Friday, January 7, 2011

Zainduin should look after his organisation and not be head coach as well

It is the biggest news of the year regarding the Lions and yet the person delivering it was the wrong one.

It should not have been Zainduin to announce this decision as he is charge of FAS and is not the person managing the Lions.

For, if Zainduin is trying to emulate the French, who dropped all their players after the South Africa World Cup, then may I remind you the person delivering the message was the coach and not the President of FFF (France Football Federation).

After all, in your message, you stated only 4 players will be retained but even Laurent Blanc did not do that as he remarked that players who proved themselves worthy will be allowed back.

Let not forget, you will not be the person suffering the consequences of that quote for if Raddy called up anybody other than the 4 players who are retained, will he be branded with the tag of favoritism again.

Worse is if those 4 retained players failed to perform while those left out did perform, does it mean Raddy can never called those players up!

Is that not favoritism already as only the 4 retained players can be called up.

That type of decision should have been left to Raddy to speak on and not you.

You are in charge of FAS and this week, if there was to be a press conference, it should have been to announce the 12th S-league team.

Looked at the timer I set up, there is only 30 days left already and yet FAS have not even done so.

This is not an improvement that you claimed, just weeks ago, you will implement but maybe it is because you are too busy trying to be head coach now in addition to the many titles you hold.

Let look at what title you hold
  • FAS President
  • Central District Mayor
  • NTUC director
  • NTUC share director 
  • Malay/Muslim leader
  • Bishan-Toa Poyah GRC MP
It is any wonder you do not seem to have time to do anything for local football despite being FAS president as look at who open the 2010 S-league season.

It is not you but Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee and why is it that!

Let me be fair, you have also say you hope fans will turn up at S-league games but strangely enough, it is well known you do not attend matches yourself.

No doubt it is due to the many duties you have to perform but if I was the person hearing that message, it will sound hallow to me as it is the pot calling the kettle back.

I do not, and maybe Singapore football do not as well, need somebody who can 'multitask' and it just need a person who can purely focus on being FAS president only.

After all, J-league, which run in the same months as S-league, has long announced Gainare Tottori as the 18th J2 side but yet in Singapore, we may have to wait another 2 weeks for Jaguars can only get back to FAS next week and FAS will then need time to make the arrangement.

And J-league do not have a President who hold as many title with Kazumi Ohigashi just content to be J-league boss and his only aim, as quoted, is to bring the J.League closer to the world level and helped strengthen the national team.

Maybe if Zainduin did not have as many aims, he may find time to focus on one of his job as this week, he did called a press conference but it is to announce Josephine Teo and him have jointly tabled a motion to discuss "inclusive growth".

A week when Singapore football needed our President, he is elsewhere (yet again).

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