Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Precious in the frying pan

If Precious had thought his future was secure with him signing for Copa Indonesia Champions Swiriwjaya, how wrong he was as the full extent of the financial problems facing the club are printed out in the Indonesian media.

It seem Sriwijaya have still not been able to pay their players and they only hoped to be able to do that when they bank the gate receipts from their home game against Pelita Jaya on 21 November.

The Vice President in charge of Finance of the club says he understands the players' concerns but calls on them to be 'professional'. (Source - Top Skor)

It seem the wages promised - Precious Emmuejeraye is reportedly one of three players earning around US$110,000 (S$154000) a year - to the Singaporean defender may be a little tough to collect as the club lived in a mouth to hand situation on a day to day basis.


Pohui said...

Wondering if he's worry that he jumped too fast?

happy said...

He wnted to avoid last year when it was too late to find a club thus he used his saving to surive

but in the end, it end up like last year as he may hve to go fr a while w/o wages

He need to look at his house fengshui as it is 2 bad years in a row