Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Etoile FC 'loan out' Serge Prasitharath

Etoile FC who has pintpoint attacking midfielder Serge Prasitharath as one of the player to watch has decided to 'loan out' the player to Thailand.

The reason is simple as he cannot pass the Beep Test and critics may want to note that mean S-league is once again missing on a 'good' player.

I do not take that view as his fitness may be the reason, if he is as good as claimed by Etoile FC, why he has not make it to a higher level as everybody believed now it is equally important to be fit in off season as during the season.

We cannot overlook fitness in modern football where the ability to run for a whole game is now required especially as Serge Prasitharath run the midfield which is the engine room.

If he cannot be fit enough and need games to be fit first, it will pull down his level of performance and that not good enough for a professional league.

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