Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Asian History - Introduction

The reasons that had inspired me to write about the history of Singapore foray in Asia despite my limited abilities is the sad state of interest and passion shown by fellow Singaporean for Asian club competition.

Where Singaporean fans have no problems speaking about facts and history of European football like the Uefa Champion League or Uefa Cup, it is not known to them Singapore clubs also have a history; dating back to 1984 of being involved in Asian club competition like the Asian Club Championship & Asian Cup Winners' Cup.

However, with a lacked of support from FAS, clubs and fans, from 1992 onwards, Singapore football clubs willing kept to our self and to me, that is the Dark Ages as we missed out on the chance to develop ourselves alongside with others in the Asian region.

After years of neglect and lacked of concern from FAS about development of football in the domestic scene, the end result is that Singapore club football have became the backwater of Asian football and it has affected all sectors of Singapore football up to the National Team.

It will take years to reverse the effects but now with AFC launching its Vision Asia plan, we must not let this golden chance slip or we will further pay the price for it.

To tell the story, there is the need to divide them into different era.

1) The Beginning

2) New Start

3) New Era

4) Another Step

  • Introduction

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