Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Protectors make themselves SAFFC main challenger with signing of Chilean playmaker

Home United looked set to be the main challenger to champions, SAFFC, as they secured the signing of Chilean attacking playmaker Nelson Marcelo San Martin Arriagada.

This was the player SAFFC had been looking at signing themselves last season to replace Thai player Thersdak Chaiman and only his expensive requests for much higher salary and accommodation than what SAFFC was willing to fork out saw the move collapsed.

Now, he has joined Home United and it was no doubt make possible by FAS subsidy - S$48000 for first new foreigner and S$24000 for second new foreigner - for clubs to sign better foreigners.

Nelson resume in the region is impressive as he played a key role in Kedah dominance in the Malaysian League from 06/07, the year he signed, until 07/08 season, where the club clinched the treble for two consecutive years.

After a successful three years in Malaysia, Nelson had to move on as the Malaysian League banned all foreigners and Nelson signed for Bangkok Glass after the SAFFC move collapsed

The Thai club reached the RHB Singapore Finals this year and finished third in their domestic League with the aid of the Chilean attacking playmaker.

It looked like he has the quality that could also transform Home as he team up with Brazilian midfielder Peres at the centre and few teams could match up to that kind of attacking talents.

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