Wednesday, November 4, 2009

S-league to offer $4000 subsidy for star player

With a lacked of money and a low salary cap, local clubs have always struggled to sign top foreign players to come to the shore of Singapore.

Now, FAS is finally looking to right this wrong and will offer clubs a maximum of $4000 subsidy for the clubs to sign star players.

No doubt, the teams best positioned to benefit from this new policy are the Big 3 as well as financial-secured teams like Gombak United, Geylang United and Woodlands Wellington.

The author is pleased as way back in 2007, the author had written

The S$72000 wage cap is a problem as no club will want to spend a huge portion on a single player thus weakening the rest of the team and that where S-league step in as the league can share up to half the star player wages provided it does not exceed S$5000.

It is a dream come true and S-league fans can looked forward to better players even if it is 2 years late.

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