Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sriwijaya hit back at Duric

Copa Indonesia Champions Sriwijaya has blamed SAFFC and Singapore striker Aleksandar Duric 'greed' for the collapsed of the deal.

From articles circulating out of Indonesia, Sriwijaya first blamed the 39-year-old for 'talking to another club behind their back'and then, after that, followed it up with claims that Duric demands cost too much.

The demands included an international school for his children (One has to ask, is it any shock as one doubt anybody is interested to have their children study at a public school in Indonesia) and a (mere) US$9000 transfer fee for SAFFC.

They also expressed anger Duric 'only wanted' to stay at a 5-star-hotel in the city despite the club having prepared a 'mansion' for him.

Although, one may haveto take it with a pinch of salt as it may be meant to mask the real problem at Sriwijaya as reports claimed the club owned their players wages of up to two months already; thus explaining their lacked of results at the moment.

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