Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Trust, something that I do not have of FAS or that man

As we know,  TNP have broken a story about Courts Young Lions playing in the M-league (One can see original story from Malaysia) and in return, the Young Tigers will play in S-league

Until this infos is 100% confirm by both FAM or FAS, I do not want to say more than the position on Courts Young Lions for it is not right to comment on what kind of team I believe the Young Tigers will send.

Let say my position on FAS, on what they will do with Courts Young Lions, is I do not trust them - especially under that man.

I just cannot foresee how they will be willing to stay U23 for the long term.

People can give a variety of reasons why we should play in M-league and I am not going to debate that - Jakarta Casual: Young Lions In Malaysia?

As noted in the past, the U23 logo have been removed from the Courts Young Lions since 2004 so it does not have to stay U23 and it has not as it has hired players beyond that age limit - Fadzu, Shi Jia Yi and Qiu Li etc - a number of time based on a number of reasons.

Also, was it not just a few months ago when Courts sponsored, the then still called, Young Lions that FAS emphasized to us all that Courts Young Lions is a club, not U23, but now when they need players they tell us it is U23 project for SEA Games and when they want to return to M-league, it is also another U23 project.

I  only see FAS flipping position as when they need it and that is the worrying part as the next point is the most important one.

It is the spending as why can't Robin keep coaching the team and we must spend big money to get Fandi as coach for Fandi wages will burst whoever we have coaching the team.

See the difference. For M-league, money is no problem. For Spore football, money is always a problem.

With that kind of position, I see a dark future for Singapore again as it will be the 90s again.

They will surely, sooner or later, buck under the pressure to 'improve' the team (Which mean bringing in more experienced players) which will increase the cost to run the team and ultimately that inject of money will come from Spore grassroots football again.

For do anybody honestly believed Sporeans will be happy to see Courts Young Lions as development and be willing to turn out in droves to support even if they are in the same position as they are now in the S-league which mean no trophy every year.

It will not happen as it never happen in the old days when we played in the Malaysia Cup for I have shown others that fans did not turn up until the quarter-final stage of the Malaysia Cup in the 90s and until then, one can get seat even if one turn up late.

That is why a mix of such positions just tell me not to trust FAS and that man for as long as all sides get what they want and ultimately fans (or if one like glory hunters) will want trophies, not development, (even Arsenal fans is the same) it is a step towards the problems of 90s again.

It is matter of trust and I do not have it for FAS have not shown why they should be trusted as money should now be conserved for their NTC project. (For was it not they who tell us they need money and lots of it)

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