Sunday, June 19, 2011

Head to Head - Asia (Menu)

Note: Singapore Cup matches are included, as it is an official cup competition sanctioned by S-league and FAS and recognised by AFC, except (i) those involving S-league foreign clubs up against foreign league teams as the S-league foreign teams cannot be deemed to represent Singapore and (ii) National Youth Teams as they cannot be deemed to represent the respective league.Other competitions included are 1998 Super Cup, 2005 FAM-FAS Series, 2006 Malaysian FA Cup and 2009 S-league season with DPMM results - including those expunged by S-league - counted. All results take into account extra-time, if needed, but not PK.

All Results are correct as June 2011

- Brunei
- Cambodia League
- Indonesian Super Liga
- Malaysian Super League
- Myanmar League
- Thai Premier League
- V-league

North Asia
- Chinese Super League
- Hong Kong League
- J-league
- K-league
- Macau league

South Asia
- I-league
- Maldives Dhivehi League

West Asia
- Iraqi League

- Jordanian League
- Lebanese League
- Omani League
- Syrian League

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