Thursday, July 22, 2010

Etoile fall to Beijing

Beijing Gouan (S) show they are not here to make the numbers even as they have make 6 changes to the squad in the transfer window.

The Chinese side destroy former leader Etoile FC 3-1 at the Yishun Stadium and Beijing is now edging closer to the top half of the table.

While the Chinese side no longer have top scorer Tan Tiancheng, they have shown they are still a mean side to play against with 4 win from their last 6 matches now.

Goals from Zhang Ye, Jiang Tao and Liu Teng secured the victory for the Yishun-based side with the French only reply coming from Anthony Moulin.

With this defeat, Etoile FC have lost top spot to the Stags with less than under 1/3 of the season to go and every point will count from now onwards for the 3 contenders for the 2010 title.

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