Monday, June 27, 2011

Punishment for the Hougang Incident

After some lengthy hearing, it was found out that both Serge Souchon and Hadama Bathily is guilty of the fracas in the game between Hougang United and Etoile FC.

Serge Souchon
- Guilty of assaulting Hougang's Basit Abdul Hamid
- Fined $1,500 and suspended 5 games

Hadama Bathily
- Guilty of assaulting Hougang's Assistant Coach Hasri Jalaini
- Fined $2,000 and suspended 7 games 

Shariff Samat
- Guilty of assaulting Etoile's Bathily
- Fined $1,500 and suspended 5 games

Hasrin Jalaini
- Guilty of using vulgar language
- Fined $1,000 and suspended 3 games

Fathi Yunos
- Not guilty of any charges due to discriminating evidences

In addition, Etoile FC and Hougang United FC are both fined $10,000 (with $5,000 suspended) and also docked 5 points each.

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