Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Win is a must now (edited to add more info)

If South China was not fighting for Hong Kong football just a mere two weeks earlier, it must now for Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) have announced they have arrested 6 players, 1 club officer or staff, 1 sponsor representative and a former player; a total of 9 persons.

The six players detained are former national forward Chao Pengfei, mainland midfielder Fan Weijun, midfielders Lau Ka-shing and Wilfred Bamnjo, Sasa Mus and defender and goalkeeper Darko Bozovic.

This have lead to Hong Kong Football Association (HKFA) considering if they need to suspended both Happy Valley and Tuen Muen games until investigation is over.

And the management of Happy Valley is a mess as their chairman Pui Kwan-kay admitted he is highly concerned about the case yet was more concerned to push blames adding he is not responsible for managing the team or sponsorship of the club.

After being hit for that comments, Mr Pui, during an RTHK radio programme, admitted that the club is quite chaotic internally, and that its future is not optimistic.

He said Happy Valley has been hit recently by several negative reports involving management disagreements, and players have been questioned during matches for not trying their best.

HKFA is also not helping as they have yet to set up the task force to look into the matter even after 2 weeks as chairman Brian Leung Hung- tak and chief executive Mark Sutcliffe were still on vacation at this crucial period and only returned yesterday after the situation exploded and threaten all of Hong Kong football.

Hong Kong Secretary for Home Affairs Tsang Tak-sing has expressed his outrage and told both the HKFA and the clubs it is unacceptable.

Talks is now the Phoenix Project, which also include the revamped Hong Kong league next year, will be hit.

It looked like a win from South China in the AFC Champions League, to reach at least the final round, is a must to improve the situation.

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