Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cubs are going to the Asian Games

After an appeal to the SNOC, FAS have won the right to send the Cubs to the Asian Games.

Finally, the action matches the words.

For a while now, various government committees (SSC etc) have promised they will support S'pore football as they look to build S'pore into a sporting City for only football can unite like no other sport (According to their words)

But the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) then went on to say S'pore will not send it football team to Asian Games (Talk about a slap in the face of SSC who is supposed to look after sports in the island)

Now, SNOC have back off and even as it may displeased other sport discipline, the fact is football is the world most popular sport and only with success in this discipline can it raise the Republic sport culture.

Other sports had more success but it has not reach the public like the ASEAN title won by the Lions.

If that the case, then the Cubs need more exposure to catch up with Asia standard and that mean a guarantee to the Asian Games now and for the future.

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