Sunday, May 29, 2011

S-league Preview XVI (Edited)

S-league Preview XV - 2 right & 2 wrong

Mon 30-May TPUFC - Tampines Rovers (CMT)
Tue 31-May Albirex Niigata (S) - Courts Young Lions (JES)
Tue 31-May Geylang United - Gombak United (BDK)
Wed 1-Jun SAFFC - Balestier Khalsa (CCK)
Mon 6-Jun TPUFC - Albirex Niigata (S) (CMT)
Sat 18-Jun Tampines Rovers - Woodlands Wellington (TMP)
Sun 19-Jun Courts Young Lions - TPUFC (JBS) 

TPUFC vs Tampines Rovers
It is hard to see how the Stags will not be back at the top at the table after this game. Even with the Stags getting tired and showing it with injuries starting to hit the team. A known fact is injuries are more common when body are tired and the Stags are tired as not only are they playing more games than anybody but their coach is using a core squad that is smaller. It's not difficult to know the Stags rarely make changes to their starting lineup and the subs coming on are always the same. 14 players cannot a win championship in the modern era but they can win this game. 3-0 to the Stags

Albirex Niigata (S) vs Courts Young Lions
The Cubs are hitting form but we cannot say the White Swans are that bad at the moment either. So who do one believe in more. I cannot say one is necessary better than the other as both have shown, on their day, they can be a matched for the other. Will next Tuesday be their day ? If it is so for both than a draw is more than just reward. 2-2 draw 

Geylang United vs Gombak United
Anybody following this site will know I do not trust the Bulls much but at this moment in time, one cannot trust the Eagles even more. They are dropping to the bottom 3 and looked to have no solution on how to get out of it. The Bedok side should not be thinking about collecting a win as they cannot even get a point in the first place. Their defence is conceding too many and until that is stopped, they and their fans can only hoped for the best but prepared for the worst. 2-1 to the Bulls

SAFFC vs Balestier Khalsa
This is last week preview as the game was moved to this week as I believed nothing changed even with the Tigers winning their game in midweek (It is an even worse free-falling Eagles they defeated) - Another game the Warriors should pick up full points and keep up the pressure on the S-league race. The Tigers are on a free-fall so it will good for the Warriors to boast their goal difference as thanks to some disappointing performances and results they have the worst goal difference of the top 4. It may or may not proved a difference come the end but remember 1998 when it did. 3-0 to SAFFC 

Etoile FC vs Geylang United
A lot of eyes will be on this game as the champions make their return since that Hougang incident. The French side will hoped for an easy game and they have it. Quite frankly, even if the French go on the pitch with a handicap of 10 players, I can see them beating the Eagles for a team that cannot stop conceding cannot hoped to gain anything. 2-0 to the Champions.

TPUFC vs Albirex Niigata (S)
The last time they met, it was an overwhelming victory for the White Swans with them hitting the Jaguars with a 5-0 thrashing. Let make this short, I can see them doing that again as the Jaguars have still much to learn. 5-0 to the White Swans

Tampines Rovers vs Woodlands Wellington
Anybody believe the Stags will not beat the Rams? Not many I will guess. The Rams will have to hope Duric cannot play in this match as the Stags have shown they are not comfortable playing without their only true centre forward. Without the 4-time top scorer, the Rams will have a chance but I will like to tell you Duric has only missed one league game in 3 years. It is just like buying 4D. 2-0 to the Stags.

Courts Young Lions vs TPUFC
The Cubs have been playing well and during the last time the two met, I believed the Cubs edged it and this time, it is played at Jalan Besar - which is an added advantage. Also the Cubs have a forward at last with Khariul Nizam back and scoring on his return. With goals, I have always said teams can win and the Cubs can win this one. 2-1 to the Cubs

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