Thursday, November 12, 2009

Home United announced Vincent Subramaniam as their new coach

Home United website announced the arrival of their new coach (or an old one).

He is S'porean, Vincent Subramaniam.

The S'porean coached the Protectors back in the 2007 season where the club finished second behind SAFFC.

However, this author have his doubt if Vincent Subramaniamwas really that good as, like Sivaji, he knew the club lacked a targetman but choose to ignore it and choose to play Indra Shadan as a playmarker even if the forward appear ill-equipped to do that role.

Did it hamper Home United?

Up to a point, yes as the club found it difficult to break teams down that were happy to sit back and the midfield and attack appear disjointed as Indra was not the link.

So one hoped Vincent Subramaniam is ready this time and find the targetman Home United have been searching for since 2007.

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Thenan said...

well.. i believe in 2007 , HUFC got to the closest as they can get to SAFFC.. so far after that they have been far apart.. Well now.. i believe he can give SAFFC and the other clubs a good run for the championship..