Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ludovick released because we need a targetman

Home United have claimed they released Kengne Ludovick, their top scorer for the past 3 seasons, as they wanted a targetman who was as least 1.8m tall.

Kengne Ludovick was only 1.64m.

They believed S-league clubs are now familiarise with the way Home United play as they lacked such a targetman and since among the locals, there are hardly any who fit that bill they have to let go of
Kengne Ludovick as they looked for such a foreigner.

Kengne Ludovick had scored 18 goals - cut from 22 goals as the results from DPMM Brunei was declared void - for the Protectors in the 2009 campaign.

In all, the forward have scored 66 goals in 127 appearances in his 3 years
for the Protectors.

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