Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tampines could lose Benoit Croissant

If rumors are to be believed, Tampines Rovers is set to lose their French defender Benoit Croissant as he is believed to be seeking a move to the A-league in Australia.

While some may mourn the loss of a big-name player from Europe, who has won a MVP in the Dutch Second Division as well, the truth is
Benoit Croissant has been a disappointment for the Stags.

His performances in the S-league can only be rated as poor to average, despite the fact he came with a good resume, as he was even at times dropped to the bench; which is big deal in the S-league as foreigners cost lot of money and they are usually fielded in as many games as possible.

Therefore, the loss will not be too badly felt by the Stags; who can surely replaced him with a better player next season.

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