Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Noh Alam Shah is saying goodbye to Indonesian Super Liga champions

Singapore forward Noh Alam Shah has been reported in Indonesian media that he has played his last game with the newly-crowned Indonesian Super Liga Champions.

He is already linked with a move out of Indonesian Super Liga with Thai Premier League club Chonburi interested in the 29-year-old.

One can only hope the former Stags forward do not let emotion get the better of him in his next move thus he should choose a financial-stable club like Baihakki Khaizan and Fahrudin Mustafic etc as it could be his last financially-secured move.

The move to Arema Malang must have been an eye-opener for him - in term of experience - but the price he paid - in term of financial - is too high considering his age.

Let look at what he might have paid
  • Reportedly on 8k-9k per month at Tampines Rovers but took a paycut of around 1k-2k as Arema Malang could not match it. Based on lower figure, he lost $12K
  • However, up to 1/3 of his salary was reportedly paid in IOU which I can say is unrecoverable as Arema Malang is believed to be sitting on a pile of unpaid salaries. Based on the lower $6k monthly salary, he could have lost around $24K
  • In addition, unpaid bonuses, which I will put at $10k min for accounting purpose (which is not high considering S-league Champions pay first team regulars up to $20k-$30k)
  • There is also CPF which Noh miss out on. Based on the employer 15% levy - It mean he is out of pocket another $8100 and taking into account the 2.5% interest on ordinary account only, he could have lost a five-figure sum when he withdraw the sum in 25 years time. This will be put at $14k
  • After the employer levy come the employee amount with it being 20%, it amount to $10800 and taking into account the 2.5% interest on ordinary account as well, the amount will be around $17k 
  • In all, Noh could have lost $77 k min in extra earning.
Is it any wonder then that Noh is linked with a move elsewhere especially outside of Indonesia for the number of ISL financial-stable clubs are not that numerous.


Ko Po Hui said...

Really making a big-time RUGI move to Indonesia... u should act as a good adviser to Ah Long based on your break-down figures and stats..hehehe

happy said...

I will charge a high price :P

Time for NAS to give Indra a call & get Dave Robert nos & get a high-profile transfer