Sunday, October 2, 2011

The lies that man told to get his Malaysia team

I should be a fortune teller as just two months after I predicted everything that will happen - Trust, something I do not have of FAS - has happen.

But do be honest I do not need a crystal ball to see that future as history and human nature has been a guide.

As I noted before, that man can walk away from it all so it is not even a gamble for he will not be hurt no matter the outcome in years to come and indeed he can used it for his political advantage. 

After all, the Minister-in-charge-of-Muslim-Affairs, Yaacob Ibrahim, is going to be over 60 by the next GE and with only a single Ministerial post for the Malay, those below need to show something as what has that man done during his time as Mayor, labour leader or even the Malay community if one can enlight me. 

Former MM Lee claimed PAP do not lies but obviously that man tell us a different story or is it as WilkLeaks files said, PAP is looking for it MPs at the bottom of the barrel with many of them second to, worse, third choice ones. 

Of course, this is a blog about S-league football and not government so I will stop here about why I believe his human nature is choosing this path.

Here are the difference between the fact and the lies he told in July when he wanted his Malaysia team. (Who know there may be more but here are the starter course) 
  • S-league matches to be played on weekend so it can played to better crowds
    Now the story has totally changed and S-league will remain on weekdays and it is only his Malaysia team that get this benefit
Just to add on, no doubt he will claimed it is to avoid a clash but may I remind readers that MSL is a shorter season and start earlier so there are free weekends but no doubt not a single S-league games will be played on weekend next season for let be honest, he is asking SPOOLS to foot his bill.
  • It is U23 team no matter what 
Now he create the world first "U28' team (where have one heard of this nonsense) and claimed it is still a development squad
No doubt the year after that, the age limit will be raise again but even Arsene Wenger do not lie to himself like that and when he buy players above 23, he admit their potential for development is not high so he want the final product for these kind of players and that is why he rarely touch such players even in the early 20s
  • He will not disband Courts Young Lions no matter what 
    Now stories are already leaking (and confirm by former S-league CEO, and partner in crime, Winston Lee in August, just a month, after his 'brave' words) Courts Young Lions will be gone so no doubt the million dollar contract is going to his team now 
So much for the increase in number of young players as some of his defenders claimed as now we have less than 20 players exposed under his remaining term and he may wishfully hoped the clubs will help him out; I will said fat hope as club coaches will be under pressure to help their team win, not developed FOC players for FAS.
  • Increased in subsidies
    Now I can tell readers I believe not a single single club will get the full amount as no doubt FAS as the tester will fail every team no matter what
Just think, if every club give up $100k, he can get nearly $1million and the PKI take up 50% of it so it is up to $5 million.

Simple maths for the sponsors have promise the money so the money is there and it is up to FAS to decide how to 'split it' with no overseer. (I do not think the new S-league CEO will stand up to FAS as they are it real employer not S-league)
  • Youth development will not be footing the bill
    But already we see cost cutting measures where many local Under-age teams cannot travel because FAS refused to foot the bill
Note the difference between Ho and that man era, Ho always found money to foot those bills for National Team and age groups so those who claimed he will continue to fund the Under-15 and Under-16 teams, I will note once the media fade away he will forget these teams like he forget about the rest of the age groups because they have no media attention.
  • We are not paying FAM money in any kind 
    Truth is we gave FAM anywhere between RM1million to RM 2.5 million disguised as subsides for their youth team for take note it is an 'exchange program' so why the need to pay FAM
I have no doubt FAS will give in even more in years to come as even now FAS has closed it books to the public. Remember in Ho time, FAS opened it books as Ho wanted to show the public FAS spending but now, FAS has not published it account since 2009; the year the man took over.

GIC and Temasek closed it books because of national issues but what about FAS. Why have the spending on local football gone down so much in the 3 years under him.

PAP do not lie. Not this man as from July to now it barely 100 days and the stories we get are totally different from the ones he delivered back then.

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