Friday, September 30, 2011

Who does S-league CEO represent

I mean looked at who is choosing the new S-league CEO!

Along with that man, the selection panel that decide the new S-League CEO includes former minister and FAS president Professor Ho Peng Kee, president of the Singapore Bowling Federation Jessie Phua and Singapore Sports Council CEO Lim Teck Yin.

Why is Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and Singapore Bowling Federation (SBF) involved but not a single S-league club.

S-league CEO is to run and represent S-league; which are in the interest of the clubs yet they have no say but bowling and SSC have.

SSC, may I remind them, refused to get itself involved in Singapore Athletic Association (SAA) election over two year ago claiming it has no right as this involved those in the sport and SSC as the overseer can only advise.

Worse of all, why bowling?

Does it mean Singapore football can now send people over to oversee one of their many committees as well.

I do not understand the logic.

Maybe this panel is just meant to select one of their own as frankly I only see government people in there and not a single person from the private sector so how can they attract the man from the private sector they claimed they want to hire.

For if they do not want S-league clubs involved as they lacked the connection to get good men for the job but does this panel have it!

For the S-league CEO will be tasked with getting money from private sector so it is good if he come from there and has the connections like Richard Scudmore, BPL CEO, who before getting that post was a media man.

He clearly know the in and out of media and has been able to use it to his and his company advantage as one thing about the running of BPL is how they 'covered' up the negative news whenever it involved their brand - which even other top European league cannot matched.

The issue about debts of BPL is a good example as Scudmore always claim their debts are 'different' from other European league which have fallen foul of it and somehow BPL always has one group of media willing to defend that as a fact even if not all are not as supportive of it.

This is why Scudmore earn his pay and frankly can the S-league CEO earn that pay which is reportedly S$8k a month.

I will wait to pass judgement (as it is only fair) but I wonder how do we get a good CEO as it is unlikely  the panel will have the connection to get men from the sectors Singapore football need.

Mystery solved

Now I know why SSC have not issued a statement about the Today article on JBS expansion.

It does not involved them as FAS will be footing the bill on this one as this new Today report tell us it is FAS who is calling for vendors.

Of course this lead to the million dollar question of how come FAS have money now? (After coming out repeatedly to cry they have no money when it time to spend money on local football)

If you ask me, it is more likely there will be no Courts Young Lions in 3 months time as they need the money even more now.

Afterall even if it is a temporary stand it will cost as least a hundred thousand dollars (including maintenance cost as SSC is not going to foot it since they did not build it) and money do not grow on trees, it has to come from somewhere.

The Chinese saying the lamb fur must come from lamb (literally translated) come to mind.

All this for a temporary stand is not worth it as I can see that stand lasting a year or two before it is torn down and during that time, the maintenance cost will be borne not by FAS but by Singapore next generation in turth. (Reason is FAS will cry even louder they have no money now for local football as all of it is either going to FAM, the Malaysia team or JBS)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

S-league Preview XXIV & XXV (edited for correcting some errors)

Mon 26-Sep Etoile FC - TPUFC (QTN)
Tue 27-Sep SAFFC - Tampines Rovers (CCK)
Wed 28-Sep Home United - CYL (BSN)
Thu 29-Sep Balestier Khalsa - Gombak United (TPY)
Fri 30-Sep Geylang United - Hougang United (JBS)

Mon 3-Oct TPUFC - CYL (QTN)
Mon 3-Oct Hougang United - Balestier Khalsa (QTN)
Tue  4-Oct Woodlands Wellington - Etoile FC (CCK)
Wed 5-Oct Albirex Niigata (S) - Geylang United (JES)
Thu 6-Oct  Hougang United - TPUFC (HGG)
Thu 6-Oct Balestier Khalsa - CYL (TPY)

S-league Preview XXIII - 4 right with 1 perfect score and 3 wrong 

Etoile FC - TPUFC
I wonder what mental state Etoile is in now. Having lost the semi-final of the Singapore Cup, they are doom to finish empty-handed after last season Double and that is a blow. But they have a season to finish and the least their ultras will expect is that the team is a professional (I think they can agree with that). That mean finishing off the Jaguars. 2-0 to Etoile FC

SAFFC - Tampines Rovers
For such games, I have always say to be on the safe side, it is a draw. But not at this point as a draw only benefit their rivals and a winner may have to emerge. It is not easy as both sides are capable of beating the other on their day so who will be the top dog on the day. At this point, I am willing to go with the home side as 1) they have the advantage of the home pitch and at CCK it is a big advantage 2) The Warriors players are less taxed than the Stags for the Stags have the added responsibility of Asia this year 3) The Warriors main players, other than Daniel Bennett, are not national players while the Stags most important attacker Duric is. This is important as the national players are taxed to the max this quarter and when one hear Lionel Lewis being burn out, one know players are also human. 3-1 to SAFFC 

Home United - CYL
8 more games to go and every point count. So it win or bust. The Protectors have no excuse why they cannot get full point as even their second team could take on the Cubs. Also it is not played at the artificial pitch of JBS so that is another plus for them. At the same time, the Cubs have no advantage of a good rest as they battled in Vietnam in the same week Home was playing in the Singapore Cup. Clearly all the advantage are with the home side. 3-0 to Home 

Balestier Khalsa - Gombak United 
The Bulls are a side capable of finishing in the top half yet they can easily fail to reach that target. This is the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde side of the Bulls. One just do not know if they are mentally prepared for the challenge. Darren Stewart cannot keep hiding behind the undeniable fact they have lost good players over the last two seasons as he has been given his own sweet time to build a side in his own image. He must show he is a good a coach as anybody in the league and for this season, it mean a top half finish. They have the squad to to do that. 3-1 to Gombak

Geylang United - Hougang United
 The Eagles have kept the nucleus of the side for a while now and one can see they are ready to reap it reward which is a top half finish once again (4 time in last 5 seasons). It may not seem like much but for Geylang it is only the start of a climb (A very long climb) back to being a force in the S-league. What is clearly handicapping them is the U23 policy as they cannot reap the benefit of their youngsters like in 03 thus they have to go the long way of building a side with players who are not as 'desired' (Khalili D'Cruz etc). It is a tough road to ply. 3-2 to Geylang 

Out of the 10 points the Jaguars won this season, 8 have come from the Cubs and the Rams. This show the Jaguars can take on this two teams as both lacked the killer touch to trouble the Clementi side; who have good foreign recruits. The Jaguars could be collecting their points again from the Cubs again. 2-1 to Jaguars

Hougang United - Balestier Khalsa
The games are coming in thick and fast for Hougang and I am not sure they have the squad to deal with it. After a 3-day rest, they do battle again and this is their 6th games in 22 days. Not even the Big 3 squad will be able to deal with it, in my opinion, let alone Hougang. The Tigers could well take advantage of that. 2-1 to Balestier 

Woodlands Wellington - Etoile FC
Can the Stars not win this one? Surely if they cannot do that, we know their mind is gone and that they are cruising towards the end of the season which is not the professional thing to do. They have commented they are a professional side then this is the time to show it. 2-0 to Etoile 

Albirex Niigata (S) - Geylang United 
A tough game for the White Swans as the Eagles are 1 of the side capable of derailing their title challenge. Indeed the Eagles could have ended the White Swans League Cup dream had they hold out for another few more moment. Since then, the Eagles have got stronger and this time there is no extra-time for Albirex to win full point to continue their challenge. With the Big 3 having games in hand, they can slip up and Albirex can only, at best, catch up with them but if Albirex slip, it could be the end. 2-2 draw 

Hougang United - TPUFC
Another game in a crazy month for Hougang and they must have expended all their round by now. The Jaguars must hope so as Hougang is no easy place to visit to win a point or more. But it could well be the case as the Jaguars targets are easy to achieve which is any point gain this season is a win. So they do not need more than a point and I can see doing that. 1-1 draw 

Balestier Khalsa - CYL
The Tigers can still climb out of the bottom 3 and they can do that if they beat the Cubs. Surely coach Salim Moin do not hoped his players are happy with their current position and the players proved there is still hunger and desire in them. This is the least expected of them as one is not asking to win anything other than this match so they still can climb out of the bottom 3. It is not asking for the sky. 2-1 to Tigers

2011 Ho Chi Minh City Football Tournament Results

Singapore U23 0-3 Aspire Academy U17
Singapore U23 0-3 South Korea University team
Singapore U23 1-2 Vietnam U23

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Albirex reach second Final this year

After reaching the League Cup Final and winning it, Albirex Niigata (S) have reached their second Final this year after defeating a stubborn Hougang United 5-4 overall.

The White Swans looked well on their way to the Final in the first leg as they got a two goal in the first period through Norihiro Kawakami, who scored a brace, but the Cheetahs showed the fighting spirit that have accompanied them this season by fighting back.

First Sobrie Mazelan pulled a goal just before the break and then in the second period Syaqir Sulaiman got the Cheetahs back on level term just 10 minutes before the end of the game to break the White Swans heart.

The second leg was no different as Albirex Niigata (S) took the lead in the game through Shotaro Ihata but Hougang United refused to die as the script demanded.

Basit Hamid, who came on as a sub, got the equaliser through an indirect freekick in the last 15 minutes after the Cheetahs had missed a penalty earlier in the game.

Neither side could get the winner in the remaining time thus extra-time was needed.

Yosuke Saito got the White Swans ahead again in that period but once again the Cheetahs came back as Sobrie Mazelan pulled the Cheetahs back on level term with 5 minutes to go.
That was when the Cheetahs make the mistake of the game as with a man advantage, with Albirex top scorer red-carded Shotaro Ihata, they went for the kill and left themselves short at the back.

The White Swans got their winner through a quick counterstrike as Hougang United lost the ball in midfield and with a 3on 3 situation, a pass found Yosuke Saito with space and time to take into the box and fired it into the top corner.

There was no coming back after this as Albirex reached their first ever RHB Singapore Cup Final. 

Hougang United
Fadhil Salim (GK), Lau Meng Meng, Syaqir Sulaiman (Eddie Chang), Shariff Samat (C), Shahril Alias, Ratna Suffian (Sobrie Mazelan), Azhar Sairudin, Jordan Webb, Carlos Delgado, Noor Ali, Diego Oliviera (Basit Hamid)
Hougang United
Ridzuan Hasan (GK), Lau Meng Meng, Syaqir Sulaiman (Raymond Kwa), Shahril Alias, Fathi Yunus, Ratna Suffian, Azhar Sairudin, Jordan Webb, Fazli Jaffar (Sobrie Mazelan), Noor Ali (C),  Diego Oliviera (Basit Hamid)

Home reached Singapore Cup Final after 6-year absence

Home United have reached the RHB Singapore Final after defeating Etoile FC 2-1 in the semi-final.

The first leg have ended 1-1 with Sherif El-Masri getting the goal for the Protectors while Sirina Camara got the goal for the Stars.

In the second leg, Frederic Mendy got the all-important winner as the Protectors defeated Etoile FC 1-0. 

Home United
Lionel Lewis (GK), Kenji Arai, Juma'at Jantan (C), Valery Hiek, Rosman Sulaiman, Abdil Qaiyyim (Nor Azli Yusoff), Isa Halim, Firdaus Idros (Sufian Anuar), Masrezwan Masturi, Frederic Mendy, Sherif El-Masri 
Home United
Lionel Lewis (GK), Kenji Arai, Juma'at Jantan (C), Valery Hiek, Rosman Sulaiman, Abdil Qaiyyim (Sufian Anuar), Nor Azli Yusoff (Shi Jiayi), Isa Halim, Masrezwan Masturi, Frederic Mendy, Sherif El-Masri (Zulfadli Zainal Abidin)

Tampines and Home win

Tampines Rovers and Home United won their respective matches to stay as the forerunners of the S-league challengers.

Tampines Rovers defeated Woodlands Wellington 4-0 while Home United won 3-0 against TPUFC.

In the Stags match, Aleksandar Duric notched a hat-trick with Benoit Croissant also contributing. In the Protectors match, Frederic Mendy and Valery Hiek (2) got the goals.

In another match, Hougang United and Courts Young Lions drew 1-1 with Diego Oliviera getting the goal for the Cheetahs while the Cubs goal came from Haniff Sadique.

Ridhuan Barudin (GK), Kim Seong Kyu (C), Arisman Arman, Delwinder Singh, Sudhershen Hariram, Cyril Bagnost, Azlan Alipah, Nurizam Azman, Gary Loo, Abdul Rahman (Justin Khiang), Hafiz Nor (Shamil Sharif)
Home United
Lionel Lewis (GK), Kenji Arai, Juma'at Jantan, Valery Hiek, Abdil Qaiyyim (Faizal Samad), Shi Jiayi (C) (Rosman Sulaiman), Isa Halim, Firdaus Idros, Frederic Mendy, Sufian Anuar (Masrezwan Masturi), Sherif El-Masri
Woodlands Wellington
Ang Bang Heng (GK), Fumiya Kobayashi (Farhan Hairoddin), Duncan Elias, Munier Raychouni, Madhu Mohana, Syed Karim (Darrel Tan), Jalal, Sazali Salleh (C), Han Yiguang (Moon Soon Ho), Hyun Jong Woon, Goh Swee Swee 

Tampines Rovers
Yohann Lacroix (GK), Jufri Taha, Benoit Croissant, Seiji Kaneko, Fahrudin Mustafic, Firdaus Kasman,  Ahmad Latiff (Ahmed Fahmie), Akihiro Nakamura, Imran Sahib (Ali Hudzaifi), Ismadi Mukhtar (Jamil Ali), Shukor Zailan, Aleksandar Duric (C) 
Hougang United
Fadhil Salim (GK), Syaqir Sulaiman, Shariff Samat (C), Shahril Alias, Azhar Sairudin, Fazli Jaffar (Lau Meng Meng), Basit Hamid (Noor Ali), Sobrie Mazelan (Jordan Webb), Aqhari Abdullah, Diego Oliviera, Vitor Borges

Courts Young Lions 
Jasper Chan (GK), Afiq Yunos (C), Shahir Hamzah, Hafiz Abu Sujad (Abdul Hadi), Zulfahmi Arifin (Shahdan Sulaiman), Faris Ramli, Nazrul Ahmad Nazari (Fazli Ayob), Emmeric Ong, Nigel Vanu, Fairoz Hasan, Haniff Sadique 

Albirex charge stalled

Albirex Niigata (S) charge up the S-league table have been halted by Courts Young Lions.

Before this game, the White Swans have won 11 of their last 12 games - which include rivals like Home United and Etoile FC - to climb up the S-league table but with this 1-1 draw, it give the White Swans rivals a chance to open a gap with both Tampines and Home having two games in hand as well as the leadership of the S-league.

Shahdan Sulaiman had scored for the Cubs while Tatsuro Inui scored for the White Swans.

On the same night while the White Swans stumbled, the Warriors did not as they defeated Balestier Khalsa 3-1 to continue to bite at both Tampines Rovers and Home United feet.

The hero was once again their inspirational Croatian forward Mislav Karoglan as he notched a brace especially the second one which showed his class as he beat several defenders and midfielders on his way to firing in the goal.

Fazrul Nawaz scored the Warriors third goal while Mark McGough reply for the Tigers.

As for the mid-table battle, Gombak United kept up their chances of a top half finish with a 2-1 defeat of Geylang United.

Jeremy Chiang and Chang Jo Yoon got the goals for the Bulls.

For Hougang United, their chances of a top half finish looked slim after their 1-3 defeat against Etoile FC.

Kamel Chaaouane (2) and Sirina Camara scored for the Stars while Noor Ali scored for the Cheetahs.

Hougang United
Fadhil Salim (GK), Lau Meng Meng, Syaqir Sulaiman, Shariff Samat (C), Ratna Suffian, Eddie Chang (Aqhari Abdullah), Jordan Webb, Fazli Jaffar (Diego Oliviera), Sobrie Mazelan (Carlos Delgado), Noor Ali, Vitor Borges
Gombak United  
Zaiful Nizam (GK), Jaslee Hatta (C), Hamqaamal Shah, Jeremy Chiang, Ismail Yunos, Obadin Aikhena, Walid Lounis, Tengku Mushadad, Park Kang Jin (Ridwan Jamil), Jung Hee Bong, Chang Jo Yoon (Ridhwan Jamaludin)

Geylang United
Yazid Yasin (GK) (C), Sofiyan Abdul Hamid, Adrian Dhanaraj (Mubarak Ahamad), Daniel Hammond, Syed Fadhil, Jeon Byung Euk, Kim Jae Hong, Shah Hirul (Zul Elhan Fahmi), Syed Thaha (Hassan Aziz), Nakano Yuta, Hafiz Rahim
Balestier Khalsa
Ahmadulhaq Che Omar (GK), Anaz Hadee (Armanizam Dolah), Paul Cunningham (C), K Sathiaraj, Vahid Bogucanin, Ishak Zainol, K Vikraman (Hilmi Azman), Poh Yi Feng, Andrew Tan (Shamsurin Abd Rahman), Kim Young Kwang, Mark Kevin McGough

Shahril Jantan (GK) (C), Shaiful Esah, Hafiz Osman, Bah Mamadou, Daniel Bennett, Syaiful Iskandar (Fazrul Nawaz), Ivan Jerkovic (Rhysh Roshan Rai), Goran Subara, Taisuke Akiyoshi, Mislav Karoglan, Indra Sahdan (Noh Rahman)
Courts Young Lions 
Jasper Chan (GK), Irwan Shah (C), Shahir Hamzah (Emmeric Ong), Abdul Hadi, Al-Qaasimy Abdul Rahman, Fazli Ayob, Hafiz Abu Sujad, Ruzaini Zainal, Zulfahmi Arifin (Fairoz Hasan), Shahdan Sulaiman, Safirul Sulaiman (Afiq Yunos)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

True or False?

That is my belief regarding  the story broke out by TODAY on Jalan Besar Stadium expansion.

Frankly I do not want to be negative for the sake of it but in that story there was not a single statement from the most important stakeholder - Singapore Sport Council.

This is important as they will be the one paying the bills for any expansion and unless they confirm it, all that talks is just PR from FAS for just a few days earlier, FAS deny that it has a plan for expanding any stadium.

And this is not the first time I read a story on stadium expansion as let remember just a few months back that man at FAS was in the news (as he always does when he want to give 'good news' but never bad ones as take note the one answering in those are always his men) with Straits Times quoting him as saying talks on Toa Poyah was 'going well' and with Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) 'support', he expect SSC to approve it.

But since then, not a word so we know it is died and buried so that why he has never mention it.

After all, Etoile FC at least has a letter from SSC so they can build a clubhouse but what do you have other than your words (which is not worth much considering your record)

At the same time, he may like to mention Tampines Stadium which is not selected for expansion but rather to be a shopping centre (or Life Hub as called by them) by People Association (PA) and it would have help Singapore football more to know if whether this was happening.

But we know he will never answer this question but to lose Tampines stadium even if JBS is expanded is a loss not a win. 

Lastly it is no help to Singapore football to only expand only one stadium just as Esplande is of little help to Singapore Art with them struggling to develop a niche outside the few who really appreciate them.

So it much better if that man get down to real work and answer some really questions like telling everybody if Courts Young Lions will be in S-league or will it be culled so you can steal the money for your Malaysia team and pay FAM as Courts $1million sponsorship is no doubt delicious.

S-league cannot keep waiting for you to have time to deliver the good news so you can get PR as it is nearly a year since you claim you will give S-league more money but you refused to tell anybody if you really have the money. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

S-league Preview XXIII

Mon 12-Sep Etoile FC - Hougang United (QTN)
Tue 13-Sep Gombak United - Geylang United (JWS)
Wed 14-Sep Balestier Khalsa - SAFFC (TPY)
Wed 14-Sep CYL - Albirex Niigata (S) (JBS)
Thu 15-Sep TPUFC - Home United (CMT)
Fri 16-Sep Woodlands Wellington - Tampines Rovers (JBS)
Sat 17-Sep Hougang United - CYL (HGG)

S-league PreviewXXI & XXII - 10 right with 2 perfect score and 5 wrong 

Etoile FC vs Hougang United
I am not sure the French are in the right frame of mind to play this game. They will be more focus on the Singapore Cup a week later as frankly that represent their best chance of a trophy this season. Of course, this could well be the case for Hougang as well but the difference is expectation as Hougang is already experiencing one of the best season ever so they can go into Singapore Cup with the least pressure. 2-1 to Hougang 

Gombak United vs Geylang United 
This game will give the winner the best chance to cement a place in the top half. At this point, I think the Eagles have the better chance as they are in the form of the season. They can more than take on Gombak United and defeat them. 3-1 to Geylang 

Balestier Khalsa vs SAFFC
The Warriors have hit 14 goals in their last 3 games without reply from the other sides. While for the Tigers, they have not won in their last 5 games and only once in their last 10. This is the form of a side in trouble and meeting the Warriors now looked a forgone result. 3-0 to SAFFC

CYL - Albirex Niigata (S)
Albirex Niigata (S) is the team to win this game and rightly so. Let be honest, the White Swans are fighting for the crown for a reason so they are good. They can defeat the Cubs and I see no reason to see otherwise. 2-0 to Albirex Niigata (S) 

TPUFC vs Home United
Home United are suffering because of the WCQ as their best players are called up to the National Team. This is taking a toll on the Bishan side as some of their regulars are playing when half-fit but luckily for this game, the Protectors squad can come into effect as surely their second-stringers can take on the Jaguars and come out with all 3 points. It is the least the squad of Home United are expected or else why will Home United spend so much money to build a squad. 2-0 to Home United 

Woodlands Wellington vs Tampines Rovers
The Stags will not mess this up as even without 3 regulars last week and a team hit by the toll of the WCQ, the Stags still found it in itself to defeat the Jaguars. The Rams are, at best, only slightly better than the Jaguars and they will find it hard to take on the the Stags who, now, welcome back their 3 regulars and a team that is better-rested than last week.

Hougang United - CYL
Believed this game will not be as important as the next two one for Hougang. It is the Singapore Cup semi-final so Hougang will surely want their best players to be fit. A draw will then suit both sides as at this point, both sides will be satisfied with their season. 1-1 draw

Albirex open their new clubhouse

Albirex Niigata (S) have open their new clubhouse


NEW Clubhouse Opening from 1 Sep (Thu)!

Have fun in the Electronic Games, Table Soccer, reading, gallery etc.

■Opening Hours: 10am-10pm
■Location:  Jurong East Stadium, 4th floor (MAP)
                (Nearest MRT Station Chinese Garden, 5 mins walk 
■Phone: 6334 0511

How to become a Clubhouse Member 
-  Membership is open to persons 18 years old and above.
-  Membership fees are as follows:
     1-year membership: S$10
     2-year membership: S$18
     3-year membership: S$25
-  Please produce your IC/Passport/Employment Pass when submitting your application for membership.

Jackpot Room 
-  Access to and use of the Jackpot Room is strictly restricted by law to Albirex FC(S) Clubhouse members aged 18 years old and above.
-  Members must produce their valid membership card to enter the Jackpot Room.

Dress Code 
-  No Shorts(Bermuda and three quarter are OK)
-  No Slippers
-  No Singlets
-  Exercise goers are advised to change from sweaty outfit to clean ones before entering the clubhouse.

To Supporters Club Members 
Current members of Albirex FC (S) Supporters Club (18 years old and above) will be automatically registered as Albirex FC(S) Clubhouse members, subject to eligibility criteria and management approval.

Please produce your Albirex FC(S) Supporters Club membership pass when you use clubhouse for the first time to be issued the Albirex FC(S) clubhouse membership card.

Etoile set to ink deal for clubhouse

Etoile FC is set to have their own clubhouse in Queenstown soon.

Etoile chairman Hicham Moudden have the letters of acceptance and approval from Singapore Sports Council (SSC) officials to finalise details on the clubhouse lease when he emerged from their meeting at SSC headquarters in Kallang.

Moudden said: "We're just looking over the contract details and hope to sign the lease by the end of this month.

"Once we have everything ready we will make an announcement ... and we aim to start renovations before the start of the 2012 season."

The proposed 30,000 sq ft facility at Queenstown Stadium featured a restaurant, gym, a sports bar and roof-top astroturf pitches for small-sided football games.

Albirex and Warriors close gap on Home and Tampines

As the S-league march down to it final 3 months, it looked like a four-horse race has developed as Albrex Niigata (S) and SAFFC closed the gap on duo leaders Tampines Rovers and Home United.

Home United was unable to shake off the effect of the international break as most of their regulars were involved with the national team and not helping, they also missed the services of 16-goal Mendy and defensive midfielder Isa Halim due to suspension.

With the national players also returning half-injured like Lionel Lewis, Qiu Li and Shi JiaYi, it looked like Home is in trouble.

Albirex Niigata (S) took full advantage with their rest squad as they crushed the Protectors 4-0 with goals from Tatsuro Inui, Ryuta Hayashi, Shimpei Sakurada and Kunihiro Yamashita.

A day later, SAFFC also took advanatge as they crushed Woodlands Wellington 7-0 to close the gap to 4-point at the top.

Fazrul Nawaz, Taisuke Akiyoshi (2), Mislav Karoglan (2) and Indra Sahdan were the scorers. One of the goals also include an own goal.

For one other match, Gombak United defeated Courts Young Lions 1-0 at Jalan Besar.

Jung Hee Bong continue to look a different player at Gombak as he notched  the winner.

Home United
Lionel Lewis (GK), Kenji Arai, Juma'at Jantan, Valery Hiek, Rosman Sulaiman, Shi Jiayi (C), Nor Azli Yusoff (Faizal Samad), Firdaus Idros, Masrezwan Masturi (Sufian Anuar), Qiu Li (Asraf Rashid), Sherif El-Masri 
Shahril Jantan (GK) (C), Hafiz Osman (Razaleigh Khalik), Bah Mamadou, Daniel Bennett, Noh Rahman, Ivan Jerkovic (Rhysh Roshan Rai), Goran Subara, Taisuke Akiyoshi, Fazrul Nawaz (Indra Sahdan), Mislav Karoglan, Erwan Gunawan (Syaiful Iskandar)

Woodlands Wellington
Ang Bang Heng (GK), Fumiya Kobayashi (Oswind Suriya), Duncan Elias, Sahairi Ramri (Syed Karim), Munier Raychouni, Madhu Mohana, Jalal, Sazali Salleh (C), Hyun Jong Woon, Goh Swee Swee (Darrel Tan), Moon Soon Ho 
Courts Young Lions 
Jasper Chan (GK), Afiq Yunos, Irwan Shah (C), Abdul Hadi, Al-Qaasimy Abdul Rahman (Emmeric Ong), Fazli Ayob, Hafiz Abu Sujad, Ruzaini Zainal, Zulfahmi Arifin (Fairoz Hasan), Shahdan Sulaiman, Safirul Sulaiman 

Gombak United
Zaiful Nizam (GK), Jaslee Hatta (C), Hamqaamal Shah, Jeremy Chiang, Ismail Yunos, Walid Lounis, Tengku Mushadad, Park Kang Jin (Ridwan Jamil), Fareez Farhan (Zulkiffli Hassim), Jung Hee Bong, Chang Jo Yoon (Ridhwan Jamaludin)

Tampines go top with win

Tampines Rovers reached the top of the table after the international break with a 1-0 win over TPUFC.

Aleksandar Duric notched the winner.

As for champions Etoile FC, their title hopes are over as they go down 7-2 to Albirex Niigata (S).

With this defeat, the Champions are 14 points behind new leader Tampines Rovers with only 1 game in hand.

It looked like an insurmountable job as even Tampines Rovers falter, there is Home United, Albirex Niigata (S) and SAFFC on hand to take advantage.

Shotaro Ihata scored a hattrick while Tatsuro Inui got a brace with the remainder coming from Kunihiro Yamashita and Bruno Castanheira.

Sirina Camara and Aly Doumbouya scored for the French side.

In one other match, Geylang United staged an amazing comeback to defeat Balestier Khalsa 3-2 at Bedok.

At one point, the Tigers were two goals ahead thanks to  Andrew Tan and Kim Young Kwang.

But the stage for the comeback was set when Hafiz Rahim scored from the spot just minutes after the Tigers had taken the two-goal lead.

Syed Fadhil and then Eagles new sentential forward Yuta Nakano notched the second and third goal of the match to overcome the Tigers. 

Geylang United
Yazid Yasin (GK) (C), Sofiyan Abdul Hamid, Jonathan Xu (Mubarak Ahamad), Daniel Hammond, Syed Fadhil, Hassan Aziz (Shah Hirul), Jeon Byung Euk, Kim Jae Hong, Syed Thaha, Nakano Yuta, Hafiz Rahim (Rizawan Abdullah) 

Balestier Khalsa
Joey Sim (GK), Anaz Hadee, Paul Cunningham (C), Vahid Bogucanin, Ishak Zainol, Ridhwan Osman (Nurhilmi Jasni), K Vikraman, Poh Yi Feng, Andrew Tan, Kim Young Kwang, Mark Kevin McGough
Tampines Rovers
Yohann Lacroix (GK), Jufri Taha, Benoit Croissant, Seiji Kaneko, Firdaus Kasman (Ali Hudzaifi), Akihiro Nakamura, Ismadi Mukhtar, Jamil Ali (Zahid Ahmad), Shukor Zailan, Aliff Shafaein (Ahmed Fahmie), Aleksandar Duric (C) 

Ridhuan Barudin (GK), Kim Seong Kyu (C), Arisman Arman (Sudhershen Hariram), Delwinder Singh, Kim Jong Oh, Cyril Bagnost, Takaya Kawanabe, Azlan Alipah, Nurizam Azman (Taufiq Rahmat), Gary Loo, Hafiz Nor

Iraq defeat Singapore as another penalty decision go against Lions

Iraq defeat Singapore 2-0 in the World Cup Qualifiers after yet another penalty decision go against Lions when the game was in the balance.

With Iraq in the lead, Singapore had a valid call for a penalty as Hafiz Rahim was hacked from the back when he was set to take a shot in the box and the Iraqi defence in chaos at that point.

Unfortunately, Japanese referee Tojo Minoru refused to acknowledge it and the Lions missed a golden chance to level the game.

Iraq will then go on to win the game 2-0 and take all 3 points.

World Cup Qualifier (Asia Zone) Group Stage
Singapore 0-2 Iraq

Singapore: Lionel Lewis, Daniel Bennett, Safuwan Baharudin, Shaiful Esah, Juma’at Jantan, Mustafic Fahrudin, Isa Halim (Shahdan Sulaiman 81’), Shahril Ishak(C), Hafiz Rahim (Shi Jiayi 57’), Aleksandar Duric, Qiu Li (Fazrul Nawaz 45’)

Monday, September 5, 2011

S Murali (Edited)

Saw this on Liga Singapura but I do not expect Hougang United to be given a fair verdict by the mass media and as a result, most Singaporean will be accepting of what the mass media write.

I think the comments by civotarum weeks ago in the Kallangroar forum panned this out.

Same type of incident but praises for the Portuguese for going out and attacking a fellow staff on the opposite side.

sports editor? what a joke!

im refering to his article on mourinho on friday's tnp

of course! mourihno is giving spanish football life.. fights and scuffle are results of passion and desire to win, it makes the game interesting.. and that is why he gets up at 4am just to watch mourihno's antics on television..

guys, he has already marked dec 11 and april 22 on his calendar to see more fights between real and barca, he cant wait..

on the other hand, fights or scuffles (from nas vs bennett to yl vs bg to hougang vs etoile) in sleague is embarassing, disgraceful and hooliganism. I dont see Mr Murali suggesting that the sleague is interesting, exciting and competitive due to the fights/scuffle

(personally, i watched some of real vs barca matches in the champs league and king's cup last season, and find it absolutely distasteful/disgraceful the behaviour of both sets of players, going down theatrically. 4-5 players surrounding the referee complaining, whining and pressuring the referee to hand out a card at every challange.)

Unfortunately Singapore do not have the type of checks on the media on themselves like the Guardian and the Sun etc.

This is seem by the Shin Min chief editor car incident years ago; with Today claim they were the only one covering the news. 

It looked like SPH are not doing their job but do one expect any differently as ultimately, all the other chief editors of other papers (under SPH) will not want to be seem 'attacking' their fellow colleagues in the same company for UK New of the World was not brought down by it own company papers but from outside (It was the expose from Guardian that ended the NOTW)

And Wilkleaks has shown how powerful SPH Singapore editors are (And I have always commented that SPH sport editors are not as weak as some believed and that why the likes of ex-SPH man like Jeffery Low etc were so powerful) for let not forget SPH do control over 90% of Singapore mass print media which ultimately most Singaporean still get their news.

That why the likes of TNP sport editor S Murali can be so biased without any fear as Straits Times will not say anything as they are from the same company while TODAY is a portion owned by SPH.

And he has openly showed it as he has basically told the world he will support the Malaysian project while continuing to neglect S-league which they will only report negative news about.

The proof from civotarum again as quoted in the sport editor own words.

And here is a promise: From this day on, The New Paper will be your Malaysia Cup guide.

We will bring you all the stories that matter, all the colour, all the goals, all the passion.

Just like in years past, we will leave no stone unturned in our quest to give unrivalled coverage of the tournament that should grip the attention of the nation.

Has Mr S Murali promised such help?

I believed the answers are out there already with the different treatment. 

Ex. TNP is printing the Roars papers but Mr S Murali as the main man of TNP sport section has not written in it.

Surely there is no excuse as how can the main man of the paper not have a section in it other than the fact he does not want to do it and the Roars was done only for the sake of doing it. 

Hougang defeat Champions in rematch

Hougang United defeated Champions Etoile FC 2-1 in the rematch of the abandoned match a few month ago.

Brazilain forward Vitor Borges gave the Cheetahs the lead in the first half before Etoile FC pulled it back in the second period from a setpiece.

Selim Kaabi scored as the Cheetahs were unable to match the Frenchmen in the box as a corner was sworn in thus allowing Kaabi to nod home from close range.

But from their own set piece moments later, the Cheetahs took the lead again thank to Azhar Sairudin who took advantage of the Stars inability to clear the ball.

Azhar pounced on the loose clearance off a free kick and evaded a challenge before firing in with the outside of his right boot to give the Cheetahs winner. 

Hougang United
Fadhil Salim (GK), Lau Meng Meng, Shariff Samat (C), Ratna Suffian, Azhar Sairudin (Eddie Chang), Jordan Webb, Faizal Amir, Sobrie Mazelan (Diego Oliviera), Carlos Delgado (Aqhari Abdullah), Noor Ali, Vitor Borges

Saturday, September 3, 2011

China defeat Spore thanks to controversial penalty decisions

China defeated 2-1 Singapore in the World Cup qualifiers after a controversial penalty gave the Chinese the chance to level the game.

Up to that point, Singapore was holding out against the Chinese and was on the way to a famous victory on Chinese soil.

Aleksandar Duric had given Singapore the lead in the first half as he intercepted a pass from China’s skipper Li Weifeng and set Qiu Li free on the counter-attack. With a two on two situation, Qiu Li feigned to take a shot several time but instead of shooting, the Home United forward teed Duric up to place the ball home.

The Chinese side  then started to pile on the pressure against the Lions but could find no breakthrough.

Up until Lebanese referee Andre El Habbab step in as I can accept the first one but if the second penalty was given then in every game, there must be at least one penalty per minute for Shaiful Esah cannot be deemed to have foul Yu  Dabao at all. (Other than in the Chinese and the Lebanese referee eyes)

For if that was a spot-kick, then what happen in the box just minutes later, immediately after China second goal, must be one as well as Li Weifeng totally missed the ball and hacked down Duric in the box.

It was no wonder Raddy had to protest the Lebanese referee 'impartial' reading of the game and should have never be send off for if it was anybody that need to go to the stand, it was the referee.

China boasted by the referee help went on to win the game.

World Cup Qualifier (Asia Zone) Group Stage
China 2-1 Singapore

Goalscorers: Aleksandar Duric (30') 

Singapore: Izwan Mahbud (Lionel Lewis 54’), Daniel Bennett, Safuwan Baharudin, Shaiful Esah, Juma’at Jantan, Mustafic Fahrudin, Isa Halim (Shahdan Sulaiman 84’), Shahril Ishak(C), Shi Jiayi (Hafiz Rahim 64’), Aleksandar Duric, Qiu Li

Thai and Spore play to a draw

Thailand and Singapore played out a goalless draw in an international friendly tune-up at the Rajamangala Stadium.

The match was important preparation for both sides as Thailand play Australia while Singapore take on China on September 2 in the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

Singapore coach Raddy Avramovic said: "This is not the first time Thailand and Singapore played each other and both countries know each other well. I believe that this game is important for both of us as we prepare for the China game while the Thais will play Australia in the World Cup Qualifiers.

"It was an exciting and competitive game where both teams had chances. In the first half, we had more opportunities but they had chances in the second-half as well. It will be a difficult game against China as they have some quality players, but we will go to Kunming and do our best and play our own game."

The Lions will now proceed to Kunming on August 26 to continue their preparations.

International Friendly
Thailand 0-0 Singapore
Singapore: Izwan Mahbud (GK) (Lionel Lewis), Shaiful Eash, Daniel Bennett, Safuwan Baharudin, Juma'at Jantan, Shi Jia Yi (Hafiz Rahim), Mustafic Fahrudin (Shukor Zailan (Delwinder Singh)), Shahril Ishak (C) (Zulfahmi Arifin), Isa Halim, Aleksandar Duric (Ruzaini Zainal), Qiu Li (Shahdan Sulaiman)

RHB Singapore Cup semi-final to be LIVE

S-league has announced all the four matches of the RHB Singapore Cup will be telecast LIVE.

19 Sept Home United vs Etoile FC - Bishan
20 Sept Albirex Niigata (S) vs Hougang United - Jurong East
22 Sept Etoile FC vs Home United - Queenstown
23 Sept Hougang United vs Albirex Niigata (S) - Hougang

Hougang make the final four

Hougang United make the final four after they managed to hold out against Myanmar side Okkthar Unitedto win 4-3 overall over the two leg.

Hougang had impressive crushed the Myanmar side in the first at Hougang  thanks to an own goal, Noor Ali and Jordan Webb.

After that, it was expected the North-East side will get into the semi-final easily but they were shocked in the second leg, at Jalan Besar, as the Myanmar side came at them and nearly forced extra-time as Okkthar United scored a 3-1 win.

Nyi Nyi Aung, Hla Tun Aung and Aung Myint Tun scored for the Myanmar side while Jordan Webb reply for the Cheetah. 

Hougang United
Fadhil Salim (GK), Lau Meng Meng, Shariff Samat (C), Shahril Alias (Ratna Suffian), Fathi Yunus, Jordan Webb, Fazli Jaffar, Faizal Amir, Sobrie Mazelan (Basit Hamid), Carlos Delgado (Aqhari Abdullah), Noor Ali
Hougang United
Ridzuan Hasan (GK) , Lau Meng Meng, Shariff Samat (C), Fathi Yunus, Ratna Suffian, Eddie Chang (Faizal Amir), Jordan Webb, Fazli Jaffar (Sobrie Mazelan), Basit Hamid (Aqhari Abdullah), Carlos Delgado, Noor Ali

Etoile FC defeat Bulls to reach RHB Singapore Cup semi-final

Etoile FC are in the RHB Singapore Cup semi-final, as expected, after they defeat the Bulls 4-1 overall over two legs.

The Bulls are struggling this year and they have never done well in the Singapore Cup competition having never reached the semi-final stage.

That was why it was no surprise they will struggle again as they went down to Etoile FC 1-0 in the first leg, at Jurong West, with Wilson Grosset getting the winner.

In the second leg, Etoile FC finished them off with a convincing 3-1 win with Kevin Lefranc, Aly Doumbouya and Kamel Chaaouane scoring.

The sole Bulls goal was scored by Hamqaamal Shah. 

Gombak United
Zaiful Nizam (GK), Hamqaamal Shah (Zulkiffli Hassim), Jeremy Chiang, Ismail Yunos, Obadin Aikhena (C), Walid Lounis, Tengku Mushadad (Ridhwan Jamaludin), Park Kang Jin, Fareez Farhan, Ridwan Jamil, Chang Jo Yoon (Aloysius Yap)
Gombak United
Zaiful Nizam (GK), Jaslee Hatta (C), Hamqaamal Shah, Jeremy Chiang (Zulkiffli Hassim), Ismail Yunos, Obadin Aikhena (Ruhaizad Ismail), Walid Lounis, Tengku Mushadad, Park Kang Jin, Ridwan Jamil, Chang Jo Yoon (Fareez Farhan)

Warriors knocked out by Albirex

Albirex Niigata (S) are in the semi-final of the RHB Singapore Cup after they defeated the Warriors on penalty kicks.

The first leg in Choa Chu Kang had ended 0-0 despite the Warriors having a big advantage after the White Swans had a man send off but they did not take it.

The second leg at Jurong East ended in a 2-2 draw with the Japanese side taking the lead twice but they could keep the lead long with the Warriors hitting back each time.

Bruno Castanheira and Shotaro Ihata scored for the White Swans while a brace from Ivan Jerkovic cancelled them out for the Warriors.

Albirex Niigata (S) won 7 - 6 after Penalty Shootout.

Shahril Jantan (GK) (C), Hafiz Osman, Bah Mamadou, Daniel Bennett, Syaiful Iskandar (Fazrul Nawaz), Noh Rahman, Ivan Jerkovic, Goran Subara, Taisuke Akiyoshi, Mustaqim Manzur (Indra Sahdan) , Mislav Karoglan
Shahril Jantan (GK) (C), Hafiz Osman (Razaleigh Khalik), Bah Mamadou, Daniel Bennett, Noh Rahman, Ivan Jerkovic, Rhysh Roshan Rai (Indra Sahdan), Goran Subara, Taisuke Akiyoshi, Mustaqim Manzur (Fazrul Nawaz), Mislav Karoglan

Home go through to semi-final

Home United have reached the semi-final of the RHB Singapore Cup after defeating Tampines Rovers on penalty kicks.

The first leg at Tampines had ended 3-3 with a hat-trick for Aleksandar Duric while the Protectors goals came from Frederic Mendy (2 goals) and Qiu Li.

The second leg in Bishan was not as thrilling with a 0-0 draw but it was no less edgily as neither side could afford to go behind.

Home United then go on to win 4 - 2 in the Penalty Shootout. 

Tampines Rovers
Yohann Lacroix (GK), Jufri Taha, Benoit Croissant, Seiji Kaneko, Firdaus Kasman (Shukor Zailan), Ahmad Latiff (Ahmed Fahmie), Akihiro Nakamura, Imran Sahib, Ismadi Mukhtar, Jamil Ali (Aliff Shafaein), Aleksandar Duric (C) 

Home United
Lionel Lewis (GK), Kenji Arai, Juma'at Jantan, Valery Hiek, Rosman Sulaiman, Shi Jiayi (C), Nor Azli Yusoff, Isa Halim, Frederic Mendy, Qiu Li, Sherif El-Masri (Firdaus Idros)  
Home United
Lionel Lewis (GK), Kenji Arai, Juma'at Jantan, Valery Hiek, Rosman Sulaiman, Shi Jiayi (C), Isa Halim, Firdaus Idros (Faizal Samad), Masrezwan Masturi (Sufian Anuar), Qiu Li, Sherif El-Masri (Nor Azli Yusoff)

Tampines Rovers
Yohann Lacroix (GK), Jufri Taha, Benoit Croissant, Seiji Kaneko, Ahmad Latiff, Akihiro Nakamura, Imran Sahib (Firdaus Kasman), Ismadi Mukhtar, Shukor Zailan (Ahmed Fahmie), Jamil Ali (Aliff Shafaein), Aleksandar Duric (C)