Monday, January 7, 2013

International Caps - 100 caps and beyond

Starting from this year, I will be putting up the record of Singaporeans with 100 caps or more on the site whenever a new player get in or the player in the list retire but take note, as with the rule I set up on international matches, FIFA as the authority of international football, must accept them or I cannot accept it thus Fandi Ahamd and David Lee are not in the list.

The reason is they have only 97 (Fandi Ahmad) and 95 (David Lee) despite what FAS claim as FIFA have chopped off caps from their respective records and will not accept them.

Nazir Nasir, who is in the list, barely got in as well as FIFA chopped off 4 caps to reduce his number to just 100.

The best reason for accepting FIFA view and not others is if FAS did not want FIFA approval they will never have handed over the list to FIFA to assess if the players are admitted thus if FAS want FIFA approval themselves, they should have no complain if FIFA refused to admit them in the end.

No right no wrong.

122 caps
Dainel Bennett (2002-present)

121 caps
Aide Iskandar (1995-2007)

118 caps
Malek  Awab (1980-1996)

113 caps
S.Subramani (1996-2007)

107 caps
Indra Sahdan (1997-2008)

104 caps
Shahril Ishak (2003-present)

102 caps
Samad Allapitchay (1968-1983) 

100 caps
Nazri Nasir (1988-2004)

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