Friday, November 27, 2009

Another ISL side with Singapore players having problems

According to Jakarta Casual, ISL side Persija Jakarta, who has Singaporean Baihakki and Mustafic Fahrudin, is having problems finding a home stadium to play in.

While that may not seem like the same problem as Precious's
club Swiriwjaya, it could end up that way as club there heavily depend on revenue collected from their home games to fund the club day-to-day running as well as pay the players and staffs and even if Persija Jakarta has a rich boss, it may be not long before he find it a bit painful to reach into the pocket to pick the tab every month.

Luckily for Baihakki, he already has a six-month advance on his pay while no such details was released about Fahrudin deal but pay issue is unlikely to surface in the next few months for a well-funded side like Persija.

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