Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vietnam Youth Newspaper team is U21, not U19

This author has make a big howler as the Vietnamese team S'pore Olympic team is facing in their opening match at the Vietanm Youth Newspaper Cup 2009 is really the U21, not U19 as written earlier.

The Vietnamese public believed these batch of players, selected from various Vietnam provinces to make up their U21 side, are very talented and will make up the backbone of future sides at the U23 and National Team level.

The name "Vietnam Youth newspaper team" they are using at the moment is tied-up to the sponsorship for the Cup.

VFF had chosen S'pore Olympic side in their group alongside Thailand U21 as they believed S'pore is the weak one while Thai are the strong one thus they only need to do well in the group to have a clear passage to the Final.

Vietnamese websites had earlier predicted they will beat Spore; minimum scoreline at 1-0.

However, it seem S'pore Olympic side had not read the script and even with NFA U17 players in the squad, they had beaten the host U21 team in the opening round and now need only a draw against Thai to progress to the semi-final.

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