Thursday, December 17, 2009

French club giving Super Reds a run for it money

The decision on which of the two bids from five teams - DPMM Brunei, Super Reds, Beijing Guoan, Aussie team and French team - will be successful in joining the S-league for 2010 will be known next week.

Until now, the S'pore media - SPH and MediaCorp - agreed (and how many times do they do that) the Chinese bid from the CSL champions Beijing Guoan looked set to be a winner as they had assembled a squad that impress the FAS team that was send to China to inspect.

Beijing Guoan reportedly had a high number of players in the squad, they are sending to Singapore, whom National coach Raddy wanted to bring over to Singapore back in July.

That mean only 1 spot is left from the S-league 2010 season and DPMM Brunei and the Aussie side appeared to have no chance to a slim one as DPMM Brunei has yet to resolve the FIFA ban and FAS is unlikely to wait too long for them while the Aussie side want to be based in Darwin, Australia and, unlike DPMM Brunei, they do not appeared to be willing or able to absorb the extra expense local sides will incurred in traveling.

That mean a straight fight between the French side - reportedly to be named Olympique Victoire - and the Super Reds - to be known as Yishun Reds if they get the nod.

The Super Reds had fired the first shot in getting sponsorship deals from Korean MNCs and a budget not much less than what they are spending even if they turn local but the French side has return fire as they now parade a budget of over S$2 million backed by French MNCs based in the Republic as well as professional players from French Ligue two sides.

With both sides reportedly in the pink of health and well-financed by MNCs (A key point for S-league bids) it looked like a tight finish next week to see which out of the two will join Beijing Gouan or will they caused an upset and boot the CSL Champions.


Ko Po Hui said...

I simply getting tire of this "musical chair" game that been going on for years... just wondering if all this fanfare is doing any good and arouse the fans'interest?

How are we being assure that these teams will deliver what they promised, after we seen so many of those pre-season glittering promises?

happy said...

Tough ans

I say boot them if they fail but that will be outcome anyway

We can do all sort of inspection but in the end, it is the teams (or mgt) themselves that really matter as Albirex Niigata (S) hardly gone through the checks we are doing now & they are doing fine.

We can nvr tell if they are good enough until they join