Saturday, December 5, 2009

Home United to become full professional team

Two-time S-league Champions Home United will become a full professional team as defined by AFC.

That mean they will no longer hired part-time players from the Singapore Police Force thus the two players - Lionel Lewis and Rosman Sulaiman- currently with SPF will have to decide if they wish to be police officers or footballers.

National custodian Lionel Lewis has indicated in the press he will make that switch and would loved to continue signing with Home United although there are some problems as the Protectors would like him to take a bigger paycut than he is currently willing to accept.

This will take S-league one step closer to AFC criteria for ACL of having a professional League of only full professional teams.

At the same time, Home United website announced the signing of former Canadian youth international Sherif El Masri.

Sherif, is one of the player brought by FAS for the selection trials in November and he turns twenty next year and has played in both Canada and France. He has represented the Canadian Under-17s, scoring seventeen goals in ten matches.

He will be registered by the club as a Prime League player.

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