they can hold out against teams without an established attack and that is Beijing weakness. They no longer have a threat like Tan Tiancheng. So the Abdelhadi Laakkad factor may work out this time round. 2-0 to Woodlands Wellington

Qiu come off the bench to lead Stags to second

Singapore international and Tampines Rovers forward Qiu Li came off the bench in the game against Balestier Khalsa to inspire his team back into second spot.

The 29-year-old scored a brace to kill off the resistance of the Tigers who had held out against the two-time S-league Champions.

With the 2 goals, it also meant Qiu Li has drawn level with Mendy at the top of the goalscorers list at 15 a piece.

But all that also came at a price as Qiu Li was taken off with 4 minutes to go as he re-injured himself.

Now Stags coach Vorawan admitted he might have to let Qiu Li rest a bit more and the forward might not even be on the bench against Albirex Niigata (S) next week in the LIVE Wednesday game.

At this moment though, it still appear to be worth it - until the Albirex game - as the Stags grabe second and with a win next week they can overtake Etoile FC, for 24 hours at least.

Balestier Khalsa
Ahmadulhaq Che Omar (GK), Sofiyan Abdul Hamid, Paul Cunningham, Daniel Hammond (C), K Sathiaraj,
(Mushthafa Kamal) Han Yiguang, Poh Yi Feng, (Syaqir Sulaiman) Nurhilmi Jasni, (Syafiq Zainal) Andrew Tan, Vitor Borges, Rivaldo Costa

Tampines Rovers
Hassan Sunny (GK), Zahid Ahmad, ((Satria Mad) Qiu Li) Jufri Taha, Benoit Croissant, Seiji Kaneko, Akihiro Nakamura, Park Yo Seb, (Khairul Amri) Aliff Shafaein (C), Shukor Zailan, Jamil Ali, Aleksandar Duric

Friday, July 16, 2010

Shahril Ishak steal the show with hat-trick as Home crushed Warriors in Uniform Derby

It was to have been Indra Sahdan night as everything was in place.

He only needed one more goal to reach the figure 200. Second, it was against his former club Home United where he got his 100th back in 2003 and it was the Uniform Derby .

Finally, like in 2003 when he scored a hat-trick, the match was to be telecast LIVE and he could get that all important goal and the nation will be watching it.

But nobody told Shahril Ishak the script as he wrote one for himself.

The Singaporean international stole the show with him scoring a hat-trick and providing the assists for the other two Home goals that saw the Bishan club crushed SAFFC 5-2 at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

It was an amazing individual performance that could have push Home United back into the title race.

Right from the start, Home were the better side and they got the breakthrough after 9 minutes as Shahril Ishak broke the night of another Lions, Shahril Jantan as he rose to head in the opener from a corner; ahead of the Warriors custodian who came out to gather but was beaten to it.

But it was nothing compare to Shahril Ishak second as the 26-year-old broke the offside trap and when one-on-one with the Warriors custodian, he went past him but instead shooting, he stop, as there was two defenders back already, then while choosing his spot and time he chose to dribble past Shahril Jantan again, the Warriors custodian was back on his feet and trying to stop the Home midfielder, and his time, he did shoot and score thus beating the three players trying to stop him.

It was incredible and a testimonial to his skill and abilities which have been talked about since he make his S-league debut back in 2003 with the Young Lions.

After that, Home nearly threw it away at the end of the half as they conceded a penalty and up step Indra Sahdan, who have sized the moment, but the former Lions send his kick wide of the goal and it sum up his night which was overshadow by the brilliance of Shahril Ishak.

If the Warriors thought they could regroup after the break, they were broken after just a minute after the restart as Shahril Ishak speed off on the flank from a through ball and send in a cross that Korean Jun Woo Keun could not miss with the entire goal at his mercy.

But like the period after their second goal, the Protectors lost focus and allowed the Warriors a lifeline as John Wilkinson broke the offside trap to go one-on-one with Lionel Lewis and this Lions was more direct as he blasted the ball past the Home custodian.

However, there was no denying Shahril Ishak his hat-trick and the match ball as he played a wonderful one-two with Korean Jun Woo Keun, who repay Shahril Ishak for his assist.

Shahril Ishak first back fie the ball to Jun who then lifted it over the Warriors backline, with Shahril still running, and the Singaporean was through on goal and he fool Shahril Jantan who may have thought the midfielder may pass but he shoot past the Warriors custodian instead.

It was now 4-1 and you guess it, the Protectors lost focus once again as the Warriors went back up and got a penalty almost immediately.

This time Indra will not take it and it was up to Park Tae Won.

The Korean did not disappoint as he dispatch it into the net.

After all that, one could have thought the excitement will slow down after such a high pace game but it never did and the Warriors and Protectors still went at each other with the game on the edge.

The last word had to come from Shahril Ishak as he broke the Warriors offside trap for the final time in the game and despite having the chance to score a fourth, he set it nicely for Shahdan Sulaiman to get the credit.

Overall though, there was no denying who deserves the biggest credit on the night and it must be Shahril Ishak who looked to have finally justify his abilities and skills this season.

He is now the main man leading the Home title challenge and nobody can dispute that.

Shahril Jantan (GK) (C), Hafiz Osman, (Erwan Gunawan) Syaiful Iskandar, Ivan Lovric, Ahmad Latiff, Noh Rahman, John Wilkinson, Ivan Jerkovic, Park Tae Won, (Mustaqim Manzur) Indra Sahdan Daud, Taisuke Akiyoshi

Home United
Lionel Lewis (GK), Valery Hiek, (Zulfadli Zainal Abidin) Rosman Sulaiman, (Firdaus Kasman) Shi Jiayi, Tengku Mushadad, Chun Jae Woon, Shahril Ishak(C), (Firdaus Idros) Isa Halim, Shahdan Sulaiman, Jun Woo Keun, Choi Chul Woo

Ismail is out for season and face retirement

It is confirmed Home United and Singapore defender Ismail Yunos has suffer ACL, MCL and LCL injuries.

This is a terrible piece of news for the 23-year-old as he is not only out for the season but he may need 6 months (But it take as long as a year as well judging from other players recovery) to recover.

Therefore, the defender is fearfully of his future in the game as by the time he recover, his contract with Home United will be over and the Bishan club may not want to re-sign him as he will not have the time to prove his full recovery.

Other than that, he is fearfully of facing another long road to recovery as the last time he was out, he took nearly 13 months to fully recover and it was the mental torture he fear as he could not do anything like even drinking something as simple as cola during that period.

His club, Home United, meanwhile have offered their support to the player and told him to focus on his recovery.

Bulls triumphed over Eagles in drab game

It was as expected - in it being a drab game - as Gombak United defeated Geylang United 1-0 at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

After all, it was two side that are build up not to lose - not go for win - and the game was played out every bit like what they were build for.

Agu Casmir goal was the only difference.

Gombak United therefore go ahead of Geylang United in the table thank to that result.

In another game on the next night, another drab affair was played out as Woodlands Wellington held out against Albirex Niigata (S) to collect their first point in five games.
Gombak United
Zaiful Nizam (GK), Jaslee Hatta (C), Bah Mamadou, Jeremy Chiang, Obadin Aikhena, Hamqaamal Shah, Goran Subara, (Zulkiffli Hassim) Ruhaizad Ismail, Agu Casmir, (Shafuan Sutohmoh) Park Kang Jin, (Fazrul Nawaz) Eddoh Pascal

Geylang UnitedYazid Yasin (GK), (Hassan Aziz) Jonathan Xu, Rastislav Belicak (C), Vasile Ghindaru, Kim Jae Hong, Syed Thaha, Adrian Dhanaraj, (Yasir Hanap) Syed Fadhil, Shah Hirul,

(Hafiz Rahim) Masrezwan Masturi, Peter Tomko


Woodlands WellingtonFajar Sarib (GK), Winston Yap, Kazuki Yoshino, Anaz Hadee, Luis Eduardo Hicks, Nardi Asani, Nigel Vanu, (Asraf Rashid) Noor Ali (C), (Abdelhadi Laakkad) Guntur Djafril, (Rizawan Abdullah) Rachid Lajane, Azli Mahmud

Singapore Selection side announced for clash against Burnley

National Coach Radojko Avramovic has named a 22-strong squad with a balance of young and experienced players for his Singapore Selection side to take on English side Burnley on Saturday 24 July in the FIS Asian Challenge Cup at Jalan Besar Stadium.

A total of 10 players from the Young Lions have been called up, including captain Hariss Harun, defender Safuwan Baharudin and top scorer Khairul Nizam. Experienced senior internationals such as the likes of Shahril Ishak, John Wilkinson, Shi Jiayi, Khairul Amri, Qiu Li and Agu Casmir are also on the list.

SAFFC custodian Shahril Jantan has been rewarded for his consistent form for the Warriors by earning his first international call-up since the 2004 Tiger Cup.

Avramovic said, “This match is a very good opportunity for us to prepare for the upcoming Asian Games in November. We have included a good mix of players bearing in mind that we are allowed to bring three overage players with us to China. Burnley is a good side and they will provide the players with strong competition.”

Shahril Jantan



Izwan Mahbud

Young Lions


Shahir Hamzah

Sengkang Punggol


Afiq Yunos

Young Lions


Eddie Affendy Chang

Young Lions


Faritz Abdul Hameed

Young Lions


Irwan Shah

Young Lions


Safuwan Baharudin

Young Lions


Yasir Hanapi

Geylang United


Naufal Omar Ashiblie

Home United


Shahdan Sulaiman

Home United


Shahril Ishak

Home United


Shi Jiayi

Home United


John Wilkinson



Hariss Harun

Young Lions


Fairoz Hasan

Young Lions


Zulfahmi Arifin

Young Lions


Agu Casmir

Gombak United


Fazrul Nawaz

Gombak United


Khairul Amri

Tampines Rovers


Qiu Li

Tampines Rovers


Khairul Nizam

Young Lions


Ismail Yunos career could be over

Home United and Singapore defender Ismail Yunos is facing the possibility he may have to retire from the game as he suffer his second terrible injury in as many years.

According to SPH Straits Times, his left knee may have snapped due to the challenge he received in the Albirex Niigata (S) game from their skipper Mitsuki Ichihara and as a result, he may have suffered ACL, MCL and LCL injuries. (In other words, his knee could be gone)

The last time, Ismail suffered a similar type of ACL injury, he took over an entire season to recover and he only make his comeback in April this year.

The 23-year-old may not have even make it as he had consulted six specialists who told him to retire from the game before the seventh operated on him thus saving his career.

Now, he may be unable to tempt fate anymore as he await the MRI scan which will tell him how serious his injury is this time.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Etoile FC pull away with win over Cubs

It that time of the season where 3 points mean everything and draw or loss mean disaster.

That why Etoile FC 2-1 win over the Young Lions will take on more significance than the fact it was the Cubs second defeat in 14 matches at the Cubs Den.

It mean well mean the difference in keeping out Home United out of the title race and, who know, maybe Tampines Rovers as well at the end of the season.

The French certainly knew that and they went for the juggler right from the start with Karim Boudjema and then skipper Matthias Verschave scoring from the start.

They were two goals up in 10 minutes and the Cubs morale must be surely destroyed for let not forget they are a U23 side.

If that was the strategy, then it has clearly worked and the Young Lions have little hope to recover after that.

Khalili D'cruz, who is on a scoring run after hitting in both the two friendly against Myanmar earlier in the month, did it again as he finally notched his first S-league goal in his short career (He only make his debut in the second half of last year)

But it was not enough after the terrible start of the Young Lions and they have to learn from it that conceding goals is bad and if we are talking two, then it is a disaster for we are giving opponents too much of a head start.

Young Lions
Izwan Mahbud (GK),
Afiq Yunos (C), Safuwan Baharudin, Shakir Hamzah, (Irwan Shah) Fazli Ayob, Izzdin Shafiq, (Faritz Abdul Hameed) Nazrul Ahmad Nazari, Hariss Harun (C), Seo Su Jong, (Zulfahmi Arifin) Fairoz Hasan, Khalili D'cruz

FIS Asian Challenge Cup ticket details

FIS Asian Challenge Cup

Singapore Selection vs Burnley FC

Saturday 24 July 2010, 7.30pm

Jalan Besar Stadium

Ticketing Details:

Grandstand : SGD$12.00

Adult Gallery : SGD$6.00

Senior Citizen / Student Gallery : SGD$2.00

July 20-23

Venue: FAS Main Office, #01-02 Jalan Besar Stadium

Time: 12pm to 7pm

July 24

Venue: Jalan Besar Stadium Ticketing Booths - North & South gates

Time: 6pm

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Draw see Home championship hopes hang by a thread

A 2-2 draw with Albirex Niigata (S) at Jurong East have seem Home United championship hopes hang by a thread.

They must now hope the Young Lions, boasted by surely a tired, if not jet-lag, Harris Harun, can pulled off a similar, if not better, result against leaders Etoile FC and even then it may not be good enough as there is also Tampines Rovers.

Therefore this result is the worst possible outcome for Home United who needed the 3 points.

Now, Etoile FC can pulled 6 points away and Tampines Rovers 4 points away and games to pull them back are dwindling.

They can looked back at what might have been but conceding an early goal is bad way to start an away game with Takaya Sugasawa scoring after 21 minutes.

After that,
it took international Shi Jiayi to give them hopes as he pulled them level but with only 10 minutes left.

Left with no choice but to go for it, they conceded a second through Takaya Sugasawa again before an injury-time goal by another international Shahril Ishak rescued a point.

However, just as it was not enough to win this match it looked like it is not enough to win this year championship even as they closed the gap to 3 points now.

Home United
Lionel Lewis (GK), Ismail Yunos (Zulfadli Zainal Abidin), Valery Hiek, Rosman Sulaiman, Shi Jiayi, (Firdaus Kasman) Chun Jae Woon, Shahril Ishak(C), (Sufian Anuar) Isa Halim, Shahdan Sulaiman, Jun Woo Keun, Choi Chul Woo

Saturday, July 10, 2010

S-league Preview

Last week Preview - Got 3 right with 1 perfect score and 3 wrong

Albirex Niigata (S) vs Home United
The White Swans are enjoying a honeymoon period after making changes in the transfer window. But this is Home United who have signaled they are back. 6 wins on the trot along with 6 shutout signal a championship run at a crucial part of the title race. The Protectors cannot failed now as any mistake would mean the front-runners of Etoile FC and Tampines Rovers will pull away. Win or bust. That is the reality they faced and Home must show they can tackle the pressure. 2-1 to Home United

Young Lions vs Etoile FC
The Cubs need Hariss Harun. Short and simple. The French need to win this one. Short and simple again. The outcome therefore could be an Etoile win even if it is at the Cubs Den. 1-0 to Etoile FC

Gombak United vs Geylang United
I am afraid to think about this match because just thinking is already making me sleepy. That how boring I expect this match could become. Two side shy about scoring and both equally ultra-defensive. Nothing else to say. 0-0 draw (before I fall asleep)

Woodlands Wellington vs Albirex Niigata (S)
Another thrashing for the Rams? Not likely as it is Albirex Niigata (S) but a defeat could be expected. Until Abdelhadi Laakkad is back and fit, not recovering or just recover, the Rams have no goal threat. No goal mean no win and if your defence cannot stop leaking goals then it become a defeat. 1-0 to Albirex Niigata (S)

SAFFC vs Home United
Nothing like the Uniform Derby to test Home United championship qualities. If they want their third championship, they need to get past SAFFC. After all, this will be the start of the third round of matches for Home and they do not have the games to recover anymore if they fall as one will expect the front-runners to be in prime condition for the end of the season championship run-in. A champion make fewer mistakes than their opponent and that what Home United cannot afford at this moment as they have used up their 'quotas' months ago. 3-2 to Home United

Balestier Khalsa vs Tampines Rovers
This looked a tough assignment for the Stags as the Tigers are no whipping boys now. In years gone by, it is a guarantee three points. Now, the Stags will have to battle for it and with 12 matches left, there can be no more mistakes like the Eastern Derby draw. The Stags need this win and they have the players to win it. So no excuses even if the Tigers are stronger now than previous years. 3-1 to the Stags

Sengkang Punggol vs Beijing Gouan (S)
The Dolphins have make major changes in the transfer window and likewise the Chinese side. Who will benefit from it more? In theory, it should be the Dolphins as the Chinese lost 6 guarantee first teamers and it included their top scorer. But the Dolphins recruits hardly filled one with confidence. Let say it a draw. 1-1 draw then

Stags close in on Etoile

Two-time Champions Tampines Rovers took full advantage of a slip up by Etoile FC to close the gap at the top to two points.

The Stags make no mistake to destroy the Dolphins 3-0 at the Tampines Stadium.

Akihiro Nakamura, Qiu Li and Khariul Amri got the goals for the Stags as the Dolphins just fell apart.

In other games, the Cubs fell to Beijing Gouan (S) 0-1 at the Yishun Stadium as they felt the loss of skipper Hariss Harun, who is on trial with Shanghai Shenhua, while Geylang United drew 0-0 with Balestier Khalsa at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

Yu Tianzhu scored for the Chinese side.

Tampines Rovers

Hassan Sunny (GK), Zahid Ahmad, Benoit Croissant,
Seiji Kaneko, Akihiro Nakamura, Imran Sahib, Park Yo Seb, (Jufri Taha) Aliff Shafaein (C), (Khairul Amri) Shukor Zailan, (Jamil Ali) Aleksandar Duric, Qiu Li

Sengkang Punggol
Fadhil Salim (GK),
Shahir Hamzah, Ratna Suffian, Kenji Arai, Azfar Zainal Abidin, Nor Azli Yusoff (C), An Jae Cheul, Duncan Elias, (Faizal Amir) Sobrie Mazelan, Mojtaba Tehranizadeh, Mamadou Diallo


Young Lions
Izwan Mahbud (GK), Afiq Yunos (C), Safuwan Baharudin, Shakir Hamzah, Fazli Ayob, (Shahfiq Ghani) Hafiz Abu Sujad, (Madhu Mohana) Faritz Abdul Hameed, Luka Savic, Seo Su Jong, Fairoz Hasan, (Khalili D'cruz) Khairul Nizam


Geylang United
Yazid Yasin (GK), Salim Rahim, Walid Lounis, (Yasir Hanap) Shah Hirul, Rastislav Belicak (C), Adrian Dhanaraj, Vasile Ghindaru, Kim Jae Hong, (Masrezwan Masturi) Syed Fadhil, (Hafiz Rahim) Itimi Dickson, Peter Tomko

Balestier Khalsa

Ahmadulhaq Che Omar (GK), Paul Cunningham, Daniel Hammond (C), K Sathiaraj, Ishak Zainol, (Kamal Nasir) Anantha Rajan, K Vikraman, (Sofiyan Abdul Hamid) Poh Yi Feng, (Andrew Tan) Nurhilmi Jasni, Vitor Borges, Rivaldo Costa

Indra hit 199 as Warriors go on a rampage

It seem like old times again as Indra notched a goal while SAFFC go on a rampage.

After all, this is what happen in the domestic scene in years gone by with the Warriors a dominating force while Indra score goals for fun (for other clubs though)

But the new reality is it was Woodlands Wellington and this Northern club have suffered a thrashing in two of their last three outings and if they were hoping for a better outing at Jalan Besar, they counted their chickens wrongly.

That was why the 4-0 scoreline at the end for the Champions neither falter them nor tell us if the Warriors are back.

But it tell us Indra got his 199 domestic goals after a dry spell with his last goal back one month ago on June 1th against Geylang United.

Now he just need 1 more to reach 200th domestic goals and with the Warriors next opponent Home United, what better team to get that goal as this was the club where Indra got his 100th goal back in 2003 and they are the Warriors arch-rival.

It will be the perfect goal in the prefect setting as Home United former legend Egmar Goncalves knew it as he got his 100th S-league goals against SAFFC back in 2001 with four on the night.

In this match -against Woodlands Wellington - though, Park Tae Won got a brace with Hafiz Osman scoring one as well.

Woodlands WellingtonFajar Sarib (GK), Winston Yap, Shahri Musa (Rizawan Abdullah), Luis Eduardo Hicks, Noor Ali (C), Sazali Salleh, Rachid Lajane, Azli Mahmud, Nardi Asani, Navin Nigel Vanu, Andy Ahmad (Azlan Alipah)

Shahril Jantan (GK) (C), Hafiz Osman
(Razaleigh Khalik), Ivan Jerkovic, Ivan Lovric, Ahmad Latiff Khamarudin, John Wilkinson (Rhysh Roshan Rai), Syaiful Iskandar, Noh Rahman, Indra Sahdan Daud (Mustaqim Manzur), Park Tae Won, Taisuke Akiyoshi

Home marches on as Etoile fall

A resurgent Home United defeated Gombak United 2-0 to close the gap at the top to four points as Leaders Etoile FC fall to a 0-1 defeat against Albirex Niigata (S).

Singapore international Shi Jiayi fired in the opener for the Protectors before newly-recruited Korean Jun Woo Keun notched the second goal to kill off the Bulls.

For Leaders Etoile FC, it was disappointing outing as their defence was once again breached with
Kazuki Kobayashi netted the all-deciding goal and this time the French side failed to breach their opponent defence in return.

That mean the White Swans, along Gombak United, are the only sides to have successfully kept out the French attack twice this season and it impact could have a say at the end of the season.

Home United
Lionel Lewis (GK), Ismail Yunos, Valery Hiek,
(Rosman Sulaiman) Shi Jiayi, Tengku Mushadad, Chun Jae Woon, Shahril Ishak(C), Isa Halim, (Firdaus Idros) Shahdan Sulaiman, (Sufian Anuar) Jun Woo Keun, Choi Chul Woo

Gombak United
Zaiful Nizam (GK),
Jaslee Hatta (C), Bah Mamadou, Jeremy Chiang, Goran Subara, (Zulkiffli Hassim) Ruhaizad Ismail, Fabian Tan, (Hamqaamal Shah) Fazrul Nawaz, Agu Casmir, (Ridhwan Jamaludin) Park Kang Jin, (Chang Jo Yoon) Eddoh Pascal

Singapore Asian Games Team vs Myanmar Results

Singapore Asian Games Team Friendly 1
Myanmar 2-1 Singapore AGT

Scorer - Khalili D' Cruz'

Singapore Asian Games Team Friendly 2
Myanmar 2-1 Singapore AGT

Scorer - Khalili D' Cruz'

Monday, July 5, 2010

AFF site on 2010 AFF Cup is up

The ASEAN FOOTBALL FEDERATION (AFF) website has put up the AFF CUP 2010 site.

It seem title sponsor Suzuki is not extending their term as the Great Recession have hit the Japanese motor industry badly and even Suzuki have not been spared.

After all, it will looked badly on them to be sponsoring anything now at a time they are cutting costs throughout the whole sector.

World Sport Group (WSG) who hold the rights to the AFF Cup should be looking for a new title sponsor and who know, in a few months time, a new title sponsor could be announced.

S-league Preview

Last week Preview - Got 2 right and 5 wrong

Home United vs Gombak United

The Protectors are on a roll and they could win this one. The Bulls are tough but they are beatable and the Protectors have the players to do that. If they are indeed still aiming for the championship, then there is no excuse why they do not go for it at this point. With only about a third of the season to end, they have no choice after their terrible start to the season. 2-1 to Home United

Etoile FC vs Albirex Niigata (S)
The French side are on a roll and they have managed to retain a number of their key players. Therefore, all the White Swans can hope for is a off-day in front of goal by the French strikers like the last time they met. It tough considering the current circumstances and the French could walk away with all three points. 2-0 to Etoile FC

Woodlands Wellington vs SAFFC
The Warriors attack main problem as I have mention is Indra is their top scorer. He is still a good player but no longer a 25-goal player and every championship team need that. As for their new Uruguayan striker, the less I write the better. He is a FLOP. For Erwan Gunawan, no disrespect to him but if the Warriors depend on him, then they will be closer to their opponent than Etoile FC. They need a 25-goal man and Richard Bok have to find him next season. 3-0 to the soon-to-be-dethroned Champions

Tampines Rovers vs Sengkang Punggol
If the Stags cannot defeat the Dolphins then their title hopes are really over. But is it even possible for the Dolphins do even snatch a point from this game? In dreamland, maybe. The squad of the Dolphins is nothing compare to the Stags and the Eastern giant have no right not to collect all three points on offer. 3-0 to the Stags

Beijing Gouan (S) vs Young Lions
After a brilliant period where they collect all the points available, the Cubs are starting to drop points. They are drawing too many games at this point and this could be yet another draw. There look nothing to separate both sides. 1-1 draw

Geylang United vs Balestier Khalsa
The Eagles are still a tough nut to crack. But with Rivaldo, I always believe the Tigers will have a chance to win. The Eagles do not fully utilise Peter Tomko like the Tigers with Rivaldo. That why the Eagles have only score 20 goals compared to the 27 goals for the Tigers. One need goals to win and the Tigers have it in them. 2-1 to the Tigers