Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Singapore Cup champions released captain Noor Ali

It should come as no surprise as Geylang United captain Noor Ali had earlier expressed his frustration his club had not yet come forward to present him with a new deal for 2010.

But, in the end, it was still a surprise for me as the Singapore Cup champions are in Asia next year playing in the AFC Cup and they lacked an experienced campaigner like Noor Ali for such an important competition.

However, it seem the club have decided, at 34 years of age, it was better to give the slot to a younger player to gain that experience or they believed they have somebody better than Noor Ali (Which I doubt; considering among their ranks, most are workhorses not creative players) as they released their captain.

Still, the 34-year-old should have no fear about finding a new club having played a major role in Geylang United's Singapore Cup triumph.

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