Saturday, December 5, 2009

Warriors released more details about their foreigners

SAFFC coach Richard Bok when quizzed on the club’s new foreign signings by the S-league website was coy as usual; taking care not to give away the players’ names but he gave more details.

He revealed all three senior recruits are new to the S.League.

Another feature common to all three is their towering physique, a point Bok highlighted as important towards the club’s ability to perform on the continent.

“The Croatian defender is 1.94m, the Uruguayan is 1.91, and the Swedish is about 1.89,” he said.

“In the continental game, I think you need big players to play well. Against our Southeast Asian opponents, I think we generally have an advantage, but against the big boys of the J-League or the K-League, we’re facing people averaging above 1.8m.

“I think their build will serve us well, and all three also possess good technical skills. The Croatian and the Uruguayan are also at about 25 or 26, which is a good age, while the Swedish is the most experienced, having been called up in the last two years or so.

“Hopefully they can show better quality than those who have already been here. I really don’t know if they will be better than Mirko or Peres, but I think they are definitely of great quality, and they’ll help us compete in the Champions League.”

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