Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hope for Tampines and Lions with Qiu Li injury likely to be less serious

There may be good news for both Tampines Rovers and Lions with Qiu Li damage to his knee believed to be less serious than first thought.

Doctors have not been able to confirm from his MRI scans if Qiu Li has ruptured his knee ligaments - a injury which will take 6 months and more to recover as it required surgery.

If he has not, then his recovery will only take between two weeks to two months to heal as he has only torn his meniscus.

By that time line, he can make it for the last stage of the S-league campaign for Tampines Rovers and be able to aid his club and after that, his nation to glory.

The full extent of his injury will be revealed when he goes for an operation tomorrow to repair the torn meniscus.

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